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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Festival of Hares...and a Rabbit! - Wednesday 1st October 2014

HI Friends!

Rabbits and Hares, they're all so adorable!

Please excuse the 'wordy' and photo heavy update post...

A week ago was my last seems soooo long! How are you all ? It's also now October, what has happened to this year? Where has it gone? I love the colours and festivals of the autumn/fall, I just wish this season lasted a bit longer and winter would hold back.

This is the second week of our two week holiday and partly because of being in 'holiday' mode and mostly because the house has been in disarray through the kitchen fit, I have not felt like crafting at all, I haven't even wanted to get on the computer. The 'craftiest' thing I've done in nearly 2 weeks is look at Pinterest on the iPad....and as I pin, say to myself 'great idea, gotta make it'... I have managed to hop on to Mac (a not very original name for my iMac) every few days to catch up with you all though...I hate blog stuff on the iPad.

In truth, all I want to be doing at the moment is make Halloween cards, decorate my wooden and mdf pieces that are waiting for me in the craft barn..but I have craft commitments which have to come first! I have made a particularly Edgar Allen Poe-sih Halloween 'scene', which I am excited to share with you all soon though.

On the subject of Pinterest, following my Prim Folk art post recently, some of you said you'd never heard of it and asked what it is...well it's a form of American Folk art, based on very primitive art and ideas. If you look on Pinterest under 'Prim crafts' you will see lots of examples. I also have  a Board dedicated to Prim art and crafts on my account: Carole Zorzo

The two kitchen fitters, Martin and Justin, were wonderful and I can't believe how tidy they were: they finished Friday lunch time except for one thing...there is always one thing isn't there? We had ordered a glass splashback for behind the hob, in aubergine and I was so looking forward to seeing it up! Thursday evening as they were leaving, I asked about it and guess what? They knew nothing about it. They made a call to Magnet and to cut a long story short, basically the designer hadn't ordered has to be made to measure, so we have another week to wait. But that's ok, otherwise we love our new kitchen!

Within an hour of them leaving, Magnet sent in two ladies to give it a thorough clean, that was  a nice touch.

As I write this, the floor tiles are being laid and the kitchen is again bare of everything and unusable. We still have the walls to do and some painting and then it will be finished. I've added a few photos at the end of this post showing what the kitchen was like for four days between the guys finishing and tiler Dave, starting... take no notice of the walls! We couldn't make up our mind what we wanted, they will be tiled, we've decided.

We have had some proper holiday time in between house stuff and on Monday we popped up to Cirencester. I've been following their Hare Festival all summer - they had lots of hares placed around the town, some designed by local celebs such as Laurence Llewellyn Bowen and Emma Samms - now they have all been removed and are about to be auctioned for charity, The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.  Until tomorrow they are all on a pre-auction display in one of the hotels and what a sight they at bottom of post.

So it's appropriate that today's card features a hare (well it's a rabbit but we can pretend). I made this card a few weeks ago using Sam Poole's bunny from the Woodland Creatures stamp sets

 Please excuse me for not going into details of everything else I used, there are already too many words in this post,but please ask if you would like to know!

First the hares in all their glory...

There were three rows of these hares...the one in front is Bare Hare
Some of the mini hares...the one in front is Vinny the Gangst-Hare

Woolly Jumper & Blue

Flame, the Phoenix Wayfarer


This is Hareoh the Pharaoh and was my favourite


Harry, King of the Hill

some more little 'ins: Bob and Neville

Buck the Trend and Material Girl


Hopportunity Hare

Pebley Hare

Patchwork,  Via Albatine & Bellaire

 There were so many more, all of them gorgeous!

Finally, the kitchen so far..the colour is a sort of sage-grey, in some lights it looks more grey, some more sage :)
The stools are up cycled! We were going to get new, but these belonged to Tom's grandparents have have always been with us, so I knew he'd rather keep them. I painted them with chalk paint (my fave Annie Sloan) and waxed them, then covered the seats with a fabric that has an aubergine pattern.

I think the pull out larder was the best choice we made, so much more storage!

Phew! Well thanks for sticking to the end...!

Love and Hugs
Carole X


  1. Just got you before I go to wow and more the kitchen the 'hares' and your super fab card...such a colourful display and everything was worth the wait in regards to your beautiful time for a cuppa? No am off to bed..xxxxThe Journey is the Start

  2. Hi Carole, sorry its been so long since I last commented. Trying to get back in the swing of things & catch up. Love the hares, & I agree with you, the Pharaoh is my favourite of the ones you've shown too. I've always been drawn to Egyptian art & was lucky enough to have a Nile cruise holiday a few years ago & see a lot of the artifacts in the flesh.
    Kitchen looks fabulous & I'm sure it will be even more so when the final touches have been added.
    Love your card, great colour scheme for the Autumn.
    See you soon
    Amy x

  3. Carole your kitchen transformation is wonderful. Hope you will have lots of cooking fun in it. The hares are just so fun and amazingly creative. Adore your rabbit in the forest card.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  4. Hi Carole,
    I do love your superb card it's really brill.
    My those pics of the Hares are good, I think I also remember you posting something about it last year too.
    your kitchen looks wonderful, bright and spacious.
    That tall storage unit is fab, and sooooooooo! very useful.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. Brilliant card, love it.
    Wow! all those Hares are incredible, that are just wonderful.
    Loving your new Kitchen.

    Patricia x

  6. Hi Carole this is a mega post. The card is fantastic I do love those stamps of Sam's. Those hares are amazing and your kitchen is gorgeous. I am just waiting for an invite round for a meal :) Hugs Jackie

  7. What a lovely post Carole! I have enjoyed reading all about and seeing your beautiful new kitchen - wow I love it!

    The hares are all fantastic, I could not choose a favourite. David adores hares so I will show him these! Your card is beautiful too and I love the sentiment too. Hope you are enjoying your second week! Hugs, Anne xx

  8. Hi Carole, pleased everything is going well. Love the hares, gorgeous. I have to say your stools are gorgeous too because they are identical to my own which are probably about 60 years old. I thought about new ones but the quality was not as good and I love them anyway.
    Thanks for visiting me and have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 39

  9. Hey Carole - firstly sorry for the late night visit..been a hell of a day. I LOVE the hares - your photos of them are gorgeous - do you have a photo site like Flickr I can view them on? The kitchen looks amazing, I can see why you are so pleased. Great touch with the cleaners. Love your 'hare' card, it's gorgeous. Thanks for your lovely comments - ha ha always a Londoner Carole..always :) Love the flamingo. Cx

  10. Super card Carole and those hares are Amazing..... Love your new kitchen and your pull out larder is a great idea


  11. Morning Carole,
    Super blog today, thanks for sharing the photos.

  12. Dear friend I TRULY! love your blog posts!! It is so much fun to see your new kitchen!! what a great blessing. It is so pretty and so well organized! I really love the colors you are using. I know you are so blessed to have it nearly all completed : )

    I also love seeing all the hares - including the one on your card! : ) I have seen similar art in Minnesota of the Charles Schultz, Peanuts cartoon characters (because St. Paul, MN was Schultz's birthplace). I have also seen similar painted statues of buffalo in the town of Custer, South Dakota : ) These hares are outstanding!! Thank you so much for sharing all these photos! : )

    Have a wonderful day!!


  13. Cute card and rabbits. Love your kitchen remodel, the pull out larder looks awesome too! ~Diane

  14. Hi Carole, I think your kitchen is wonderful, I love the units and work top, just my taste! We are 'doing'' our kitchen too, which is why my craft room is still not finished! So I know how exciting but disrupting this process can be. Loving all the hares, a great post, thanks for sharing the photos! Hugs, barb x

  15. Your card is gorgeous! I love the hare and beautiful woodland feel. Thanks for sharing your fab photos of the hares too. Your kitchen looks brilliant, you must be so pleased with it!
    Oh and I can't wait to see your Edgar Allen Poe-ish scene! x