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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Days of My Life - Saturday 22nd June

Good Morning Friends,

I have always loved to take photos and present them in a scrapbook and journalling type of way that's  more than just sticking them in an album. My Mum was the same, all the pictures of me as a child are carefully placed in albums with dates, memories and times recorded. When I used to look through the US side of my family's memory books as a teenager, I was enthralled and I have watched scrapbooking evolve over many years to the craft that it is now.

Unfortunately a busy life and being busy with card-making and altered art projects has made scrapbooking take a bit of a back seat in recent years. I have yet to  scrap our last 2 visits to Tom's family in Venice or indeed, our last trip to the USA for my cousins wedding - four years ago! I'm well ashamed. What I have promised myself is to make some pages straightaway when we get back from our next US trip in September and then to backtrack on the other holidays, before they really are distant memories!

Earlier this year we were clearing out the tiniest of our spare rooms (the one where actually opening the door was a major feat!) and as you do, I started looking through old albums and boxes of photos that were in there. I found a selection of photos that were taken in my teens and early 20's, most of them with friends. These photos evoked such happy memories of times when riding horses was my life! Fun times with friends; playing ice hockey; volunteering as a teen; Tom and I when we were dating and the first time I took Tom over to visit my cousins in San Diego - and he was introduced to surfing! I remember there being quite a number of years between me meeting Tom and being able to afford to go over to the US again: we were married young and couldn't afford expensive trips - we've returned many times since and they love him to bits!

So I made the decision to start collecting some of these photos, scan them on to my computer and make them into a 'Days of My Life' best memories in one place. I'll gather a set of photos from a particular time, scrap and journal them and I started with these because these were the ones I found first.  I started these pages some time ago, then other projects got in the way...I finished them yesterday...they aren't 'great' pages. I do like to make elaborate pages with lots of embellishing and fewer photos, but I wanted to include all these photos, but on no more than two pages, so they are more straightforward journal pages than pretty scrap pages.

The first page is photos taken in my teens and the second page too, except the US photos, when we were in our 20's, in fact the surf board photo was Tom's first trip and the ice hockey ones on a later trip...these are now in an album, at least I've made a start!

Happy Saturday,
Love and Hugs
Carole X


  1. Great scrap book pages, I know the feeling that you keep wanting to do pages not long after the event but time just get used for other projects. You have done these so you will find it easier to carry on doing the others.


  2. Hi Carole,
    fabulous scrapbook pages. Love all the elements used in these. I keep wanting to have a go at this, but find I never really have the time to get started. Maybe one day.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Well done Carole I bet you were well chuffed when you had completed these, the layouts are great. Now you've got started there will be no stopping you. Have a lovely weekend xx Christine H

  4. These are great Carole, I love looking through old photos. I have tonnes of photos I really must get scrapping with but never seem to find the time. Great reason to get cracking now that we've had interest in doing some scrapbooking workshops too. I love that the pages are about the photos & journaling & not the embellishments. Looking forward to seeing more!
    Have a great rest of your weekend
    Amy x

  5. FABulous memories and these are great pages Carole. Christine xx

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