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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Monterey - Wednesday 18th September

Good morning Friends,
Thank you for your visits over the past week, it's been fun sharing our trip with you - even if updating my scheduled posts has been frustrating at times with having to use the phone and iPad.. still free wifi seems much more plentiful here. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Heathrow last week and they wanted to charge, whereas the same chain in San Francisco was free! It wasn't a problem for us with the phone, just the ipad :)

Yesterday I was very sad to leave SF, it has many teenage memories for me and whenever we go back, I fall in love with it all over again! I sometimes wish that my other cousins hadn't moved away to various parts of Southern California ( or SoCal) as its known here. We picked up our car and headed down to Monterey, making a brief stop at a little town just outside SF, San Mateo, where I spent many a happy time with my auntie, who sadly is no longer with us.

Monterey is lovely, I booked us into a bed and breakfast I found on the Internet and it is gorgeous! Our room is really very 'country style' with wooden beams & wooden figures of horses everywhere - right up my street! After we arrived we walked down to the wharf and town...very picturesque. Our previous visits here have always been fleeting, so it's nice to dwell a little. They had a Farmers Market and craft fair going on and it was amazing...lots of jewellery and art and the fruit and veg was so beautiful to look at, we just had to buy a punnet of the juiciest strawberries!

We also visited the Thomas Kinkade gallery I've always been fascinated by his work, though not really my cuppa..I have however seen some cards made with the Janet Sheen CDs and admired them. I have to say that having seen some of these paintings up close, I do see them in a different light ( excuse pun), I really did like some of them.

We found a nice Italian restaurant tonight, on the wharf/pier and are our meal whilst being entertained by a group of the hundreds of sealions and sea otters that live here...all photos were. Taken with my camera, sorry!

Just one night at Monterey and then off to San Luis Obispo..we are staying in an hotel that we've stayed in before there... The Madonna Inn, all rooms are themed! It's very quirky & famous in California, I'll be sure to take some photos with my phone.
Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by and here I am getting ready to ride a cable car..back tomorrow with more crafts,
Love and hugs,
Carole X


  1. Good morning Carol, great to be able to share In your trip.
    Bringing back memories of the trip John, Audrey and the boys did in the summer.
    Have a fantastic day

    Patricia xxx

  2. Hi Carole,
    Sounds like you are having a great time.

  3. You keep reminding me of our fantastic trip there too. Keep on enjoying!!! Love from Christine xx

  4. Hi Carole, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful holiday with us, brings back lots of memories for me too! Thomas Kinkade is not my cup of tea either but I bet his pictures were stunning in real life. Hugs, Anne x

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