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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Faux Leather notebooks - Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Good Morning Friends,

I hope you a had a wonderful Easter weekend! We had a lovely few days and I have the rest of the week off to try and catch up with crafty projects.

 I didn't do any crafts over the weekend, when we are both home together we like to do things together and this weekend in particular was quite a family weekend. Yesterday we mostly spent in the garden with the 'girls' - I'm not sure that they were totally happy about having their garden 'invaded' by both of us at the same time though! Tom did some jobs around the garden and I carried on with my work on the Summer House in preparation for making it into a little art studio. We went to B&Q and picked a basic wooden bookcase, to match the one already inside and I painted it with chalk paint...I will have some photos for WOYWW tomorrow! I am hoping to get out there and carry on with the work today, so I can get all my paints etc out there, but at the moment it's pouring with rain.

Now to today's post...those faux leather notebooks! I must say these took a little while to make, only because you really need to leave to dry for a few hours between stages. Of course, you can get on with other things, so it's not a problem unless, like me, you are an impatient crafter! But they are fun and the results are worth it. I won't explain how it's done, you are far better checking out Sheena Douglass's two videos, which can be found -here- on Youtube.

This was the first one I made: apart from the embossing and a charm on the spine (sorry I should have photographed that more closely), it's just a plain cover. I have been carrying this in my bag for weeks and it's still totally intact, so they are very durable!
I gave the second one a purple colour - the photo makes it look a bit patchy, but that's mostly the sun shining on it. This one also tore a little, my fault as I was a bit over zealous  with the inking, but actually it adds to it's aged look. I decided to make this one a ring binder and added ribbons to the rings to soften it a little.
These two were the last two  I made, so I had the technique refined by now and above that, I had managed to curb my enthusiasm and become more patient - hence the embossing is more pronounced. 

I covered the inside  of the notebooks with fabric:

Finally, here they all are together: this is a fun and very effective technique. I have some ideas for actual covers for notebooks, so I will be revisiting as soon as I get the chance.

Have a good day everyone and before I go, don't forget there are still a few days left to enter the Emergency Crafters challenge; this month's theme is polka dots and there are prizes! 

Love and Hugs,
Carole X


  1. These are fantastic Carole! These are still on my 'to try' list, have bought the glycerin though! Love the button embellishments, what brand are they?xx

    1. Thanks Oksana, I'm afraid the buttons are hand-made, I got them at a craft fair xx

  2. Amazing Carole they really do look like leather a technique I really want to try


  3. Hi Carole,
    What great notebooks, not tried this yet but I must have a go it looks like such fun.

  4. I think you have done an amazing job with the faux leather technique, I love the first one you did in particular. And with your later makes you seem to have truly mastered it. They are all beautiful! Hugs, Anne x

  5. These are amazing, I love them all. They would make great gifts throughout the year.
    I have not had time to have a go as yet!! I will get there have all the ingredients.
    Enjoy the rest of your day

    Patricia xx

  6. Wow, these are stunning - I love them all! I agree with Patricia, they would definitely make great gifts! The different patterns you've used look so good. I laughed at you being an impatient crafter, I'm like that too and often end up with paint or ink on my fingers from trying to use things that aren't ready!

  7. Wow Carole! These look brilliant, I shall have to have a go. Your new studio sounds great, I really want one in my garden, I am working on dear hubby as we speak.! I guess I'm impatient too. Hugs, barb xx

  8. Lovely notebooks Carole, you obviously had fun making them. I particularly like the last 2 you made, those buttons finish them off so well.
    Amy x

  9. These are beautiful, really looks like leather too! ~Diane

  10. Dear Carole,

    Sorry to be so tardy in my comment on your outstanding leather notebooks!! I am completely convinced I must try this beautiful technique. They truly are amazing!