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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Wedding Musical Box - Sunday 14th June

Hello Friends,

Yesterday was our friends'  daughter Francesca's wedding and it's time to share a project I made a few weeks ago for Fran and her now husband, Alex. 

I mentioned this project I mentioned in a post a few weeks took me about 10 crafting hours at various times to complete, if not more, but they loved it so it was worth it.

It started off as a simple exploding box with a musical element, but turned into a much larger project...a case of getting carried away! I apologise in advance for a very photo-heavy post...

First of all, the complete closed box. I used a lot of dies, so I'm not going to list them but if any of you would like to know about any specific die, please let me know.

The square top box is made using  Eileen Hull's  Scoreboards ATB die, but I made the smaller box myself, together with the lid. Once I had made the boxes, but before constructing them, I used an MBossability folder with a heart pattern for texture. I die cut shapes for each side and added floral and sentiment details.

I also die cut the same shapes, cut them in half and made a decorative lid, embossed with roses and decorated with die cut roses. The one part I seem to have not photographed is the top of the lid - the couple is placed in a bed of roses.

The Exploding box

The ATB part of the project opens into an exploding box. I added another die cut of the couple in the centre, surrounded by roses. The wedding cake sentiment stamp, I got some years ago when I went to a Stampin' Up party and apart from the 'bride and groom' die cut, the words on the other sides are my own, computer generated.

As you can see in one of the photos, there is a handle at the side of the box...this conceals a little mechanical music box, which plays the Wedding March


Once I'd made the box, I had to make a box for had to be quite a large box, so I drew the template myself and made it up - fortunately in all worked first time

I also decorated a bag for the box and gift...

Below is a photo of it in its gift box at the wedding yesterday, I think if they had taken it out it would have been handled a lot, Alex (the groom) told me that some people thought it had been bought in a shop...nice complement.
It was a beautiful day, it rained but didn't spoil a thing - even though the service was partially in the open. The venue, Matara, near Tetbury was beautiful, truly idyllic. The couple smiled and laughed all day long - they met on a school bus when they were 14 and now eleven years on are husband and wife. Francesca's parents are two of our best friends, the first time we met Fran she was a premature baby and now a beautiful young woman in all ways. Her sister, who was her Maid of Honour is equally as beautiful and is our are a few photos

Francesca & Alex
With our friends, Sharon & Massimo, the bride's parents


with my best friend and love of my life,  Tom

 Thank you so much for stopping by, I am going to be 'missing' for most of this week, Tom and I have booked into an hotel at Stow on the Wold and we are going to spend the time just chilling in the Country-side, visiting some 'bird' reserves and walking, plus a table is booked in one of our favourite restaurants in Stow. The 'girls' are in their 'holiday home' at the bird farm and we are back on Thursday. I'm dipping out of social media altogether over the next few days.

I'll be back later in the week,

Love and Hugs,
Carole Z X


  1. WOW, WOW, WOW. Carole this is fantastic, what a stunning gift and keepsake for the happy couple. Enjoy your break with Tom. Hazel x

  2. Wow Carole this absolutely amazing I am not surprised that they were pleased with it and I am sure it will be a treasured possession for the happy couple. It looks like it was a brilliant day thank you for sharing the photos. Enjoy your time way. Hugs Jackie

  3. This is simply stunning Carole! I don't know what else to say ...... The happy couple must have been so thrilled with this beautiful keepsake. Enjoy your break. If you see me in Stow give me a wave ... lol! We are there often since it is less than 20 miles away. Hugs Christine xx

  4. Well my jaw is on the floor and I'm drooling all over the dog! What a spectacular project Carole There are just so many details to admire, I just don't know where to start!! So much work and TLC went into this, the wedding couple must have been over the moon A big WHOOP WHOOP to you!! Have a great vaycay!! hugs :)

  5. Ooh I'm delighted I popped by today to see these wonderful wedding creations Carole. You certainly put heart and soul into the making of all these gorgeous things, they are all absolutely superb. I'm sure everyone had a great time and now I hope you have a lovely few days away.

    Take care

    Hugs Sue Pxxx

    Just been looking at the pics of Cara and Tilda - they look like beautiful girls!!!

  6. It looks like they had a marvelous day and holy schmoly that exploding box is absolutely STUNNING!!! I can't even imagine how much work went into creating this.

  7. There's nothing like a good wedding and your exploding box was fantastic, what a lovely keepsake!
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela xXx

  8. Oh wow Carole, what an absolutely stunning creation the exploding box is!! Very, very impressive indeed Carole. The box and bag are just simply gorgeous too! You are such a wonderfully clever crafter / designer! Great photos of the wedding, what a lovely couple!

    Hope you have a wonderful time away and a good chill! Big hugs, Anne xx

  9. Hey there Carole, I haven't visited in a while (slapped my own wrist for you) this post made me so happy. This is exactly why I started crafting - to make a one off for a friends wedding. I absolutely love all the care and attention and all the parts that made it up in the end, the box and the gift bag. All stunning and something that the B&G will treasure forever. It also looks like the wedding was oodles of fun. I hope you and Tom have a fun and relaxing break. Cx

  10. Hi Carole, lovely to see the pics of this wonderful creation you were telling me about, its gorgeous!!. I can see you really enjoyed getting carried away making it. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day at the wedding, what a lovely photo of you & Tom.
    Enjoy your days away, see you Thursday.
    Amy x

  11. Absolutely just beautiful Carole, you've done a wonderful keepsake for the happy couple.

  12. I honestly don't know what to say Carole as there are no words that really describe how beautiful your creation is. I am sure the new Mr & Mrs will cherish this gift forever. It is not only a present but a work of art straight from your heart. Vikki xx

  13. I honestly don't know what to say Carole as there are no words that really describe how beautiful your creation is. I am sure the new Mr & Mrs will cherish this gift forever. It is not only a present but a work of art straight from your heart. Vikki xx

  14. Yes they said it all... absolutely magnificent projects. Do you think you'll ever create duplicates?

    1. Hi Carole, no this was definitely a one was on display at the wedding and I had some requests but I had to refuse x

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