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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

WOYWW 255 - Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Good Morning Friends,

Well not so much my desk this week as a little room! This is my WOYWW for this week, yes it's that time when we  dare to share our workspace courtesy of the lovely Julia over at Stamping here for all the deets and share yours too!

About nine years ago, Tom and I bought, erected and painted this little Summer House, with the idea that it would double as a craft room and somewhere to sit and chill on damp but warm days! Well it does still get used for the latter, but I'm afraid I quickly migrated back in to the spare room for my crafts...I couldn't keep it all out there, sometimes I needed the computer and back and forth was a real latterly it became more of a storage room that a useful little extra room.

So I decided that I would divide up my paper craft and sewing stash with my altered and mixed media art stuff. Paper craft is what I do most and the room isn't really practical for fabrics, so they would stay inside and my art stuff outside..and here the story begins.
This is the actual summerhouse, which will itself get a lick of paint in the summer and the roof took a bit of a battering in the storms - but no leaks! It's ideally situated next to the hen house :)...can you see the little ladies loitering outside, bums sticking up? I've had to be a bit quiet as well, because we have Great Tits nesting in the box on the side!

So far I have cleaned out the inside and managed to throw quite a bit away, some items I still have to find  alternative homes for...

 Below is the shelving we got at the weekend: we put it together and I painted it with chalk paint in a 'William Morris' inspired colour...I will get around to painting the other bookcase, which was already in situ. As you can see I have already moved some of my art stuff's a case of having to because it has taken over the spare room and we have visitors coming next month! There is still more to move and more furniture to paint, but as long as I can start working in there soon, I'll be happy!

 So that's my WOYWW for today, I will update as it progresses!

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Love and Hugs,
Carole X


  1. Good morning Carole. My husband keeps offering me a work spare out side but unless it was a home office with power and internet I told him no, I like my comforts. Love how tidy yours is my spare room needs sorting you can't get near the bed. Your ladies look happy. Hazel xx

  2. Morning Carole. Lovely idea to use your summer house as another craft room. It will be great crafting out there once the weather improves. Love that colour paint you used on your shelf unit, its blue & like our shop colour so probably why I like it!. Like seeing how other people organise their craft stash, mine is all over the place!
    Have a good few days off, see you Thursday.
    Amy x

  3. Morning Carole,
    Looks like a great place to work without being disturbed. Wish i had somewhere just like it.

  4. Hi Carole, I LOVE your little craft summer house, although it looks a bit like the Tardis ... bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside! Anyway, I hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction really soon! I'm sure it will be fabulous! Happy WOYWW and thanks for stopping by earlier,
    RosA # 36

  5. What a lovely hidey hole, Carole! It looks like you really make good use of it. I hope to paint my ex-henhouse very soon (Mr Fox got my girls last year, and I won't replace them - too heartbreaking.) I'm waiting for DH to pressure wash it down first, and then I want to turn it into a summer house retreat for me. Have a great week, Chris # 19 xx

  6. Hey Carole thanks for your earlier visit..loving the Summer House - this is my dream for the Hubby to build me an amazing craft room in the garden, where I can craft late into the night and not disturb him with my punch noises LOL. Cx

  7. Good afternoon Carole, like you I bought a Summerhouse to be my Craft Space.
    That did not last long, no internet, rather cold most days. It now houses 3 bikes, mine, Thomas's first bike that he learnt to ride on and a bike Robert got from Elaine to play on at our house. Crates of wood mounted Stamps, units with lots and lots of Crafty Stuff that never seems to get used these days.
    All the good racing bikes are stored in another safe place along with some more Crafty Stuff....
    I just love your cute Summerhouse loving the bunting. You have much more open space in yours compared with mine.
    Happy Crafting

    Patricia xxx

  8. How wonderful to have two places for your crafty things! I bet the hens will love it when you are working out there. I too, love the colour you have painted your shelves. Hugs, Anne xx

  9. What wonderful craft storage area, Enjoy your holiday :-)
    I did think about a craft shed once then decided that it would get too cold and damp plus the trips to the computer etc.etc. that it would be more trouble than it was worth.

  10. Hi Carole, Thanks for your visit and the lovely comments.
    You have a super crafting space there, and away from the phone I wonder?
    Look forward to the progress.
    Had a bit of a problem accessing your page, but made it in the end.
    Chris #34

  11. oooo that is such a cute 'room'...I hope your plans work out and look forward to seeing the progress. Thanks for visiting my desk Carol, Vikki #22

  12. Happy WOYWW Sorry to peek in, read and dash... .!! Good luck wit your progress. I love the blue shelving unit.
    hugs, Kimmer #96

  13. What a delightful - well light workspace!! woo hoo! it will be done before you know it : ) It is wonderful to see your grounds : )


  14. Such a lovely workspace Carole I bet its lovely crafting in there in the summer...hope you manage to sort your storage problems ...


  15. Hi Carole
    happy WOYWW. I'm running late sorry. Oh wow I love the little summer house! Its hard moving stuff from one area to the other. We moved in late December from one state to another and once here I divided up my metal working stuff to go in the garage and paper arts stuff inside...and yep I am forever walking back and forth between the two LOL. Good luck with the rest of it
    Annette In Oz #8

  16. Oh, lucky you to have two craft work spaces! Your summer house is so pretty, are you rediscovering lots of things you've forgotten you had?! XX

    1. Hi Suzanne, you bet I am! Lol :) x

  17. what a charming summer cute and bright, but does it have electricity? I look forward to seeing the progress.

    1. Hi Carole, yes it has electricity :) x

  18. What a lovely place to craft and so well situated next to the Girls!

  19. What a beautiful little house and I love the colour of the furniture you've painted - do you know which brand / name it was? Gah! Its taken me so long to get around this week #coulddobetter! #32