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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Gilded Wedding - Saturday 27th June

Hello Friends,

Have you missed me this week? Sadly I haven't been on holiday, but off work with a flare up of my ongoing back has been agony and I have the hens to blame (LOL) because it was whilst cleaning them out last Sunday morning that it flared up, with a vengeance!

Those of you who have been following me for a while will know that whilst my friends were playing hockey and netball as a teenager (as was I), I preferred mucking out stables for rides and the chance to compete in riding school show jumping and well as play ice hockey! All this has left me with a recurring back condition - well it was mostly that fall from  a horse that did it!  Sometimes I can go a couple of years without an attack, but this year I've had a few mild ones and it really makes it impossible to sit at my desk for long and craft or use the computer..and believe me I have it all set up for perfect back support! So I went to see a doctor and he has suggested I visit a Sports Massage Therapist, which he reckons is better for my problem that physio etc. I haven't tried any therapies for a while, so I've made an appointment for Wednesday.

So my friends that is why I haven't posted or visited many of you this week and right now I'm posting a card I made as a commission back in May...a Wedding card..

 I'm not going into much detail if you'll forgive me today..the hearts are from Scrapbook Adheives, coated with gilding flakes.

Hopefully I wil get to boghop tomorrow, probably using the iPad and am desperate to resume normal crafting as soon as possible!

Love and Hugs,
Carole X


  1. Hi Carole,
    so sorry to hear about your back problem. I too suffer occasionally with my back as I have arthritis in spine as well as a lot of other places. So i can sympathize with you.I had very bad sciatica at one time and acupuncture was the only thing that stopped the pain, as it gets rid of a build up of toxins in the body as well as what you are suffering with. This the only thing that helped me, and that was 5 years ago now and I haven't had a bad flare up since.
    Now at long last to your card it's a very beautiful card. I love the gilded hearts., and the date, and the names of the couple on it.
    Hope you back gets better soon.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Oh poor you!! I hope you are feeling better now Carole. Back pain is so debilitating. Anyway, this is a lovely wedding card - really like the CAS aspect and the pearly pins finish it nicely. love from Christine xx.

  3. Carole I hope your back feels better soon, theres nothing worse than back pain.
    Love the simplicity of your Wedding card Carole its so elegant and classy


  4. Hi Carole, just back from holiday and read your post - I am so very sorry that it has flared up again, I really hope your appointment on Wednesday gives you some much needed relief (although I hope it eases before then!).

    Your wedding card is so beautiful, I love those hearts and your wonderful trademark bow.

    Do take care my lovely friend! Hugs, Anne x


  5. Gorgeous wedding card Carole. Nothing worse than a sore back, here's hoping you get some relief after your appointment.

    Hazel x

  6. Hi Carole

    So sorry to read about your back .. .. I hope it is starting to settle down a little now. Naughty hens!!!

    Loving this wedding card and the one in your previous post. Just stunning.

    Hope you get back to your crafting soon. Bet you are having mega withdrawal symptoms!

    Love Jules xx

  7. Good morning Carol,
    Here a few (((((HUGS))))) I for one know what it is to suffer with Back Pain.
    Both from personal experience and nursing John after he Broke his back.

    I love your beautiful card, those hearts are so pretty and a great layout

    Patricia xxx

  8. Good Morning Carol,
    Just popped in to say! Hope you are a bit better today.

    Patricia xxx

  9. Hi Carol, me once again I do hope you are feeling a bit better

    Patricia xxx

    1. Thanks Patricia, it's been lovely to read your messages...I'm 'getting there' Hugs, Carole X