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Friday, 19 July 2013

More workshop photos! - Friday 19th July

Good Morning Friends!

Last night was the second of our 'Out of the Blue' workshops using the hats and bonnets stamp from Crafty Individuals. This week I decided on a variant of last week's card and asked the group to make their card based around the design I posted on Wednesday and these are their magnificent creations! I never fail to be amazed by the different 'takes' everyone has on one 'sketch', because in effect that is how I see my example - a sketch.

 The above card has a very rich, bold feel to it doesn't it? This was made by Sharon, who has also started her own blog and I am sure she will be uploading this card to it...check out her blog here  - Sharon brings some of her cards along to the group and they are stunning.

I am truly overwhelmed by all the cards these ladies come up with - some of them are seasoned crafters but many have only been crafting a short time..shows how addictive this is and why we become so passionate about it doesn't it?

Thanks for stopping by..I really have to succumb to housework this morning..including a spot of ironing in the garden..yes I mean it, it I have to do it I may as well get a tan at the same time! Then hopefully an afternoon of crafting!

Carole X


  1. Hi Carole,
    truly fabulous creations by your ladies. They are all so differently beautiful in their own right.
    Enjoy your housework, gardening, and ironing.
    I did my ironing this morning at 6am. Now there is a lot more after today as my washing line is full
    Have a wonderful crafty afternoon.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L. PS keep meaning to ask you about your friend Amy's blog I can't seem to find her in my bookmarks. If you could let me know the name of her blog I would be grateful.

    1. Hi Jenny, here's the link to Amy's blog, Crafty Little ideas.. ...can definitely recommend ironing in the X

  2. Lovely creations from your ladies Carole...just love this design...
    I too sucumed to some of the dreaded 'H'...ironing but did it before it got too hot...
    Enjoy you weekend


  3. Ooops Carole - just had another chuckle at the mice under the hen - couldn't help it.

    The ladies have made absolutely gorgeous cards, they look truly vintage. So beautiful.

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

    PS This heat is killing me - I am sitting trying to craft but just can't get the energy.

  4. The cards are so beautiful Carole, you have a very talented bunch of ladies there. I love the idea of ironing in the garden, must give it a go when I get home. We have been sitting in the garden today watching dozens of hot air balloons going over - just magical. Hugs, Anne x