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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

WOYWW 260 - Wednesday 28th May 2014

Hello Friends!

...and this is what happens when a Holiday weekend starts off very wet....

I must 'crack on' today, lots of photos to share and crafting to be done on my day off..I have a lot of crafty catching up to do!

However, before I go on with my WOYWW post, once again thank you for your comments yesterday and for popping over to Sam's blog and leaving a comment there too...all so much appreciated I assure you. I love reading them all.

WOYWW 260 - Happy 5th Birthday WOYWW!

I haven't shared my desk for a few weeks, but am pleased to be back today and looking forward to  sneaking a peek at some of your desks later! If you don't know what WOYWW is all about - it's a chance to share what's going on in our crafty space courtesy of the lovely here to find out all the deets. Thank you Julia for this wonderful idea and long may it continue..I value so much the lovely friends I have made through craft and blogging.

So - as far as crafting was concerned this past long weekend was a bit of a wash out, BUT I did (with Tom's help) get a lot achieved in rearranging the craft room, which I have promised him is for the last time :).

Everything, I mean everything, was removed: some of it is still holidaying in the spare room. It was cleaned, dusted and aired and then we changed the furniture around and brought in one or two bits from the summerhouse. It is quite a small room, but now I have a work/computer desk, a sewing desk, ahem...a die cutting station and a desk that at the moment is still full of clutter. There is still a long way to go..once my stamps are sorted properly there will (I hope) be more room on the shelves; my card stock needs a good tidy and so do the cupboards, but it's a start and I already feel more 'comfortable' working in here.

Here are some photos...sorry about the quality, the light was so poor today :( and in case you notice the time on the clock, it stopped when we moved it so I need to investigate... I took these photos at 8am this morning!

work desk, sewing desk and still cluttered desk!

sewing stuff!

card and stamps still to be sorted, these shelves WILL be  tidy  and my die cutting area :)

a glimpse into my still to be tidied cupboard of glitters and gilding flakes

on my desk, some cards I made last week, waiting to be photographed and blogged,
plus my stamps to use today 
 Those of you who follow me regularly will know I am also lucky enough to have use of our little Summer House for all my altered art stuff and that I have been on the look out for some old office furniture to 'shabby chic' and use it will also know that I found this old desk going for a song..well it was delivered on Saturday and is now in our lounge waiting for some fine weather so I can work on it looks pretty sad now, but I have plans...

Finally, on Julia's blog yesterday she talked of customised phone I thought I would share the one that has been keeping my phone safe for the past year..yes of course, our hens take centre stage! Sadly we have lost our sweetheart, Penny in the last few months but it's a lovely reminder of her!

That's all for today, have to get some crafting achieved today...Happy WOYWW everyone!

Love and Hugs,
Carole X


  1. what a wonderful space you have and that desk is going to be spectacular! so sorry about your Penny! she was a gorgeous girl! have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Morning Carole.
    Oh to have that much space, we moved onto a small bungalow 6 years ago so I lost my craft room, now I only have a small space. The worst part is I have to tidy up after each session of crafting. Can't wait to see what you do with the desk.

  3. Just adore your happy little chicks, they look very content. And I just love your work space it is so comfy and cozy.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  4. Well it's a lot of work to do but I'm sure you'll be rewarded with a tidy mind and space. Nice desk...I look forward to seeing just what you'll do. Be well Carole #68

  5. Oh! My! Word! Carole, what a wonderful space.
    I would love just a fraction of that to work in.
    Loving your Phone Cover.
    Have a great day

    Patricia xx

  6. Happy WOYWW 5th Anniversary.

    You have a lovely craft area.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the desk.

    I hope you have a good WOYWW. Sue 59

  7. Fabulous workspace Carole. Can't wait to see how your desk progresses. Christine xx

  8. I love your organized work space! And that desk looks like a fun project. I hope you'll share when you get done.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Helen #84

  9. Hi Carole - Happy WOYWW to you! As always you beat me to it and commented on my post before I got to you :) This is my first time making ATC's and so I am quite pleased. Also there is one winging it's way to you - seriously did you think I'd forget you?! Love the updated space, amazing, jealous of your die-cutting area. I love the new desk..can't wait to see what you do with him. Also where is that fabulous bunny from? The one on your card? I want it!! Cx #91

  10. Carole you are so lucky to have so much space, I am so jealous. Love you phone case too. Hazel xx

  11. Love your fabulous space! The cards you have made look gorgeous! Chris 61

  12. Looks like you've got some good workstations set up in your space and you're very organized. The cards on the desk are really pretty, too. Looking forward to getting a closer peek at them. :-)

    Happy 5th Woyww-versary,

    Sandy #33

  13. What a great work space the table will be great when it's renovated.
    Happy crafting WOYWW anniversary, Angela x #41

  14. What an amazing work space! It's always a hard job, when you love doing different things, to squash everything into what seemed like a huge area, to begin with! It looks like a fun place to play. Keep going - you'll get it just the way you want, soon. Chris # 15

  15. Wonderful!! I enjoy your posts so very much Carole! Your workspace is perfect!! so bright and cheerful no wonder you are able to produce such brilliant work! : )

    Thanks a bunch for sharing your new old desk : ) I just can't wait to see what you do with it!


  16. Hi Carole...thanks for sharing pics of your craft room...very envious of your space....


  17. Wow Carole, you have been busy! I too did a small tidy up a few weeks ago, not that anyone can tell though! Love the table, looking forward to seeing what you do to it, the phone cover is just adorable!xx

  18. Oh how I love your craft room ... I also juggle sewing & papercrafting and my cupboards are in desperate need of a real good tidy up! I WILL do it ... honest! Thanks for popping by my blog and HAPPY WOYWW 5TH ANNIVERSARY! Love Debbie #54 xXx

  19. Looks like you are very busy getting organized! And you still have time to make cards! Wow! I love the idea of taking everything out of a room, then putting things back, leaving out the things you don't really need. A die cutting table would be perfect for me, but sadly, not enough room in my little room for one more piece of furniture, so it sits on the floor behind my chair! Happy 5th anniversary WOYWW! Lindart #113

  20. Wow. You've been busy in your craft room! That desk is very cool - can't wait to see what you do with it.

    The peek you've given us of the cards looks interesting; can't wait to see the posts.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (89)

  21. What a pretty room you have, and i'm loving the new old desk, that's gonna look awesome all shabby'd up, I can tell.
    Happy Belated 5th WoYwW Anniversary xo I'm still trying to catch up!
    Hugs Minxy #4

  22. A brilliant craft space, so much gorgeous stash! Love the phone cover too.

  23. Look at all that stash WOW and love that old desk you have showing Happy Belated WOYWW 5 hugs Nikki 32my Desk

  24. Belated happy 5th WOYWW anniversary! The week has gone by so quickly
    and I am still trying to visit for last week! You have a wonderful space for all your crafting!
    I am hoping for even just a room and you have a whole summer house! What fun that
    must be. The desk surely has potential!
    Blessings and hugs,
    peggy aplSEEDS

  25. Hi Carole

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get here .. .. but I definitely wanted to see the "before" desk! I just know it is going to look fabulous once finished! Lots of hard work but it will be well worth the effort.

    Love your crafty work space. It looks a happy place to craft.

    Love Jules xx