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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Blog misbehaving! Thursday 22nd November

Good evening blog friends,

I hope you are all well and not been too affected by this awful wind and rain? Well I've been missing  a few days and actually busy crafting for most of my waking hours (when not in work!) - so - I got home from work today and tried to upload my latest DT card for Emergency Crafters and got the message that my Picasa web album is full so need to pay for more space...but I don't use Picasa...I upload from my Mac.

I hopped back here and tried to upload to my own blog...grrrrrrrrr! Same again...

I searched blogger help and apparently all the photos we upload are stored on Picasa, I don't have a Picasa account myself, but I clicked on that upload button and all the photos I've uploaded popped up...some of them in triplicate! So, what do I do? I can't see how to delete them and will they disappear from my blog history if I do? I've only been blogging a year, surely I can't have used up my allocated space already? Anyone had this problem?
Is blogger just misbehaving?

If you have the answer....pleeeeese let me know!

Carole Z X


  1. It seems Anne over at is having the same problem. Maybe your to heads can come up with a solution.

    Wilma x x

  2. Thanks Wilma, it's probably a bloomin' blogger problem! xx

  3. HI its Anne from Stamps and paper still trying to sort my problem out but thought you might like to see a post I had on my blog:
    Jules at 'Always with a heart' blog had the same problem and has done a post today with the information she found. Here's the link...hope it helps!


    1. Thanks Anne, having faffed around with Picasa for a while to no end, I just went back in and tried again and it was fine...curiouser and curiouser...I'll go look at the address you gave me now tho....

  4. Hi Carole, I have seen a couple of people having this problem in the last couple of days. One lady commented back to say that it's all to do with the picture size, if large photos are uploaded they take a lot of space. I don't really understand what that means or how to fix it but you might. I am going to have a look at and make a note of Anne's (above) link in case it happens to me. Hope if it comes back that you can get it sorted. Hugs, Anne x