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Monday, 14 April 2014

I'm back!!! - Monday 14th April 2014

Good Morning Friends!

I'm back after a fab weekend in London...although I have come back with a sore throat, which started to appear Saturday afternoon..... and my computer is totally misbehaving! I tried to catch up with all your blogs this morning, if I haven't commented as yet, I will try later... some the comment boxes just weren't loading..neither have half the photos I took with my phone..grrr!

Actually I think that the throat is more to do with hotel air con and being in a department store where the perfume department got to my throat, even though we were nowhere near it - I can't take strong perfumes!). Having said that, how is it that Tom and I spent almost 3 weeks, travelling over a thousand miles, living out of suitcases in California last year, plus of course the 10 hour flights and not even a sniff of jet lag...yet two days in London and we feel like we have the world's worst hangover (we don't by the way!).

Anyway, we did have a lovely time; Friday night we went to see Angela Lansbury in Blithe goodness she was brilliant (as were the whole cast) 88 she had the most energetic role on the stage and she looked as fresh as a daisy. Stephen Fry was in the audience..he was a few feet away from us at interval drinks and tweeted a photo of 
himself with Ms Lansbury afterwards.

Saturday was of course Ally Pally - another brilliant show. If your passion is stamping and to a certain extent die cutting, this is definitely the one to go to. It seemed quieter this year than it has been, but still very busy and still very hard to get close to viewing demos from  the crafters we all know well from TV, such as Sue Wilson, Ally Reeve, Julia Watts, Sam Poole, Phil Martin, Barbara Gray and Kay from Indigo Blu ..well we were almost first in and there was still already a massive crowd around Sue Wilson! I missed seeing Hels Sheridan this year, as she was off doing a workshop, but managed to have nice little chats with Sam Poole, Julia Watts, Ally Reeve and Phil Martin.

Usually Barbara Gray and Indigo Blu do demos in the demo area, but this year they were all from Creative Expressions (they run the show)  and we managed to see two excellent ones by Sam and Phil.

I had birthday money and takings from my last craft fair (which thankfully had been very successful) that I had been saving, so I must admit I 'went for it' and came back with lots of new stamps, masks and some paints. Of course, being on the train we couldn't carry card blanks etc, but I made up for it with lighter to carry items! 

Now this shows that Tom pays attention...we left at about 1pm and I was spent out by then. He pointed out to me that I had missed out one of my  favourite stamp companies, LOTV. I had been there at the start, but they are always mobbed with customers, so had it in mind to go back. I said that I would give them a miss as I had  no money left, but he still tried to encourage me..I was good though: I do have some of their newer stamps that I've yet to use, so decided that I needed to use them first.

Whilst at Ally Pally,  a lady came up to me and said "Are you Carole?" - She was Janice who also follows Christine Emerson's blog and she recognised me from my photo! It was so nice of her to come and say hello and we had a brief but lovely little chat!

Here are some photos....again I had problems because for some reason they haven't transferred over with iCloud...I really am going to have serious words with my iMac when I've finished this post...I had to go to Facebook and grab some I had posted on there...
Me with my stash! Patti..if you read this, look what I'm wearing, I've had so many compliments!

Sue Wilson getting a gift of a cake from someone
Phil Martin (very nice guy)

Sue with her cake
view of show

I love this blue cockerel on the plinth!

Saturday night we had booked to go out for a meal to  a restaurant called 'Quo Vadis'. It has a very good name and back in the 50's, when he first came here from Italy, Tom's dad worked there. He had found some old menus and gave them to Tom to show them if anyone seemed interested. The restaurant Manager came to take our menus after we had ordered our meals and we asked to keep one for dad. 

Tom explained that his dad had worked there and showed him the menus..well that was it, he was ecstatic about it and asked to copy them. After the meal he invited us to their Private Members Club upstairs and we had cocktails bought for us. He explained that when Marco Pierre-White bought the restaurant he got rid of everything from its past and the current owners were keen to restore its history, so these menus were a great find for them. He said that at one time, Damien Hirst had stored a shark in formaldehyde in the attic (!) and Karl Marx had written most of Das Kapital there as well. They have an artist who creates the menus and has painted a brilliant mural on tiles depicting the building's past. It was really interesting and we were so pleased for Tom's dad that they took such an interest.

Well I must away as I have a commission card to make today...I'll be back tomorrow,
Love and Hugs,
Carole X


  1. Wow, that must have been such an interesting evening for you, but Tom's dad must have been over the moon! As the restaurant staff were too. I really don't understand when people just sweep history under the carpet - although my older sister is a bit like that! Glad you had a good time even though you are now feeling a little under the weather. Hugs Christine xx

  2. Oh dear not good that you have a sore throat, I was the same after being at the SECC in Glasgow earlier this year. You look to have bought some lovely goodies, look forward to seeing what you make soon. Hope you feel better soon. Hazel xx

  3. Hey Carole, sounds like an awesome weekend. I can't wait to see all your new stash!! I do love a stash haul :) I love Quo Vadis, such a great restaurant, how nice that they treated you like rock stars after seeing the menus. Hope you feel better soon. Cx

  4. Wow it looks like you got a lot of goodies Carole! I wish I had your resolve about not buying more until I have used what I have.... That is a great story about Tom and Quo Vadis - pleased to hear they are trying to preserve some of the history at least. We have had the Grandkids this weekend but I am definitely going to try to make the next one later this year. Hugs, Anne x

  5. HI Carole,
    Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend, bet you needed a rest today.

  6. Sounds like you had an amazing time! I love Blithe Spirit, glad you enjoyed it. I always get a mouthful of cold sores after staying in a hotel with the central heating or air con. I sympathise with you and hope you are back to normal soon! Ally Pally looked amazing, thank you for sharing such lovely photo's. Big hugs, Barb x

  7. Wow!! You can't know what fun it is to see "our" scarf around your neck in London!! What a dear heart you are to have shared this wonderful photo!!

    When Bob and I traveled to Germany in 2000 we had the worst! case of jet lag. I am so happy for you that you avoided it!! We never would have imagined that "jet lag" could be really real! LOL I do know the dry air and smells from stores and crowds can definitely affect your nose and throat!! I'm sure you'll be back to 100% very soon in your own home.

    I shared your story of the restaurant and Tom's father's association with it. He loved reading all about it too : ) What a blessing that the past is not so easily forgotten by everyone!

    Can't wait to see all you create with your new supplies!! Have a blessed day and thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us!!


  8. Wow! That seems to have been one "fantastic" break you guys have had.
    Good for you that's what life is all about having fun and enjoying yourself.
    Like the look of the "goodie bags"
    Happy crafting

    Patricia x

  9. Hi Carole, what a lovely weekend you have had! Sound just wonderful! Lots of new goodies, looking forward to seeing your creations as

  10. Love your beautiful butterfly card Carole. Glad you had a great break and what a find for the restaurant. I think we need a bit more detail of said stash, lol. Hope the girls benefited from their spa outing. xx Flora

  11. Looks like you had a fantastic time! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us, I loved reading about them. I saw the photo of Stephen Fry with Angela Lansbury - how exciting that you saw him! Enjoy your new crafty stash, can't wait to see what you create with it.