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Friday, 21 November 2014

Merry & Bright - Friday 21st November

Good Morning Friends,

So sorry I've been awol recently, truth is I haven't been feeling that's been a stress thing and I know that if I get it, then I just have to calm down and let it pass..crafting usually helps and it did, but not card making - sewing. It has been a culmination of work being pretty stressful, as there is so much going on. Without boring you, we (meaning myself and just one of my volunteers) have to work our way through records for 300 charities and groups, checking all the information before a  new national volunteering website is launched at the end of the month - and with web  problems (their end) it is proving a mammoth much to get done and so little time!

I haven't even wanted to look at a paper craft project for a few weeks now and when I've tried, Mr Mojo just won't come out to play - it's my father-in-Law's 80th birthday tomorrow and boy did I struggle with his card!

However, at the end of the day I just have to keep telling myself that there are so many more people out there who have much more reason to feel not great about everything than me, some of you included my dear friends who I know have health problems or are coping with the poor health of loved ones, including one of my  close friends at the moment. 

I did make some CAS Christmas cards before this all set in and I have made the decision that this year for the first time in a great many years, I won't be making all my cards for Christmas. I send and give a lot of cards and at this stage I'll never do it! 

There is another reason too - with this year being such a special one of Remembrance, I wanted to support our servicemen and women, so I have bought some cards from Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion, so the people I don't see regularly or only have contact  with at Christmas will getting those cards this time. You can't do it all can you? I think I've finally come to realise that :)

More Challenge successes: 

Speaking of Remembrance, my poppy card was chosen for the top 5 in last week's Allsorts Challenge - I was thrilled with that, it's even better than winning because the top 5 are actually chosen rather than picked by random, so it really cheered me up. My Poppy card (last post) that I submitted to the Stamping with Bibiana Throwback Thursday Challenge also made the top 3 there..what a good month it'a been for placements!

I do have to get to grips with some paper craft today - the lovely Ignacio from Nicecrane has just sent some gorgeous new vintage Christmas designs to the DT, so I'd best get working.

I said that sewing had helped me recently, well it has and my sewing machine has been working overtime, with lots still to do - but even with sewing I can't win at the moment because for many years I have suffered very slightly with attacks of repetitive strain injury and if I sew a lot by hand I do pay for it with tingling fingers..another reason I've been staying away from the keyboard, but thankfully it's not too bad. Actually reading this back I am starting to chuckle..`:)

Today's card:

My card was made using  JOFY stamps, coloured quite simply with Promarkers. In the background I stamped some snowflakes with embossing glitter and finished with some twine and a button.

Coming soon....

I will be back with some of my sewn projects soon...think TILDA (Tone Finnanger)...I am such a fan of Tilda and have all the books, which have such inspiring and gorgeous designs..I've been making more polar bears, snowmen and gingerbread men and I have completed an angel  doll as well...

Before I go, I would like to say thank you to one of my lovely blog friends for her email I received this morning. I won't say your name in case you don't want me to, but  thank you 'P', your kind words inspired me to get back and write this blog today..sending extra hugs X

I'll catch up with you all later, now I'd better get on with those DT cards...

Love and Hugs and thank you for your visit,
Carole X


  1. Hope you start feeling better soon Carole, nothing like something to keep us busy and the stress at bay.
    love the card and gorgeous image.xx
    The Journey is the Start

  2. Hi Carole your card is fabulous. Congratulations on your other cards winning challenges. Thank you for taking time to comment on my blog. I do hope you start to feel better soon. You have made the right decision about the cards - we all put a lot of pressure on ourselves at this time of year especially. If there is any way I can help just let me know. Hugs Jackie

  3. Good afternoon Carole, sending you some much needed (((((hugs))))) from what's am reading.
    Hope you start feeling better soon.
    Brilliant card, great Snowman Image and fantastic simple design, love it.

    Patricia x

  4. Hi Carole,
    so sorry to hear you have not been well.
    Here's hoping you are on the mend now.
    Sending big hugs to you to help hopefully.
    Love this super card, and what a very great snowman, and poor him no head for heights. lol.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. Hi Carole, I was getting a little worried about you so I am happy that you are back, but sorry for what you are experiencing with work etc., hope it all resolves itself soon. Your card today is such fun, I really love it! Huge congratulations on your wins - you were also chosen by Eileen Hull for your wonderful spooky house too - so that makes three!! Well done you! Big hugs, Anne xx

  6. Sorry you have not been well. Love your sweet card, made me smile. ~Diane

  7. be patient with yourself my friend...find something that you really want to do and do it, without thinking, do it for you...It works sometimes for me to deal with stress and practice yoga or meditation too!...but do not feel guilty for feeling is normal with the lives that we have nowadays ...give yourself time and check mark and feel happy for the things that you have done in an hour , in a day, a week... NOT the things they you still need to do...
    I am happy that I have chose your card for the top 3 at my TBT see a little satisfaction going your way!!!
    hugs from california

  8. Morning Carole,
    Sorry to hear you have under the weather, hope you are better soon.
    Love your cute little card., so sweet.

  9. Carole, sorry you are not feeling 100%, it's time just to take some down time do your own thing. We will all still be here for you when you are ready. I have had to take a few steps back too, Your card is lovely, and you are so right about buying some cards this year to take the pressure off. Two good causes you have bought from in my books. Take care Hazel x

  10. Hi Carole,
    Wow what an amazing blog, you are one hugely talented lady! Your blog is a huge source of inspiration Carole, I am blown away by your talent.
    Believe me I understand how life can bring you to your knees, sometimes you have to get through feeling guilty and do what's right for you for once, think of the benefits of supporting a good cause!
    If you don't mind I would like to stop by regularly ?
    Crafty hugs
    Sandra. Xxxx

  11. Do take care of yourself Carole. It is so difficult trying to work and fit everything else in sometimes. I'm glad you were sensible and took a little break! Love the cute image on your card. I have been doing quite a lot of CAS cards this year because I fell behind. I always start off really well and then somehow lose the impetus and get really far behind. Love and hugs Christine. xx

  12. Awwww! Carole! you are too too sweet - you made my night :) It is such a blessing when we can encourage one another.

    Your card is so funny!! I love that snowman. : )


  13. Hi Carole, I'm really sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling too good lately and I hope that taking some time out has helped you to recharge and feel happier. x
    I love your cute card - such a fun image and beautiful snowflake background! Huge congratulations for your much-deserved challenge successes!
    Sending hugs and hoping that you are okay x

  14. Hi Carole, love this card. Hope you're feeling better. I too have been struggling creatively with so many half finished projects on my desk. Not great when I have some DT prep to complete!x

  15. Hey Carole, I love this card. I hope you are feeling more motivated now. I hear that loud and clear, sometimes you just feel like that. This year I tackled the Christmas card thing in a different way - I made my cards in fours - so I dug out literally every single christmas item I had and made my cards, it was a) much easier than normal b) actually fun c) I ended up with tons of fab cards - I started in October and did them whenever I felt like it. I posted 90 Christmas cards and donated 240 to charity - yay! I will be repeating this fun for 2015 - but I'll start earlier in the year :) Cx