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Friday, 17 October 2014

Christmas Delivery - Friday 17th October

Good Morning Friends,

Catching up, an accolade and new pens!

Well, I hope I have managed to catch up with you all this morning, even if I have just managed to comment on your latest posts. I was hoping to get back on track this week, but it's been a bit of an up and down week really...first there was news about a good friend's health which has been such a shock, that I can't stop thinking about her; I've been working odd days and had a library meeting last night, which was fine...ssshh...but it is literally the only meeting I go to that I enjoy! Probably because they are a nice bunch of people and there's no work pressure.

Tomorrow morning myself and a couple of my volunteers are taking part in an event in the library aimed at people who are soon to retire (though anyone can come), we will be extolling the benefits of volunteering.

Because my work days were messed about this week, I was actually home Tuesday and Wednesday and it was good to be home two days in a row. I got a few Christmas cards made, some Halloween bits and pieces and made a start on the birthday cards I need to make. I have some commissions from a regular customer who gave me her year's requests back in January and a lot of friends and family have their birthdays coming up in November...then yesterday one of my librarian friends asked if i could make a retirement card for the lady who drives the next Thursday! I really have no time, but she is such a lovely lady, I just couldn't say no.

I have been working on a mega Halloween creation, remember my haunted house? Well this is a whole scene and is seriously Edgar Allen Poe. I'm having problems getting good photos, so am going to have another go after writing this post!

Speaking of my haunted house, I was thrilled to  receive a Top 3 in Eileen Hull's Artists on the Block Challenge:

I thought of the joy I felt when I heard I got this placement (thank you Anne, I saw your comment first letting me know the news!) when I read Darnell's very inspiring post today, in which she talks about how we feel when we do or don't receive comments or accolades about our craft. I had put a lot of time into that house, so to get a bit of recognition for it did raise a big smile.  If you haven't read Darnell's post,  pop over and have a look, because I am sure it applies to us all....

Now finally to today's post! I am a very lucky girl because recently one of  extended my US family sent me some pens. An illustrator friend had passed them to her,in case she knew anyone who could use them. She isn't a crafter so she had no use for them and sent them over. I received them at my busiest time, thought they looked very interesting, but resolved to leave them in the box until I had time to play..yeh right! Within a day I had them out (late at night, when I normally don't craft) and made this card, but I haven't had time to post it before.

I am a Promarker girl through and through, I have tried other pens but none have even tempted me to replace my beloved promarkers. My dad, when he drew a cartoons used them, a person I used to work with who did graphic art used them and I love them. I have a big collection and intend to keep it growing...but these pens are a totally new idea and I have to admit I love them!

They are called Chameleon pens and imagine by amazement the other week when I happened to tune in to Create and Craft whilst I had an hour to craft and saw them there...not only that but it seems you can only buy them there in this Country for several months...what a wide smile, I have them and they were a gift!

These are alcohol pens, just like the Promarkers and other makes, the difference in these is that you can create a great number of shades with just one pen by using a mixing chamber included in each pen. They will take a lot of practice to get used to the mixing. I thought I would find that part a bit tiresome, but I didn't and they have a good site with tutorials. They aren't meant to replace your usual alcohol pens and they worked perfectly in conjunction with my Promarkers, which would still be my first choice for something where not much blending and highlighting is needed, but you will be seeing a lot more of Chameleons on here!

All the green on the car was coloured with one pen, using the mixing chamber to lighten the colour...I was pretty pleased with it as the first time I'd used them. This was several weeks ago and I've not had much time to colour since, but I have used them a few times and I can see that they could become an addiction! :)

This is a Stampendous stamp, that I think I brought back from the USA last year. I created the snow using Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Jewels: Iced Snow, which give a lovely glistening raised effect as they are quite thick in texture. The backing paper is from a paper pad by Lily of the Valley that I bought last year.

Well I am  off to try and photograph the spooky scene whilst the sun is still shining making the light  a bit better! I realise I have still not show the photos from last week's workshop, so will endeavour to do so at the weekend.

Love and Hugs
Carole X


  1. Fabulous Winter scene Carole...lovely image with all the snow hanging off the tree...Dont believe everyhing you hear on C&C I've ordered my Chameleon pens from Oyster Stamps due in November on pre order... and at a bargain price of £69.99.


  2. Hi Carole, I saw the Create & Craft TV programme you mentioned & I thought the Chameleon pens looked interesting. In fact someone at our last workshop was chatting to me about them as they'd seen it too.
    Looks like you're going to be making good use of your gift! I love your colouring on this Xmas card, its a lovely image & that sparkly snow looks great.
    See you soon
    Amy x

  3. Morning Carole,
    Sounds like you have been a busy lady.
    Like Anne i saw that Oyster Stamps on them on pre-order and at a lower price, I must admit that I'm tempted, still sitting on my hands at the moment.
    I remember you made a card with this stamp last year, and this one is just as lovely.

  4. Hi Carole,
    firstly thank you so much for all your wonderful comments, you know I do understand when people can't make a comment, so never worry about missing one of my posts.
    Well aren't you a lucky person to be given those pens, they sound wonderful.
    I didn't watch when they were on C&C, and wished I had now.
    Now after all that to your superb card.
    My this is fantastic, and I love every single bit of it.
    This has set my mind working wondering where I have seen that image before.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. Hi Carole your card is fantastic the colouring is phenomenal . I am so jealous that you have those new pens I would love to try them you are a luck lady. Have a great weekend it sounds like you are going to be busy. Hugs Jackie

  6. Hello Carole, I have heard of these pens but not seen them any where here in Australia, typical we will be the last to get them....they sound so this image coloured to absolute perfection, a most stunning card and goodies this
    The Journey is the Start

  7. I was so excited to see that you were in the top three on Eileen's blog for your fabulous haunted house Carole, it was much deserved. I remember how I felt when I read Jenny's original post and then reading again on Darnell's blog just brought it all back again. Everything said is just so true but somehow we never seem to say it out loud - so well done again to both Jenny and Darnell!

    I did see those Chameleon pens, but like you I love my Promarkers. How fabulous though that you were gifted a set too! You certainly seem to have mastered using them because your colouring is fabulous on your beautiful card! Hugs, Anne xx

    1. Thanks Anne, I was thrilled, it's a fab challenge that I will continue to enjoy entering..and yes nothing will ever replace Promarkers with me either, hugs Carole xx

  8. Wow Carole this Christmas card coloured with your gifted pens is stunning. The snow on the tree looks so real. Yes I totally agree receiving some recognition for our craft really is motivational and thank you for always taking the time to leave some love over at my blog xxx
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  9. Oh no I totally forgot to congratulate you on your placement!!!!!!!
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  10. Great card Carole. I saw the pens you are talking about on Create and Craft and they do look interesting but I have a large colection of Promarkers and cannot justify buying more though to be honest I would have a job finding somewhere to keep them Lol! Angela x

    1. I love my large collection of Promarkers, which will continue to be added to all the time: if these hadn't been a gift I wouldn't have even thought about getting them but the beauty is that from 22 pens you can make hundreds of shades, so I will really enjoy using them alongside my lovely Pros, X

  11. I Had a bit of a surprise on Sunday, went to a craft show in Doncaster and someone was complaining that there were no promarkers about, apparently Latraset who make Promarkers have moved to France and as yet it would seem that shipping is rather slow according to one of the companies at the show. This is a bit disappointing as Letraset have been an English company for about 50 years.
    Have a great week, Angela x

  12. Oh goodness me that's not good news at all, I looked for them at the Exeter show we went to & couldn't find any there, wonder why they did that? X

  13. Great project, the highlighting on the van looks fabulous. It is lovely to hear that you will be using these along with your other markers, I confess to becoming addicted to them too!

  14. Hi Cathy .. this is Julia From Chameleon Pens - I want to thank you for giving such an honest review of the pens. They really do work great along side all the other systems! I wanted to share a link with you for a great tutorial on how to create fur. This is done by professional illustrator Dave Antram. Dave really fell in love with the Chameleon Pens and how they can do the one pen color transitions and blends. He also did the illustration of Violet the Bear that he colors in on the video tutorial and it is available to download for free here so I thought I would share :-)!MemberDownloads/cflf

  15. Hi Carole, sorry I've only just got round to visit - I have a lot of catching up to do! Your card is gorgeous, such beautiful colouring and I love the twinkly snow! The new pens sound like a great idea, I'm glad you're enjoying your new gift. Huge congratulations on your top 3 award, you absolutely deserve it! You make so many wonderful varied projects and I'm happy to hear you're getting the recognition you deserve. I hope your friend is okay x