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Friday, 9 August 2013

Workshop photos - 9th August

Hello Friends,

Thank you for visiting my little corner of blogland and for leaving your comments..please do if you have time,  I love to read them.

Thanks for your best wishes for our big bundle of feathers, Penny....she is doing well and currently out in the garden with our other girls. We (or rather Tom and his brother) had to dust off and clean out our old coop last night so we could attach the temporary run to it and keep her separate in case they started pecking  at her wound. I've washed and dried her this morning and they aren't bothering her at all..more to the point the other three have a fascination with the temporary run and coop and are all inside rearranging it

I am still annoyed by the what the girl at the surgery said to me on the know I have spent my whole life around animals; during my childhood and teenage years you would most likely find me at the local stables mucking out in exchange for rides or volunteering with Riding for the Disabled and had I had one iota of scientific 'talent' I would have trained as a vet..but all the sciences, including maths may as well be ancient Greek to me and I was always destined along the arty path (not that I'm complaining). so fortunately I have learned quite a lot about chickens and their potential health problems, so I knew there was a chance of helping her..but what if I hadn't had a clue? Well I would still never condemn an animal without the vet looking at her first!

Anyway, Penny thanks you for your concern :) X

Now on to last night's workshop... we had to use a smaller room because there was a town meeting in ours, so it was a bit cramped...fortunately because of holidays and that we are running the same class twice, there were  fewer members, but we still all had a super was a busy night, so I only have a few photos but as usual the ladies did a brilliant job with their cards, although some of them didn't get them finished and took them home for 'homework' !

Thanks for visiting!

Carole X


  1. Hi Carole,
    firstly I am so glad penny is looking perky. She sure is a beautiful hen.
    Lovely pictures of your class last night. Great pictures of the cards they made. They have made such a fabulous job of of them.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Penny looking good Carol, glad she is recovering well.
    Wow! Your ladies certainly do you credit with all their wonderful efforts
    I love these cards, no point hurrying such a special card.
    Happy crafting

    Patricia xxx


  3. Carole glad to see Penny is on the road to recovery, great cards from your ladies.

    Hazel x

  4. Aah Carole, Penny is such a beautiful hen, so glad that she is on the mend and that the others are leaving her be. Your ladies have done a super job again too! Hugs, Anne x

  5. Glad to hear Penny is on the mend. Although the room change caused a bit of a problem as far as not quite enough space & there being a bit too much echo, all our ladies still had a good time :) Looking forward to being back in our normal room next week.
    Have a good weekend
    Amy x

  6. Nearly missed this Carole - coo she looks really cuddly - could you give her a virtual hug from me please. She really is beautiful.

    Hugs Sue Pxxx

    PS Graham was brought up around farms and worked on several when he was younger so he was appalled by what the girl in the Vet Surgery said to you.