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Saturday, 14 June 2014

A hot day out! - Saturday 14th June 2014

Hello Friends!

Wow yesterday was hot!! We went to the Three Counties Show at Malvern...this is a very large Country/agricultural show...we had a fabulous time, even though it was really a little too hot (never satisfied!).

There is so much to look at...the usual 'shops' and trade stands, the cow and sheep judging, blacksmiths students in competition and of course we headed straight for the poultry tent, where silly me started blubbing as soon as I saw the Buff Orpingtond :).

We saw the Red Arrow team parachute in to the arena (so amazing),  show ponies and one of the highlights for me was the mounted games. When I was a child, we simply called it gymkhana and I loved was nice to see that the games were still the same and it brought back so many childhood memories of when I was on the back of a pony every chance I got!

Here are a few photos...including one of a Zorse...the only horse cross zebra in the UK and these darling alpacas...they really know they're cute don't they?

That's all for now, be back tomorrow with craft..

Love and Hugs,
Carole X
A Zorse, you can just see the stripes 

vintage tractors



  1. Carole it's sounds like you had a great day out, that pony cross zebra looks interesting, and yes the pony club games still go on Beth is at some or other event most weekends doing them and loves it. Glad you have had some to hot weather, I would love just some dry weather, it's rained nearly everyday since we got back, and wasn't much better while we were away at least it was warm there, it's back to the sweat cardigans/jumpers here. Enjoy your weekend. Hazel xx

  2. Morning Carole.
    Thanks for sharing your photos. looks like you had a great day.

  3. Good morning Carole, sounds like a great day out.
    Liking the Zorse, sounds and looks rather interesting.
    We are off overnight to be at a Steam Train thing up North tomorrow.
    I hope the weather Is dry, I hate doing things away from home when it is raining.
    We are going in the car, taking clothing to "cover all bases"
    Have a great weekend

    Patricia x

  4. Hi Carole, love going to 'shows' like this you see all sorts of gorgeous creatures, love alpaca's, walk past a few when I go walking and they come running up to me, my dog things they are like her.. The zorse looks cute, never seen one....glad you are having warmer/hot weather.xx

  5. Too hot but how fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Yes I think alpaca's know they're cute. So you were a cowgirl kid too. Be well Carole

  6. You really did have a wonderful day (it was a bit too hot for me too...), love the idea of a Zorse! We stayed on an Alpaca Farm a few years ago, they are just the most adorable creatures... until and unless they spit! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hugs, Anne xx

  7. Those alpacas are so cute!! Sounds like you & Tom had a great day out. I was feeling the heat too as I was doing the window display! So hot it was like being in a greenhouse :-(
    Have a great weekend, we're off out to the coast today. See you soon.
    Amy x

  8. Brilliant photos, some really cute ones! Looks like a fab day out.

  9. Hi Carole just catching up on your blog....lovely projects you've made and sounds like you had a wonderful day at Malvern thank you for sharing your photos


  10. Hi Carole, having a catch up, sound and looks like you had a wonderful day out with glorious weather!xx

  11. Love all the images! makes me feel like I was there - only difference is I am sitting here in air conditioning heehee Sorry it was so hot but glad to see it didn't spoil your day!