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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Out of the Blue Craft Group - Saturday 13th September

Good Morning Friends,

I don't think that I have been so 'sporadic' in blogging since I started three years ago...this time last year we were waking up in San Francisco, looking forward to almost three weeks of R&R, catching up with all my relatives and enjoying the the Californian sunshine as we drove down the coast to San Diego..and I still managed a blog post nearly every day! I'm glad I did too, because those posts are a photo diary of where we were for when I have the time to scrapbook the trip! (two pages so far!)

In truth, work has been exceptionally busy of late...a few events within a few weeks, more time going back and forth to catch up with my volunteers and more craft time out in the summerhouse painting lots of wooden and mdf shapes for autumn and Christmas projects. 

Tom poked his head in there the other day and I could tell by the pitch of his voice he was beginning to think I'd finally lost my marbles...lanterns, trees, bird houses, sleighs.."exactly what are you going to do with all this?" he asked tentatively. Well, some are for personal home decor decorations, some for presents and if the craft fair planned for the library does get underway, then I will try and sell some. When I cut down my hours at work earlier this year, it was with the intention of setting up a Facebook page and selling cards and craft from there...if that worked I would invoke a Folksy shop that has been dormant for a long time! However I still can't make enough items  to do any of this yet...I have to face up to the fact that I'm a slow crafter! I'm not even a perfectionist - I rarely measure, preferring the  'by eye' method. I really take my hat off to those of you who are able to blog every day!

Hopefully I will get back on track now, I really have to make headway with the Christmas cards..then of course the kitchen arrives at the end of the week promising 2 weeks of upheaval :)

Anyway, less of my excuses and on to photos from this week's craft group..the photos have successfully made it to the blog this week with no wedding photographer to hijack my SD card!

Once again they all made fab cards and here they are...a special welcome this week to two newcomers who really loved it and have booked again, Gill and her young niece's great to have you along!

 The last card is Kirsty's card, she hadn't really done much crafting, but her aunt had, so between us we were there to help, not that she needed too much, what a lovely card she made!

Sorry they are a bit 'yellow'  - it's the lighting in the room and I only have a few minutes at the end to take them...this is the best I can photoshop them!

As always in preparation for classes I make quite a few cards using  the stamps or related stamps to show at class, so I have quite a few of Sam's Woodland Animal stamps on cards waiting to be blogged. The main reason I was so chuffed to be selected for Sam's DT this year was because I love using her stamps/designs, so even though the DT is on hold for her maternity leave, cards will keep coming! 

As a "one off' class and as part of the South Gloucestershire Council 'Discover' month, which encourages people to try something new, Amy and I are doing a one off class in Yate Library in October and for that session we'll be using one of my Dasher Deer designs...he really is my favourite deer stamp right now!

I will be catching up with you later today, have a great weekend and let's hope the sun keeps shining!

One of the added attractions of working outside: the chooks come and keep me company, often even sitting inside the door, but usually on the verandah ...bless :)

Love and Hugs
Carole X


  1. Hi Carole,
    fab pictures of your classes creations.
    As usual they have made a wonderful job of their creations.
    Sounds like you have been very busy.

    My DH calls my craft room my grump room, as all I do when he talks to me is grump, as I'm not really concentrating on what he is saying to me.
    Are you going to Ally Pally next week.?
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. I just love the little owl and the whole slider idea! ~Diane

  3. Honestly Carole we are so in tune it's amazing! Love all these beautiful Owl cards - wonderfully talented group you have. I hear you about being busy and trying to maintain your blog..I aim for x5 posts a week, which is ambitious sometimes. I try not to post at the weekend, this is my time for the making portion of the blog :) I'm not selling right now either and its frustrating, but there are not enough hours in the day. Hope you have a great weekend. Cx

  4. I am totally with you Carole, I could never post every day, or even every other day - and I'm retired! I honestly don't know how people do it, I would never be able to keep up with making things for a start. The cards your ladies made are beautiful, great use of Sam's stamps! Love the pictures of the gorgeous chooks at the end too. Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Carole your class cards are brilliant, love the cute little owl. Chicken look very relaxed keeping guard. Hazel xx

  6. Hi Carole, love the cards and your sweet friends, the chooks.
    I think if I tried to blog everyday I would not get anything else done LOl! Some people must be much better organised than me.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  7. Good morning Carole, brilliant class makes, love that cute Owl
    Loving "the guards".......!!
    Have a great weekend

    Patricia x

  8. Carole your class cards are brilliant and love the idea of the hidden the owl image...fabulous design


  9. Morning Carole,
    Your hens look so cute. Great cards for your class.

  10. Absolutely GORGEOUS creation,just love the images and beautiful colour combo. Your feathered friends are adorable.xx
    The Journey is the Start

  11. Hi Carole : ) Each time I see one of your cards I sigh and wish I could join you and your friends at class!! : ) This owl is wonderful but the pull out for the sentiment is over the top great!!

    Loving the picture of your "watch hens" : ) so nice they are there to keep you company while you work.

    BIG (((Hugs)))


  12. Hi Carole

    I think I would start smuggling things into the summerhouse and move in there for the two weeks whilst the kitchen is being done!! LOL!!

    Can't believe it is a whole year since your fabulous trip! I remember it well!

    Loving your card very much. Great style!

    Hope you have a good week.

    Love Jules xx

  13. Crafting with the chooks! LOVE it, I'm re-naming your blog, lol I love your interactive cards, always a treat to see how your creative mind works!

  14. I love this design and your group did a brilliant job! Gorgeous photo of the girls.