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Sunday, 10 February 2013

My Little Stars! - Sunday 10th February

Good Morning Friends,

First of all thanks for all your lovely comments on  my Sunday Stampers project this week..altered art projects such as this little frame is craft I really love making and wish I had the time for more!

No card today, but I know some of you like to have updates on our little clutch of hens, Cara, Bella, Lacey and Penny - well I'm pleased to share that Bella and Lacey's climbing antics have got their picture on a readers page of a national hen-keeping magazine...little stars now! So today I'm sharing their 15 minutes of fame!

This is the mag they are inside...
the page...

close up on our girls climbing the grapevine last summer

I will be scheduling a few posts over the next days, apart from work being hectic I am still making commissions and preparing for our next workshop on the 21st, so not much time for crafting for fun again. Also last week I took some photos of commissions, but when I uploaded them I just wasn't happy with the photos..this time of year is such a horrid time to take them, especially when I don't get much time in daylight hours! By the time I'd decided that that a few of them just wouldn't be good enough for here, I had parted with apologies in advance for the ones I share this week that only just passed the 'test'!!!

Have a great Sunday everyone, I will visit you all later!

Carole X


  1. Congratulations on your "Girls" making the "BIG TIME"
    Fantastic pictures, they look so happy and content.
    Have a good week and please don`t get stressed, we will still be here when you get time to chat and show your wonderful creations once again.
    Have a good week

    Patricia xx

  2. You're absolutely right Carole, it's horrible trying to take photos on these awful days. Even when when you think it is bright enough they never seem to come out well. I guess this where a lightbox comes in, but I'm not going to that expense. After all, blogging is just a bit of fun and nobody expects superb pictures every time. So you now have stars in the family!! I hope they have been treated accordingly. Mind you, I'm sure they are always treated like stars! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love from Christine x

  3. Wow Carole, congratulations to the stars of the show! How wonderful and exciting for you (and for them). This gave me the biggest smile of the day.... I bet your photos are just fine, we all understand that taking photos at the moment is never going to be 100%. Hope the prep work goes well and I look forward to seeing all your wonderful creations. Hugs, Anne x

  4. COngratulation to the 'girls' Carole....great just cant seem to get good photos on these dark and miserable days..


  5. My goodness fame comes in many guises, not surprised these ladies made it. Hope you get a bit of relax and your prep work goes well and not too stressed, we will still be here when you are ready to share. Take care. xx Flora

  6. Oh how gorgeous and the walk of fame is so fantastic. Great little pic of the gorgeous young lady and the chicks are soooo cute...memories of my childhood cute and fluffy...thanks for sharing this wonderful achievement..luv aNNIe

  7. You be careful Carole - you don't want the ladies getting diva-ish now do you??? Just love the fact that they have this little story about them in a magazine. Great PR for them - lol!

    Hugs Sue Pxxx