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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Pots of Flowers! -Saturday 23rd February

Hello Friends,

I hope this chilly Saturday finds you bright and breezy! I don't think I've got to that point just yet this morning!! Yesterday I'd planned some fairly quick makes for a forthcoming craft fair, then I used a new stamp I've got from Crafty Individuals and ended up spending a lot of time on two little cards (was really pleased with them though and will reveal one day next week), plus with Linelle Harlow being on C&C whilst I was working, I was prompted to get my stencil out...oh dear.

Finally I got the promarkers out as well, to work on the card for our next workshop!  At about 10pm, after my fix of Mastermind and NCIS, Tom was watching a TV programme I don't like and not being tired, I was back in the craft room for another few hours. We finally got to bed at gone midnight and then were awoken at 1.30am by the doorbell! We live in a quiet neighbourhood, nothing ever happens, so as you can imagine it was a bit startling and scary..we sleep at the back of the house, so we tiptoed to a front bedroom (why tiptoe I ask myself??) and peered out - down below we could see torches in the front garden and the bell kept ringing. I watch way too much CSI type shows, I can't even begin to explain what was going on in my creative little mind :)

Anyway, having thrown on trousers and sweats, we went downstairs and opened the door to be confronted not the police... but two men from the electricity company (we did ask for ID). Apparently a house in the next street had been without electricity for hours and they wanted to tap into our power source to give them power through the night! I was biting my 1.30am, you get us up? What about nearer neighbours? Do you know what the reply was? "You are the only ones who answered the door" (apart from one lady who slammed the door in their face). I was angry! Tom wanted to see for himself, so off he went to the next street..yes they were without power, had been trying to get it sorted all day, but had gone to bed when they were awoken themselves a few hours before! So there wasn't any desperate need to lay a cable across gardens and plug into our power source before morning,these people just wanted to get back to bed too -  so Tom politely told the guys, sorry no!

And that my friends is why, despite having to get up at dawn for the hens, which usually wakes me up, I am writing a rambling post, barely to do with craft...but if you didn't give up two paragraphs ago, here are the cards I made as a basis for our ladies on craft night....

The card we chose this time was based on a project from a recent DoCrafts magazine and is a flower pot with the opening at the top for a matching tag and a stand on the back. I did have an idea to make it a hanging basket by tying ribbon each side, but didn't get time to make it. I also think it would make a nice basket filled with Easter eggs (card, not real!) and you can easily put a gift card inside. When thinking about the egg idea, I was wondering if any of the 'die' companies like Spellbinders, Sissix, Marianne etc do actually make Easter egg dies? They seem to make them for every other Holiday, but I've never seen any Easter eggs..please let me inform me if you know otherwise!

The papers used are from DoCrafts Capsule collection and the flowers all Spellbinders die cuts..just something bright and cheerful to look forward to the Spring! The groups were all given paper selections and the choice of dies to 'do their own thing' and all came up with lovely cards.

Before I go, can I say a big thanks to those of you who commented on my post on Fantastic Ribbons blog, very grateful to you.

Since I mentioned the Cosmic Shimmer problem, so many people have said to me they've had the same! I was told that the lids from the old bottles fit the new ones, but I tried that and couldn't get it to screw on..but I will persevere! However what I did do, was cut across the opening a bit further down and now it seems to flow much more freely. But thanks for your advice.

I'm hoping to get some crafting in today between shopping and other chores..hope you do too, thanks for visiting!

Carole X


  1. This is a lovely idea and fabulous flower pots Carole...I did this with our craft group a couple of years ago...I love the idea of the hidden message..
    have a great weekend


  2. Fantastic ideas I`m sure I have got a egg shape die from spellbinders as I made easter tree with grandaughter last year will dig it out and let you know .MelanieX

    1. Dug them out Nested Eggs S4-264 there are 6 Dies I also have Nested ducks S4-262 * 3 dies
      If you want me to cut you some out I will .Melanie

    2. Hi Melanie, so they did make some...thanks for the offer which is very kind of you, but I had a thought afterwards -- I have some nested ovals so I could use them! Doh!! Carole X

  3. How awful for you Carole, we were without power last week (the whole village) for most of the day and we just got on with most people do! The cards you made at the Craft Group are so beautiful and how lovely to have something hidden in there. I did see Linelle on C&C and she did an amazing technique with the embossing paste that I am currently practising......... hope you get a better night's sleep tonight. Hugs, Anne x

  4. Love your flower pots. Your story struck a strange chord with me, I thought power companies had generaters for such events. Hope you get a better sleep tonight. xx Flora

  5. What an odd and scary experience in the middle of the night! I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight.
    The cards are lovely - really effective. XX

  6. Hi Carole,
    I bet your a bit blurry eyed tonight after that experience.
    Love all those beautiful cards. Can't wait to see what you have been working on as well.
    Have a wonderful crafty weekend.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. Hi Carole

    You were very brave opening the door at that time of night .. .. not sure I would have done.

    I thought you were going to say it was people looking for their cat.

    There is an egg die set here but to be honest there doesn't look much to them!! I am sure your oval die will achieve the same result with a bit of trimming.

    Love your gorgeous flowers.

    I hope you are having a good weekend.

    Love Jules x

  8. Not a good experience opening the door at that hour, very brave lady, I would have just ignored it..anyway your are safe.
    Your cards are just beautiful and love the colours in particular the purple and yellow, loving the hidden message section annie

  9. Good Morning Carol,
    Fantastic cards, I love them and such beautiful colours.
    If you have an Oval Die set why not use them, just a thought.

    Not quite so sure about your visitors though!!! I thought the electric people had generators the can use in emergencies. Why would they want to connect those people at that time of night????

    Have a Great Day

    Patricia xx

  10. Gorgeous cards in fresh colours!
    I would have been very worried about your visitors, did you inform the company?xx

  11. Hi Carole, what a nightmare! Expect you could have done with the extra sleep too after a tiring week!. These photos show off your flowerpot cards really well. I think everyone really enjoyed making theirs too especially choosing their own colours & elements to add. Thanks for all your help again with another successful workshop. My throat is still sore though from all the talking! Looking forward to the next one
    Amy x

  12. I'm catching up as you might guess Carol and this post has had me sooo angry for you! I think I would have really lost it with your two visitors. How bl...y cheeky of them. I would still be spitting now!

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx