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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Christmas Window - Thursday 8th August

Good Morning Friends,

Do you ever get the feeling that some 'greater' force out there is conspiring against you? I think that's what's happening here and I jolly well wish it would go away! First it was my neck and then my back (which still needs some healing!) and yesterday was the worst of the of our hens got sick. Our 'babygirl' Penny, who I do secretly confess to have developed a particular attachment to, had to go to the vet.

We noticed on Tuesday night, that she had a prolapse at her vent (I guess the human equivalent would be a prolapse of the womb, but I'll save you the gory details), so it's quite serious. I knew what had to be done to repair it, but didn't feel confident and felt she needed anitbiotics and possible surgery, so we cleaned her up and made a bed for her in the kitchen for the night (the others would have pecked her). The vet has two practices, one of them a 10 minute walk from home and the other a short drive away,in a nearby village. We trust him, he also has farm and equine patients so he does know about treating hens (some vets don't, as they specialise in pets and it's only recently that hens have been popular - though they can now do special courses. Do you know? The veterinary nurse who answered the phone, when I told her what the problem was, actually said that Penny would need to be 'euthanised' and did I want to make an appointment!!! I was very angry, stunned and upset. I told her that I was sure there was a chance of rectifying the problem and I would like her to at least see the vet first. Anyway, no surgery there today, I actually don't drive, so Tom (who is as daft over animals as I am), left work early so we could take her to the village late afternoon surgery.

The vet was, as always lovely - he didn't even blink, he took her outside, pushed the bulging duct back in and gave her a few stitches. I had given her two bottom baths anyway, so she was clean, all she needed extra was antibiotics and we are to take her back to the local surgery Monday to have the stitches removed. Penny is just the most docile hen ever and he said he had never seen such a well behaved hen! Honestly, when I was washing her yesterday, she just stood there as if she was having spa treatment. I didn't mention what the nurse had said, everyone was so lovely at the surgery and I was so relieved that he was able to treat no crafting done again yesterday!

So here is my first Christmas card..yay I've finally made a start!

It's a really simple card that I made whilst playing with the window die for tonight's workshop. I used blue centura pearl card as the base, used a folder to create the embossed background and then die cut the window, again using centura pearl. The little poinsettias and holly are Spellbinders dies, just used to make a window decoration and I used a snowy scene from stash for my background, just adding some Cosmic Twinkles for affect.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I really do appreciate it and thank you to my new blog lovin' follower Michele Coffey, I am so pleased you are now following my posts!

I have tried to visit most of you, if  I missed you these last few days/weeks, many apologies - I am determined to be 'back on track' soon and I know some of you like to hear about the hens, so I'll let you know how Penny gets for the others, well it's that time of year - they are pretty pre-occupied with stealing as much as possible from the grapevine!

Love and Hugs,
Carole  X


  1. Hi Carole, my heart well and truly goes out to you, what an ordeal! I am so pleased that Penny is OK and hope she fully recovers soon (and you too!!). The nurse needs a course in tact and diplomacy methinks.......

    Your card is gorgeous, that is such a beautiful scene through the window and well done for getting a Christmas card done......I really must make a start. Big healing hugs to you and Penny, Anne xx


  2. Carole, I know what you mean about chickens, unless you have them people don't understand what they become to you. Hope Penny recovers quickly.

    Love the freshness of your card, it's lovely.

    Hazel x

  3. Hi Carole,
    so sorry to hear of little penny's problems. Hope fully all will be okay now. I know my daughter in law would be the same as you about her hens.
    Love your card. It is so lovely. Great idea the lovely village scene behind the window. Fab embossing folder used.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. Hi Carole - I was really getting into the story of Penny and almost forgot to look at your card! Anyway, I think you a amazing not to have poked the nurse in the eye to be honest, we had a similar sort of conversation about a cat we once had, you'd think that people like that (in this sort of profession) would understand. Hey ho. At least Penny was dealt with kindly by the vet and she is on the way to recovery. Bless her!

    Now on to your card - at least you have made a start, and it is only August so you are doing well - lol. Love your window die over the village scene. This could be made as a batch card, but would look totally different by using other colours. Great card.

    Hugs to you and Penny

    Sue Pxxx

  5. Good morning Carol, I hope penny is feeling a bit better. Nothing worse than an ill pet not matter what it is.
    Have not made a start to my Christmas Cards yet. Love what you have done on this one. Clean, crisp and fresh.
    Have a great weekend

    Patricia xxx