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Monday, 25 February 2013

Sunday Stampers week 246 - Monday 25th February

Good Morning Friends,

I hope you all had a good weekend and got in some crafting!  I actually did get some decent amount of time to devote to card-making, so for a change I am nice and early with my Sunday Stampers project this week! Well I would have been if blogger hadn't decided to play up this morning when I tried to do this before leaving for work! Grrrr!
Anyway, I'm here now and ready to share this week's project with you. Hels Sheridan set us the theme of 'texture' this week, which couldn't have been better timing for me. After seeing Lynelle Harlow and her wonderful Dreamweaver creations at the NEC last week - and then on C&C, I was prompted to get my stencils and paste out. After receiving quite a bit of attention around Christmas, I hadn't used them much of late.
So this week's card is a Steampunk cog clock....

I used metallic bronze paste with the stencil and coated it with red, gold and a little green f/x micas before heat drying to create the bubble effect. Then I wiped over the whole area with a duster to remove excess powders. I had actually used white card, so I used Vintage Photo to colour all the white bits.
The clock face I added to the front is a Tim Holz/Stampers Anonymous Visual Artistry stamp; Mr Inventor and the words  are all Sam Poole stamps. I stamped them in Vintage Photo distress ink and then heat embossed clear.
That's me done for now...thanks so much for stopping by!
Carole X

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Pots of Flowers! -Saturday 23rd February

Hello Friends,

I hope this chilly Saturday finds you bright and breezy! I don't think I've got to that point just yet this morning!! Yesterday I'd planned some fairly quick makes for a forthcoming craft fair, then I used a new stamp I've got from Crafty Individuals and ended up spending a lot of time on two little cards (was really pleased with them though and will reveal one day next week), plus with Linelle Harlow being on C&C whilst I was working, I was prompted to get my stencil out...oh dear.

Finally I got the promarkers out as well, to work on the card for our next workshop!  At about 10pm, after my fix of Mastermind and NCIS, Tom was watching a TV programme I don't like and not being tired, I was back in the craft room for another few hours. We finally got to bed at gone midnight and then were awoken at 1.30am by the doorbell! We live in a quiet neighbourhood, nothing ever happens, so as you can imagine it was a bit startling and scary..we sleep at the back of the house, so we tiptoed to a front bedroom (why tiptoe I ask myself??) and peered out - down below we could see torches in the front garden and the bell kept ringing. I watch way too much CSI type shows, I can't even begin to explain what was going on in my creative little mind :)

Anyway, having thrown on trousers and sweats, we went downstairs and opened the door to be confronted not the police... but two men from the electricity company (we did ask for ID). Apparently a house in the next street had been without electricity for hours and they wanted to tap into our power source to give them power through the night! I was biting my 1.30am, you get us up? What about nearer neighbours? Do you know what the reply was? "You are the only ones who answered the door" (apart from one lady who slammed the door in their face). I was angry! Tom wanted to see for himself, so off he went to the next street..yes they were without power, had been trying to get it sorted all day, but had gone to bed when they were awoken themselves a few hours before! So there wasn't any desperate need to lay a cable across gardens and plug into our power source before morning,these people just wanted to get back to bed too -  so Tom politely told the guys, sorry no!

And that my friends is why, despite having to get up at dawn for the hens, which usually wakes me up, I am writing a rambling post, barely to do with craft...but if you didn't give up two paragraphs ago, here are the cards I made as a basis for our ladies on craft night....

The card we chose this time was based on a project from a recent DoCrafts magazine and is a flower pot with the opening at the top for a matching tag and a stand on the back. I did have an idea to make it a hanging basket by tying ribbon each side, but didn't get time to make it. I also think it would make a nice basket filled with Easter eggs (card, not real!) and you can easily put a gift card inside. When thinking about the egg idea, I was wondering if any of the 'die' companies like Spellbinders, Sissix, Marianne etc do actually make Easter egg dies? They seem to make them for every other Holiday, but I've never seen any Easter eggs..please let me inform me if you know otherwise!

The papers used are from DoCrafts Capsule collection and the flowers all Spellbinders die cuts..just something bright and cheerful to look forward to the Spring! The groups were all given paper selections and the choice of dies to 'do their own thing' and all came up with lovely cards.

Before I go, can I say a big thanks to those of you who commented on my post on Fantastic Ribbons blog, very grateful to you.

Since I mentioned the Cosmic Shimmer problem, so many people have said to me they've had the same! I was told that the lids from the old bottles fit the new ones, but I tried that and couldn't get it to screw on..but I will persevere! However what I did do, was cut across the opening a bit further down and now it seems to flow much more freely. But thanks for your advice.

I'm hoping to get some crafting in today between shopping and other chores..hope you do too, thanks for visiting!

Carole X

Friday, 22 February 2013

Workshop Photos - Friday 22nd February

Good Morning Friends!

Just a quick post today as I want to get lots of crafting in...I'm so behind with cards I need to make!
We had another super workshop last night - 18 people is our biggest class so far and Amy and I have agreed that it is just too many, so 16 booked in for the next few and then back down to 14. Not only were we both worn out but we felt that it was harder to devote enough time to the lovely ladies who come along.

Last night we had a Mother's Day themed evening (although the finished card could be any occasion). I will share my card tomorrow, but here are some photos from last night...

Be back tomorrow!
Hugs, Carole X

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sunday Stampers week 245 - Thursday 21st February

Hello Friends!

Well what a week it's been...a day off work on Monday to go up to Stitches ...and as you saw from my photos we had a great day.  As I am the only paid worker, supported by two office volunteers at the charity I work for, a Volunteer Centre, where we help people find volunteer work... and no one was in on Monday, Tuesday was a bit of a catch-up. I spent most of Wednesday preparing for tonight's not much crafting this week!

Whatever happens I'm always determined to enter Hels Sheridan's Sunday Stampers challenge and this week the theme is MEN...well I have been playing with my Alice in Wonderland stamps recently, trying to decide what to put on my next clock and this is the result of a little 'play' around the Mad Hatter theme...

So I ended up with a grunge guy card! I started off with some kraft card, which I embossed with a clock mask and then inked over the card with Vintage Photo and a touch of Fired Brick. The Mad Hatter Stamp and the quote are both by Indigo Blu; the clock by Teresa Collins and the tea cups are Papermania.

I stamped them all on kraft card in black archival, which I heat embossed and then coloured with Vintage Photo. Before adding the embossed card to the front of the card, I photocopied a page from my childhood copy of Alice and inked it before sticking it to the card base. I turned back the corner of the top layer and added the clock, secured with a brad and once I had glued it, I used a distress tool around the edges of the card.

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy crafty day!
Carole X

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WOYWW 194 - Wednesday 20th February

Hello blog friends and WOYWWers!

It's that day of the week again when we share what's on our find out what this is all all about visit Julia at Stamping Ground for all the deers!

I'm back to messy me at the moment..I've spent all morning getting packs ready for our workshop tomorrow. I also spent much longer than intended making 'just one more' example card. I've been so busy lately, plus trying (and not succeeding) to make cards for a craft fair in 2 weeks time, that I had been putting it to one I made it and then disaster! You know sometimes when it's all finished, you decide to add one more element? Don't..just don't!!! I decided to cut a final strip of patterned paper for a trim and as I couldn't find my ultra thin double sided tape, I picked up my cosmic's a fairly new pot and ever since they changed the lid I find it gets bunged up really easily.

No kidding, I had used it five minutes before, but when I squeezed it the lid shot off and a load of glue shot out all over my card....grrrrrrr! 

Anyway, I do try to keep this short:

So on my desk is a commission card with a feminine steampunk theme that I just finished, a couple of examples of the cards for our workshop tomorrow and a box filled with papers and dies, also for our workshop.

Now I'm off to calm down from my glue episode by watching the wonderful Linelle Harlow  from Dreamweavers on C&C whilst I try and fix that card!

Happy WOYWW day and thanks for stopping by!
Carole X

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Stitches! Tuesday 19th February

Hello Friends,

No card or project today, but I couldn't wait to share my awesome visit to Stitches with you! Of course, I'm not a retailer, but my friend Amy is...I had never been to such an event before but wow was it gooooood. I couldn't spend anything as it was retail, which is just as well because it would have been so tempting, but whereas when you go to the public shows like Ally Pally and especially the NEC, you can't get near to anyone easily..we were able to chat to our favourite crafters and today, I'm sharing the photos.

Apologies that I'm in most of them, every time I asked to take a photo, I was invited to be in it! I said to Sue Wilson that for the past 2 years at Ally Pally I haven't been able to get anywhere near her, so this was a big treat for me! We even got to see some of Sue's latest creations that she can't share on her blog yet because they are hopefully demos for her March shows..and her new stamps to match dies are fabulous, she was so proud of them and her award for best blog.

Aside from our favourite crafters we were able to get some brilliant ideas for future workshops, especially using Indigo Blu, Wild Rose Studio, Woodware and Crafty Individuals stamps. Whilst I left Amy to the business side of things, I had a lovely chat to Malcolm, one of the owners of Crafty Individuals! What lovely people they are, fabulous stamps too and their display of art work was exquisite.

I also got to meet Keith and Ben from Fantastic Ribbons, which I am a design team member for - and the wonderful, warm and friendly Kirsty Wiseman, photographer and crafter extraordinaire, who organises us DT members!

Did you see Ken from Spellbinders when C&C were at CHA? Well we saw him demoing the new ice resin and bezels...ooh my! He also gave us all a gold crown die (not for sale!).He was superb, but I didn't get a photo and when we went back, he'd gone:(

We also had a chat with Dreamweavers' Linelle: a lovely lady who creates some amazing cards - most of you know that Amy and I attended one of her workshops last year and took Dreamweavers to a few of our own workshops, which our ladies really enjoyed. She is going to be on Create and Craft this Wednesday.

At the Creative Expressions stand, apart from Sue Wilson, we met and chatted with the lovely and very talented Julia Watts and two of my very favourite crafters, Ally Reeve (she remembered me from Ally Pally and we were soon discussing our hens again) and of course, Hels Sheridan, who was demoing the new distress paints..she is such a lovely person and her art work on show was amazing..of course.

The only mild disappointment was the lack of Tim Holz stuff...and no Tim himself this year either (apparently he was there last year)...oh well never mind, it was a great less of my chat and more of the photos...

Here I am with Kirsty Wiseman on the Fantastic Ribbons Stand

and with Sue Wilson (sorry you can't see Sue's card, light to bright!)

                       Some lovely creations from the Woodware design team... 

Ally Reeve demoing gilding flakes

Who is the person who keeps popping up? This time with Julia Watts

Hels Sheridan demoing Distress Paints

Above: Some beautiful cards and projects from Crafty Individuals 

 Isn't this a lovely display by Sissix? 
I have to say that the Sissix stand had the most amazing creations, all beautifully set out.
and finally some more Sissix creations....

 Hope you enjoyed my little 'report' - sorry I didn't get round all your blogs, I only just managed to stay awake when I got home to write this..will play catch up today!

Crafty Hugs,

Carole X

Monday, 18 February 2013

Candi Winner & Classic Motor - Monday 18th February

Good Morning Friends,

I am scheduling this post as today I have the day off work and this morning will be heading to the NEC, Birmingham with Amy, who is taking me along to the Stitches Retail craft event with her (our version of CHA). I've never been before and am really looking forward to it...I'll tell you all about it later in the week!

Yesterday afternoon I wrote out all your names and put them in a little basket...then we went out into the garden with the camera....

I gathered the girls around, but only Lacey, our Speckly was brave enough to approach the basket

We have a winner, let's see who....

We have a name, but you can't read it from this far!

So here is Penny Pumpkin helping with the reveal..can you read the name yet?

Drumroll for Oksana!

Thank you to every one of you for following me...writing this blog and sharing my ideas with you, whilst being blessed with being able to admire and take inspiration from all your wonderful creations is truly an incredible journey of continuous, amazing discovery. Visiting your blogs is having a community of friends online, where we share the same interests, share in each other's happiness and sorrow. I have been using Twitter and Facebook for a long time, but blogging was the best online community I ever decided to join and that's all because of you. Thank you!

Oksana, please email me your address at and I will send your candi off to you as soon as possible!

By the way, time to confess, Lacey didn't actually put her beak in a pick out Oksana's name (now there's a surprise) was Tom who actually made the draw, but I thought including the girls was a bit of fun!

Today I am sharing another of my guy cards...

This is a 6x6 card using a stamp from Stamps Away. I used a background paper from stash and inked the edges with Vintage Photo, then added a strip of hessian. The card was stamped in black archival and then heat embossed with clear powder. I die cut the image and inked the edges of the die, again with Vintage Photo. Using the same ink, mixed with a little water, I gave the car a wash of colour.

The sentiment is a stamp by Creative Expressions, also heat embossed and matted and layered on gold mirror card, the sentiment tag was cut by hand.

Thanks for stopping by!

Carole X

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Relax and Enjoy! - Sunday 17th February

Hello Friends,

Before anything else...a big welcome to my 49th and 50th followers Suzanne and SanDee, thank you so much for choosing to join me!!! Of course thisI hope you are having a good weekend and fitting in lots of crafting! I'm sticking with monotone cards today, but this time a female offering!

I'm very sorry about the photo, I only had a short amount of time to take it before 'parting with it" last week and had to take it in the  artificial light we are plagued with this time of year....except yesterday when the sun finally shone! 

Tom and I popped into town (Chipping Sodbury that is!) and I wore a nice chunky jumper with no coat! We sat and read the paper in one of the lovely, bustling, coffee bars (coffee #1 this time) and then walked down to my friend Amy's shop: for my birthday (not until March) Tom is giving me a new Grand Calibur as mine finally gave up the ghost and was beyond repair, so I ordered it through Amy's shop and we collected it yesterday. Of course, I had full blessing not to have to wait another month before using it! Finally, after doing the weekly shop, we headed home - Tom for an afternoon of car washing and the craft room, where else?

This is part of a Kanban Stamp set, which Got last year in a bargain bucket somewhere! I stamped it  in black archival and heat embossed with clear holographic embossing powder to give it a shimmer...of course you can't see this on here! I used an 8x8 blank, matted and layered in black and white...the greeting is typed on the computer, but I went over it with a versa mark pen and heat embossed with the same embossing powder.

Ooh and one more DT cards are posted over at Fantastic Ribbons today, if any of you have the time, would really appreciate a  quick comment over there. Thank you! X

Thanks for stopping by, I'm sorry it's such a short post today!

Happy Crafting,
Carole X

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Message Magnified - Saturday 16th February

Good Morning Friends,

I was up blogging late last night, just wasn't sleepy and Tom was watching a TV show that I wasn't interested I think at 10:30pm, that was my first late night post!

On my day off last Wednesday, I decided it was time to make some guy cards...I always put it off! But actually once I got into it, I was actually enjoying a day of male cards very much and I'll share them on here over the next week or so, starting off with this one using this Sherlock Holmes stamp set by Sam Poole.
The actual idea for using the book, I got from a card posted on Sam's blog, but I adapted the actual card to my own ideas otherwise.

I matted and layered a 6x6 card blank with black and then white card and then stamped this newsprint stamp (also by Sam Poole) and added that as the next layer. I cut out a little open book shape in black card and then used a script stamp (from Vintage Labels, Creative Expressions) on two pieces of white paper, cut to represent pages.

The magnifying glass is from the Holmes set - I cut out the centre and added a piece of acetate. The sentiment and 'for you' are from another Sam Poole stamp set, Your My Type.

This was a quick card, a bit of fun!

Have a great Saturday!
Carole X

Friday, 15 February 2013

Some Bunny Loves You? - Friday 15th February

Hi Friends!

Firstly, welcome to my new follower and thank you for joining me in my tiny corner of blogland. I'm getting excited more follower and I'll be making that candy draw!

My lovely blog friends...I promise this is the last you will see of these bunnies on my blog.... for at least a few weeks:)!!! You know how much I love this stamp!

I wanted to make a card with them for the Crafty Individuals challenge on the theme of friendship...

Some Bunny Loves You....but where are the bunnies?

So...the theme of the challenge is For My Friend and I decided to mix up this stamp with the sentiment from the other Crafty Individuals Alice Palace stamp set 'Favourite Ducks', just as I did on the photo frame in an earlier post. This is a simples design for a card, with a hidden  tag message or present, such as a gift token. Something to share between friends perhaps? 

I used a polka dotty kraft card and folded it in half, sealing it on one side and along the bottom, leaving one end open. The edges of the card were inked with Fired Brick.

The heart is die-cut on kraft card (with a bunting pattern) using Spellbinders Classic Hearts: I stamped the sentiment from the Alice Palace Favourite Ducks stamp, using archival black ink, which I heat embossed with clear powder. Then I inked the edges to match the card. I punched three holes in the side of the heart and added various ribbons.

 So, here are the bunnies! I stamped them (Crowned Bunnies stamp) on plain Kraft card, again with black archival and heat embossed. I gave the crowns a touch of colour with yellow promarker. Then I tore all around the edges and inked them. The little hearts are 3D foam hearts, by Scrapbook Adhesives (from Christine Emberson's Amazon shop), which I dusted with a peach mica powder to colour with a shimmer.

I then stamped the words friend and love on some seam binding, which I attached to the end of the tag and finished with a little button. The tag is then inserted in the card to be pulled out and revealed by the recipient.

I have made this is enter in Crafty Individuals 'Friendship' Challenge.

Crafty Hugs all,

Carole X

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Tim's Tags 2013 - February - Thursday14th February

Happy St Valentine's  Day Friends!

As the theme for this month's Tim's Tag's of 2013 is Love/St Valentine, I thought today would be a good day to share my tag for the challenge. First of all, this is Tim's tag...

And here is my adaptation..needless to say I didn't own most of the elements used, so I had to use a bit of imagination here! However, I did follow the techniques as much as possible.

 Tim's tag is based around one of his new blueprint stamps, The Queen of Hearts. Looking at Tim's blog, even fans are divided in whether they like these stamps or not...I love them, just don't own many... as yet!

I did think about using a playing card, but I had this Wendy Vecchi Studio 490 heart stamp (one of my favourites!) on my desk and decided to use that instead.

I used a size #8 tag, which I inked all over with worn lipstick (Tim used distress stain), which I then spritzed with water to create a pooling effect when drying with a heat tool. I stamped the heart three times across the tag and once on a separate piece of card. The final heart I cut out and inked in the same way as the tag.

Then I used a paper distresser around the edge of the tag and inked with black soot (as per Tim's tut). Tim used kraft core seasonal impressions for the layer of black across the bottom. I used a Sam Poole Stamp (You're My Type) to ink with versamark, XOXO several times across a piece of coredinations card. I used old paper distress embossing powder, heat embossed, then sanded. I then tore the edges before gluing to the tag.

For the oval, I made my own little tag using craft foil and inked watercolour card. The 'I Love' and 'You X' are all from the Tim Holz  Ranger Seasonal paper pad.

My pointing finger is a digital stamp, inked with Antique Linen and matted and layered on black card.

For the 'Love' stamp, I used Creative Expressions Valentine stamp set 3 and heat embossed with gold. The tag is finished off with bakers twine wound around it to tie on the little tag and some ribbon which I stamped with a script stamp.

Thanks for to you all!
Carole X

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

WOYWW 193 - Wednesday 13th February

Hi Friends and WOYWWers!

I can't believe how quickly another Wednesday is here, though last week I missed posting my work desk because I was just too busy with too many things.

WOYWW for anyone who doesn't know is brought to us by Julia at Stamping Ground and gives us the chance to share what's on our craft desks at the moment. I've only participated a few times so far, but it's been fun!

So this is my desk today...I have a craft fair coming up in March: I only do  a few a year, in aid of a local Hospice - I always get asked for guy cards and never have enough, so this time I thought I'd make an effort! That's what's on my desk - guy cards I've made so far today. I took a day off from commissions and workshop prep,just to make guy cards..and do you know? I've been enjoying it.

I made a few cards with Sam Poole's Sherlock Holmes stamp and a vintage transport set from Stamps Away, plus a welly boot stamp from Woodware. I didn't think I would manage more than a couple, so not a bad morning's work!  I'll be blogging each one (plus a few more I hope) over the next week or so.

Happy WOYWW everyone!

Carole X

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sunday Stampers week 244 - Tuesday 12th February

Hello Friends,

It's time for my project for this week's Sunday Stamper and this week Hels Sheridan has set the theme of Love and Hearts, so here is my contribution...

 I started off by embossing an 8x8 card blank, using the Venetian M-Bossability folder. For the main image I took a flat canvas board, gave it a coat of gesso  and inked it with a mixture of Fired Brick, Mustard Seed,Victorian Velvet and Tattered Rose distress inks. I stamped the 'Love'  and the hearts from Creative Expressions Valentines set 3. The word is stamped direct on to the canvas and heat embossed in gold. I stamped the hearts on black card and again heat embossed in gold. I added a band of hessian, some ribbon and a tiny black button across the card and placed the hearts on top with 3D foam pads.

The canvas is mounted on some linen card before placing on the base card.

Hope you like it!
Carole X

Monday, 11 February 2013

Pirate - Monday 11th February

Hello my friends,

I'm scheduling this, but I have read your lovely comments about our hens and their magazine debut yesterday - Anne, I knew it would make you smile! Thank you all! Thank you to my new follower as's great to have you join my little corner of blogland! Only 2 more followers and I'm at the magic 50 and will be sending out that 'candi' to one of you!

Please don't worry about me being stressed... I always seem to be 'chasing my tail' at the moment, but anything crafty is so relaxing and blogging takes my mind off all the other daily stresses I love it!!! !I just yearn to be able to craft many more hours, but we can't always have what we desire can we? I'm sure the time will come..please bear with me this week though, as I will be less in depth in my card construction explanations!

This is a card I made for a soon as a pirate theme was suggested to me I knew what stamp I was going to use...LOTV pirate boy!

 Sorry about the makes it look so drab! This is an 8x8 blank and the backing paper is from the Little Monkey Pirate Adventure download pack from Crafts-u-Print. I coloured the image with Promarkers, stamped and heat embossed the "Happy Birthday" and the '2' is a chipboard figure I had it my stash, coloured with silver metallic promarker.

Thanks for stopping by!
Carole X

Sunday, 10 February 2013

My Little Stars! - Sunday 10th February

Good Morning Friends,

First of all thanks for all your lovely comments on  my Sunday Stampers project this week..altered art projects such as this little frame is craft I really love making and wish I had the time for more!

No card today, but I know some of you like to have updates on our little clutch of hens, Cara, Bella, Lacey and Penny - well I'm pleased to share that Bella and Lacey's climbing antics have got their picture on a readers page of a national hen-keeping magazine...little stars now! So today I'm sharing their 15 minutes of fame!

This is the mag they are inside...
the page...

close up on our girls climbing the grapevine last summer

I will be scheduling a few posts over the next days, apart from work being hectic I am still making commissions and preparing for our next workshop on the 21st, so not much time for crafting for fun again. Also last week I took some photos of commissions, but when I uploaded them I just wasn't happy with the photos..this time of year is such a horrid time to take them, especially when I don't get much time in daylight hours! By the time I'd decided that that a few of them just wouldn't be good enough for here, I had parted with apologies in advance for the ones I share this week that only just passed the 'test'!!!

Have a great Sunday everyone, I will visit you all later!

Carole X

Friday, 8 February 2013

Sunday Stamper wk 243 - Friday 8th February

Hello Friends!

Sorry I've been missing most of the week - it was the usual 'thing', I  said yes to more commissions than I should have and was also really busy at work, so have been really tired this week and not much time for crafting for the fun of it!

Believe it or not, I started this week's Sunday Stampers project last Sunday. For those who don't know, this is a weekly challenge set by the oh-so-talented Hels Sheridan and I just always have to try my best to take part. The theme of this week's challenge set by Hels is 'Animals' and when I saw the project Hels herself had made I couldn't believe it - Hels used the "Crowned Bunnies' stamp by Alice Palace from Crafty Individuals, which along with another AP stamp 'Favourite Ducks' is my favourite stamp right now!

You saw me using this stamp on the Indigo Blu Cog Clock I made a few weeks ago..ithis stamp really cries out for more that simply using to create a card (though I have made many!). Anyway, even if Hels hadn't used it, I would have, so I decided to go ahead and use it anyway! I knew what I wanted to do: I picked up this little frame for just a few ££'s in Bath before Christmas and it has been sitting in my 'art parts' box ever since and now was the time to give it a life!

However, As soon as I started I knew that I may not finish it, so late one night at the end of a crafting session I even made a quick bunny card - just -in -case - I'll share that over the weekend....

The photo frame was brown so I gave it a coat of Claudine Helmuth Gesso and then a thin coat of acrylic. Then I gave it a light sanding just to give it a 'roughness' and bring the base colour through  - ever so slightly. The hearts were already on the frame, so I left them alone!

Next I stamped the bunnies, coated them with clear embossing powder and heat dried.

The flourish stamps were actually sent as a freebie from Crafty Individuals when I bought the bunnies, so I thought that I would use them fairly randomly over the frame.

I stamped them with Indigo Blu Flitterglu and then coated with gilding flakes, I also stamped the sentiment  (which comes with the Ducks stamp) on black card with flitterglu and gave it the gilding flake treatment too.

Finally, I stamped the hearts. I used some  'you' and 'me' stamps from a set by 'Inkadinkadoo' that I picked up in a bargain bin somewhere last year. I used a Versamark pen and then heat embossed with a mixture of gold and Ranger 'Old Paper' distress embossing powders. Finally I added the little metal butterfly!

So there you are! Hope you like it and thank you sooooo much for stopping and commenting!

Crafty Hugs,
Carole X