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Monday, 10 August 2015

Hi Friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend and the sun shone where you are, as it did here! I had every intention to hop on my computer and write a post on Saturday, but it was so lovely outside, that by the time we got back from our shopping 'must do's' Saturday lunchtime, we just went outside and got stuck into some gardening....I have been trying to sketch a revamp of a rather untidy little corner where we have a tiny pond.

To be honest, I agreed with Tom's thinking that the whole thing should be drained and gotten rid of, the plastic is now exposed and it looks bad -  just one problem - it's a really thriving wildlife area and the little pond is home to a heck of a lot of frogs and other little creatures, so at the moment at least Tom's preference wasn't an option really.

I made these sketches for ideas to at least pretty it up and encourage even more butterflies and insects and set to work on it....the hens of course were not a great help! Tilda especially!

 My general idea is to get plants growing around the rim to hide it as much as possible and to plant honeysuckle and other climbers at the back against a trellis to hide the fence - we'll see what it looks like in the least then we can collect the frog spawn, replace the pond and put it all back.

After I'd removed all the pots and plants already there
I didn't know Tom had taken this of me hard at work!

Tilda having a break from annoying toads

After I'd planted some herbs and other plants: the trellis goes up next week..Tilda is still looking for the toad!

At one point I turned my back, she suddenly squealed and just managed to take off across the water instead of landing in it (thank goodness - a green weed coloured chicken would not have been a pretty sight!) and ran around the garden clucking. Cara was in the nest box laying her egg and I have noticed has learnt to stay put when Tilda gets agitated about something.

The problem? She had stuck her beak into one of the pots that we leave there as frog and toad 'hotels' and had met a rather large toad holed up in the dark! Once she had calmed down and felt brave, she went straight back and kept tapping on the pot with her beak, so I was telling her off all afternoon. On a more serious note, I think she did actually eat a couple of very tiny frogs.

Yesterday we treated a family member to a trip to Highgrove gardens; the third time for Tom and I, but a first for Sandra and the rest of Tom's family. There were 6 of us, we had lunch after and the weather was perfect. No photos I'm afraid, security there does not permit cameras or phones in the grounds.

CAS cards

We had a super craft evening last week: some of the ladies had asked for CAS cards. I made the four projects below, with the hope that they would finish 3 of them...well I'm thrilled to say, two of the ladies finished all 4, two finished 3 and one finished almost 3, so not bad going. I deliberately made them as CAS as possible and they said they really enjoyed it. I was pleased, I really love CAS! I didn't get any photos, will try to remember this week...

I made a lot of CAS cards as demos, a lot of them using these two sets of stamps from Woodware and will show them over the next few weeks.

That's all for today, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by,

Love and Hugs
Carole X


  1. Great CAS cards Carole and it sounds as if your ladies did very well. We have two ponds and get so much pleasure from them. We have lots of fish in the larger of the two including a great many "home grown " ones. Add lots of frogs, butterflies, dragon flies, some of which are huge!! The smaller pond at the back of the huuse doesn't have fish because it's a little shallow, but it does have newts and a huge variety of birds use it for their daily ablutions. John laid a piece of flagstone as a ramp at one end and it's great to see the birds queuing up. There is definitely a pecking order!! Good luck with yours. Christine xx

  2. Tilda and Cara is a real hoot and I am sure gives you endless joy. Awesome CAS designs.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  3. Carole, our daughters chickens have killed a toad before now, there was a pond in her garden at one point we think, as every now and again she gets frogs and toads in there. The funniest thing was when Giilian and Andrew got married last week at the castle across the road from theres one of the chickens from the castle walked down the red carpet that was out for them., plus a cat just like the one that they have just lost. Gillian had to look twice.
    Love your CAS cards, you don't need to put loads of things on to make a stunning card. Glad your visitors enjoyed there day. Hazel xxx

  4. Hi Carole,
    wonderful cards, and super stamping too.
    Lovely photos of the hens.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. I always love reading about the exploits of Tilda and Cara, they much be such fun to have around (well with the occasional blip I guess - lol!). The pond is looking good now and the trellis will look great.

    Your cards are beautiful, I do love CAS, just wish I was better at it. Well done to your ladies too, they did well! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Hi Carole these CAS cards are gorgeous I am not surprised that you group enjoyed making them. It looks like you had fun in the garden. On Sunday we had a meal to celebrate my parents 60th Wedding anniversary which was nice. Have a great week. Hugs Jackie

  7. Wow, you have been a busy lady Carole. Your pond looks wonderful, I love that you added some herbs. Great collection of cards, you do wonderful with CAS. hugs :)

  8. Oh Carole, looks like you had a fun day. I often think of your chickens when we go to the agricultural shows and there are chickens for sale. They always look so sad as if they just want someone to give them a new home. I would like to take them all home if I could, need a win on the lottery!
    Nice cards too, sorry distracted by chickens Lol! Have a good week, Angela x

  9. Morning Carole.
    Great post thanks for sharing. Love the CAS cards.

  10. The garden sketches are awesome Carole, looks like fun times ahead. I was cracking up at your tales of Tilda and the Toad. We had a cat once who was fascinated with Toads! The CAS cards are cool, I love the flower theme running through them all. My fave is number 3 - is that heat embossed? Cx

  11. You're gonna laugh at me, but I get so happy when it's a chicken related post. I think you should write and illustrate a book about them! Also, I agree, a few plants around the edges would cover that plastic and make it a cute little area!