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Friday, 7 February 2014

Crocodile Love! - Friday 7th February

Dear Friends,

Today is international 'Send a Card to a Friend Day' - I only know because I get an American craft magazine and they mentioned it in there, it's an annual 'event' - SO - friends, today is a fun card and I'm sending it to all of you! Thank you for following my blog and leaving your comments...I love to visit yours too, so much, and I love the community we have here: sharing ideas, tips and artwork - you are all amazing!

This card was made to be a bit topical down here where I live, which is about 12 miles outside the city of Bristol (about the same to Bath as well, I'm a lucky gal!) the talking point in Bristol all week is that a few people have reported seeing a crocodile in the river running through the city centre!

Well, the Zoo and animal park have confirmed that they aren't missing any and a film crew working close by in Somerset recently, making a horror film about escaped crocs (honest!) have also issued a statement to say that all the live animals they used were safely returned to the zoos from whence they came. I guess that there really isn't one lurking in the waters, but it has given people something to talk about, outside of the weather.

Our minds can play tricks -  some years ago we took Tom's parents and brother with us on one of our trips to my family in California. We were driving (in two separate cars) along the coast near Carmel, when I suddenly was sure I'd seen a whale...Tom pulled over into a lay-by, as did his parents and I rushed to look with great excitement - it was a large rock: the waves lashing it, made it look like it was spouting water. I've never lived that down!

I love this cute image - who ever thought crocodiles could be cute? It is a digital image from The Paper Shelter and comes both coloured and digi-stamp (this is the pre-coloured). I simply matted and layered on teal and kraft card..the sentiment is typed.

On a more serious note, I do want to mention the poor people who are suffering incredibly from the floods. Although we are warned of more heavy rain and winds over night and through the weekend, we are muddy but fine here and as I type, the sun is shining and the hens are enjoying it (I am so relieved we built their coop so high off the ground!) - but this week and last night especially, on both the national and local news (we are only 50 miles from all this devastation), I was totally moved by the plight of the people being evacuated from the Somerset Levels, especially the farmers, some of whom have farmed the land for generations, having to mostly sell on their livestock and leave their farms to be taken by the waters. One of them was in tears, sure that he had lost everything. My heart goes out to these people. 

That's all for today, keep warm and dry wherever you are!

Carole X


  1. That's so surreal that they were making a movie about crocodiles on the loose! Maybe that got everyone riled up! Love how easy that card was to make using a pre colored digi image! We all need easy cards sometimes! My thoughts and prayers go to everyone in the flooded areas, and am glad to hear you and the chickens are nice and dry. PS, never heard of whale rocks

  2. Oh I adore this card! I didn't think crocodiles could be cute either, but this image has certainly managed it.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all the folks suffering from the flooding! It certainly does make you count your blessings, I hope there will be a huge outreach to the hurting.

    Your post was filled with some amazing information! a crocodile on the loose! wow I once saw a WOLF! sitting in the woods. I saw him from the bathroom window and pointed him out to everyone who came to visit us. Of course when the "wolf" stayed in the same place for days and days we finally realized it was s part of a broken tree. : )

    Your card is adorable!! I have never seen images from The Paper Shelter - I can't wait to visit their site.

  4. It really is a cute image Carole and I love the way you have done the sentiment like crocodile jaws - so clever. I saw that programme last night too, I cannot imagine how devastated those people, especially the farmers, must be feeling. Seeing the farmer in tears was so very moving, I do hope everything gets back to some kind or normality soon. Love your whale story! Hugs, Anne x

  5. Carole this image is so cute, wouldn't like to meet a real one, as I am sure they wouldn't look cute!!! We used live in ?Devizes and Trowbridge and often when to Somerset and to think these poor farmers have lost so much , not even knowing if they will ever get back to normal my heart goes out to them. Hazel x

  6. Brilliant card Carole, fantastic image those crocodiles are so cute. Wonderfully coloured and a great card design.
    My heart goes out to these poor people. My friend Pearl has never got over being flooded out of her house last year. Some have not only had their homes flooded but they have also lost their business
    Have a good weekend

    Patricia xx

  7. Such a fabulous card Carole your image really made me smile and love the sentiment


  8. Hi Carole,
    A very cute card, love the image.