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Friday, 9 May 2014

Two Years of 'Out of the Blue' Craft Group! - Friday 9th May 2014

Hello Friends,

Well it doesn't seem like two years, but it has been! Yes, two years ago this month Out of the Blue Craft Group was launched and I joined Amy to deliver these workshops. We started off with the group meeting once a month, but it wasn't long before we had a 'waiting' list, so we decided to repeat the class a second time during the month. We have two different groups of lovely crafters coming along - some have been with us since the beginning, some have joined along the way and we still have new people joining. From those who have come along, good friendships have been made amongst them too, which is fabulous.

I have loved joining Amy to deliver these workshops  and long may we continue! Last night, in the first of our two celebration meetings,  Amy provided some prizes for a raffle and instead of a card, we decided to make chocolate bar wrappers, so that each member would take away a bar of chocolate!

These wrappers are such fun to make: I first saw one on Christine Emberson's blog over a year ago (probably two) and have been making them since for Christmas & Easter 'table' gifts etc. They are fun and make a simple chocolate bar very special..they can also be used as wrapping for  other items, such as books, DVDs etc.

In preparation I made a lot...I got carried away! However it has been such a busy week that as yet I haven't photographed them properly, so I will share mine over the coming week...these are the fabulous creations the ladies on my group made last night..every one  of them different and delightful!

Don't forget that if you live in the Bristol area (or know a Crafter who does), Julia Watts will be demoing for a full day in Chipping Sodbury on Saturday 7th June. Tickets for the demos are just £5 and sessions are available throughout the day. For contact details see the button featuring Julia on my sidebar.

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a fab Friday!

Love and Hugs,
Carole X


  1. Happy Birthday to us!! :-) Its been great running our workshops together Carole, thanks so much for your continued input , support & creativity.
    Last nights group really enjoyed making their Chocolate bar wrappers & went away with lots of ideas for making more. I know they always enjoy our workshops & the fact they are eager to book onto more is proof of that. Long may it continue!.
    Have a good weekend, see you next week
    Amy x

  2. Morning Carole,
    Wow! what a wonderful array of chocolate wrappers. Looks like you workshops are well supported and the ladies have a great time.

  3. Looks like your ladies had a fun time with their chocolate bar wrappers Carole. Christine xx

  4. Happy Birthday to you all....the 2 years have gone fast because time flies when you're having fun! Wishing you many more fun years of crafting. Vikki

  5. Huge congratulations to you and Amy! Amy is so right, the fact that they book over and over is proof of how much your ladies enjoy your classes - well done to you both. The chocolate wrappers are fantastic and your ladies have done you proud once again! Anne xx :)

  6. Sweet!! I love all the different takes on the chocolate bar! Such a wonderful gift : )

    Congratulations on two years woo hoo!! You gals must be doing everything right! : )


  7. Good evening Carole,
    Happy Birthday to your Craft Club long may it continue.
    Loving all those fantastic Chocolate Bar Wrappers every one a winner.
    Have a fantastic weekend

    Patricia. X

  8. Gorgeous selection Carole, I also love making these. Flora xx

  9. These are all fab, I love the variety and such a great idea! Congratulations on two years of your craft club!