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Friday, 17 January 2014

Zentangled Craft Group! - Friday 17th January

Hello Friends!

Well it was good to see our first group of ladies again last night after the Christmas break! I think a lot of them were a bit 'dubious' about our choice of theme - some had never heard of Zentangle and only a couple had ever tried it before, but they they are a group of ladies who are always game to try what we 'throw' at them!

I'm sharing today a few cards made by some of the ladies on my little group. Not all of them made cards, some were happy just to try tangling with different stencils and take their work home to finish off. Looking at these ladies who had never Zentangled before, will show you why you should give it a go! The cards are (in my opinion) beautiful and I don't think that anyone but the most expert tangler would know they were all beginners. The thing about Zentangle for the first time, is that you might be faced with your outline and wonder 'what do I do now?', but there are lots of examples in books and on the internet, which can get you started and once that first section is complete, the rest just seems to flow naturally!

Super design and love the backing paper, which looks a bit like chicken wire!

Really good idea to 'frame' the image this way, very effective

The backing paper used with this one actually looks Zentangled doesn't it?! Super faux stitching too
Love the Zentangle at the side here, it really completes the card

I was both surprised and -not-  that the cockerel stencil was such a popular choice last night and I think the reason why is because it's a large area. You may think that would make it take longer to work on, but having Zentangled quite a few images over the past week, I felt far more comfortable and satisfied working on a larger area, where there is more 'scope' for a pattern.

Anyway, suffice to say this was a very successful class and I'm sure we will return to Zentangle at some's not over yet though; we run 2 groups a month using the same project, so our second group of ladies will be tangling at the end of the month!

Bye for now and thank you for stopping by!

Love and Hugs,
Carole X


  1. Brilliant examples of fantastic work Carole.
    Now that's the kind of thing I would like to try in my Class.........yeh! I can just hear them.
    At least yours tried.
    I hope they were all delighted with their stunning results.
    Have a great weekend

    Patricia xx

  2. Love all the cards, what a fun group to play along with! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  3. These cards are outstanding!! What a talented group of friends you have : )

  4. Morning Carole, I'm finally getting back into blog land again after Christmas, Yey!
    It was a great workshop wasn't it, so quiet when everyone was in their own little zentangle world & I loved being able to actually sit & do some myself!. Thanks again for all your help, our groups of ladies really enjoyed it & we've had some lovely feedback on the shop fb page too which is always great.
    Looking forward to our next zentangle group on the 30th, be interesting to see which stencils etc they choose & what they come up with. That cockerel stencil suits it so well.
    See you soon
    Amy x

  5. I've never tried this before but it looks like so much fun and I love the photos!

  6. Hi Carole,
    what fab zentangle cards. I have not ever given this a try,so I would have loved to join your class. There seems to be nothing in this area I live in to join and learn this, may take a look at the internet after my op.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. The ladies have done very well, beautiful results!x

  8. Your ladies have done an amazing job Carole, all the cards look so professional - the cockerel is fantastic and that card at the end which carries the design across is stunning - what a clever and effective idea that was. I have got a new 'hare' stamp from Woodware which is quite large so I may do a bit of experimenting on him! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Hugs, Anne xx