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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas Lantern - Saturday 13th December 2014

Good Morning Friends,

Hope you are all well and staying away from the colds and viruses that seem to be doing the rounds!  I've had another busy week, plus a mid-week visit by my cousins from Swansea - we were joined by some more family members for a lovely lunch celebration on Wednesday, my one day off work this was a lovely pre-Christmas get together.

Before I continue, I would like to welcome my latest follower Pamellia. If you don't know her blog  please do visit, because her creations are simply stunning. Thank you Pamellia, for joining my blog friends.

Coop update: Tilda has settled in amazingly well, so well that I let her free range with Cara within a few days of her arrival and now they are about that then!

I must get my blogging up together between now and Christmas, as I have lots of projects to share and not much time left....not many of them are paper craft. All my cards were very CAS this year and most of them posted without photographing first, as it was such a rush. I still have the last few presents to get and then I'm finished..phew! 

Today I am sharing a Christmas you remember the autumnal 'rusty' lantern I made? Well I have repurposed it for Christmas! Just as I dabbed the orange paint on for the rust effect, I dabbed dry white paint for snow.

To create the windows, I used masks (from Stamps Away), which I stencilled through using  Cosmic Shimmer glitter embossing paste.

 I added florists berries and foliage, with checked ribbon... 

To finish I added an LED candle and foliage inside. The lantern is now displayed in our porch window, flickering softly.

That's it for today, thank you so much for stopping by!

Love and Hugs
Carole Z X


  1. Carole, your lantern is gorgeous, love what you have done to it to create such a festive pierce, Great news ref Tilda and Cara getting along together, as hens can be funny about new ones coming in. Hazel x

    1. Thanks Hazel, yes I am relieved settling Tilda in was fairly easy, we were expecting the worst as Cara does like to let everyone know who's boss! But she has been very gentle with her, X

  2. Good morning Carole, glad to hear the hens have become "besties"
    Your Festive Lantern is absolutely brilliant, love eveyrhing you have done on it.
    Have a good day

    Patricia x

  3. Morning Carole, your Christmas lantern is gorgeous!. Love the stencilled windows & all those berries too.
    Glad to hear Tilda has settled, must be a big relief.
    Hope to catch up with you in person very soon.
    Amy x

    1. Thanks Amy, yes we must gee together soon, X

  4. Wonderful and brilliant creation Carole, wow love this lantern you have done wonders..., this one.xx
    {The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  5. Morning Carole
    Wow! this is fantastic,love it.

  6. Wonderful job Carole, It came out just gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Wow Carole, this is spectacular!! What an amazing Christmas project...I would like to order about a dozen of these please!! lol I just love how your windows turned out, the designs are gorgeous and the wonderful foliage and berries are so festive! LOVE IT! Thank you for the shout out Carole, you are a sweet heart, I hope your Christmas planning is going well! holiday hugs until next time! :)

    1. Thanks Pamellia..and it was a pleasure to spread the word, your creations are stunning! X

  8. I am so thrilled that Tilda has settled in so beautifully. Your lantern is out of this world and I love the little snow scenes on the glass panels.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  9. You have transformed the lantern beautifully Carole! Sadly we are suffering with horrible colds at this end, it seems never-ending, so I missed your news about Tilda but pleased she is settling in well. Hugs, Anne xx

    1. Thanks Anne, sorry to hear you've been poorly, feel better soon X

  10. Hi Carole you have decorated this lantern brilliantly. I bet your house looks beautiful when it is decorated. Hugs Jackie

  11. Absolutely stunning! while rustic is is still elegant! : ) I love the etched glass looking so frosty and cozy.

    I was bitten by the bug : ( UGH! nothing worse than the flu. I'm back to normal now and having fun playing with paper once again.

    Have a wonderful week!


    Oh, and so glad to hear Tilda is finding her new home so pleasant!

  12. Beautiful Carole! I'm sure that it looks wonderful in your window!x

  13. So glad to hear that Tilda has settled in and is getting on with Cara! :) I absolutely love your lantern, it looks stunning! Such perfect embellishments.