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Friday, 6 June 2014

Lest We Forget - Friday 6th June 2014

Good Morning Friends,

Today, for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day and I wanted to make a card in remembrance of those brave troops who gave their lives for us.

It's a simple Easel card: I created the poppy background paper using a single digital stamp and the main poppy stamp is by Hobby Art.

Let us never forget the sacrifice of these brave people. 

A personal reflection: My parents were older parents...a good 15 years older than most of my peers. The war was partly the reason for this, but had it not been for the war, they would never have met. My dad had emigrated to Canada aged 14; when war broke out he joined the Royal Canadian Engineers and fought in Italy and Holland. I have his medals and his battle record framed and every time I pass it, I wish that I had talked more with him about his experiences, but he passed away when I was in my 20's, married and no longer 'Daddy's Girl'. I was able to talk to my Mum at length about her experiences here at home, but I should have asked Dad more questions. Dad didn't take part in the landings, he was in Italy, although one of my uncles did.

The wonders of the internet mean that I am able to look up and read about every battle he was involved in from Ortona to Arnhem. He met my mum when he was in England on leave visiting his mum. He had been sent here to recover after being wounded. Dad remained in the army until the war ended and he was de-mobbed and then he returned to England and married my mum in 1948. I know he would have liked to return to Canada, but Mum was one of 11 siblings and didn't want to leave. Mum loved children, but over the next 12 years she suffered a succession of losses  and then had a son who lived only a short time, before I came along as, so you see, quite late in life...a child for a new decade away from the war, the 1960s... It didn't matter though, I never noticed growing up, they were amazing parents. 

Dad did eventually convince Mum to visit Canada, after they retired and she loved it. They stayed over a year and Dad was able to claim his Service pension and reconnect with some old army buddies. I am so pleased he got to go back, because I think in his heart it was always home.

I really wish that Dad especially was still here to celebrate today with our nation. I know many of his Canadian comrades were there, including Lawrence, whom they stayed with when Mum and Dad went back to Canada. Sorry to have gone on a bit, but it's at times like these that I really appreciate what they all went through, as have the service men and women who continue to fight for us -  and how important it is always to remember.

Sapper L C Bateman 1632, Royal Canadian Engineers 1940-46.
The photo is dated on the back May 27th 1944

Thanks for stopping by,
Love and Hugs,
Carole X


  1. Morning Carole,
    You had me with tears in my eyes this morning, thank you for sharing your story, and I love your card.

  2. Morning Carole...I found your post quite moving....your card is a beautiful reminder of what they all did for us....a lovely story about your dad and II think we all wished we had asked more MIL worked at Bletchley Park during the war we have her medal she was given for service there....we owe so much to so many....


  3. It was lovely to read some of your family history Carole. It is just so important. My dad was only 17 when he joined the Royal Navy towards the end of the war. We had no idea he had actually seen active service until a few years before he died he was very ill and we thought his high temperature was making him hallucinate - and then he eventually told us everything he had gone through. Even mum did not know. A very stoic generation! Your card is a wonderful reminder that we should indeed never, ever forget what this generation did for us!! Hugs Christine xx

  4. Gorgeous card Carole, the Poppies are gorgeous. Really enjoyed reading your post about your parents and the war - really special. I think you and my Ma would have a lot in common. When I was growing up I had a great friend Pat - she was an old lady, she taught me to play scrabble and to have respect for my elders, she was amazing, she was a major factor in me focusing and getting to University. She was a midwife during the second world war and told me amazing stories..sadly she never had children of her own, as the love of her life died in the war and to quote her 'I never met anyone that matched up to him' - how sad and lovely is that all at the same time? Have a great weekend. Cx

  5. Carole this s a wonderful easel design. Love the red poppies. A great nostalgic photo of your Dad.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  6. Your post today is very moving Carole, but I enjoyed reading about your Mum and Dad and their experiences. My Dad (a Scot) married my Mum (a Canadian who came over with her Dad who wanted to fight in the war but was too old) and they went to Canada to live. My Dad would never talk about his experiences in India and South Africa during the war, that seems quite common, so you may not have learned much from your Dad either. Your card is beautiful and a good reminder to all of us. Hugs, Anne xx

  7. Beautiful and touching remembrance, thanks for sharing it with us. ~Diane

  8. This is a gorgeous card Carole - I have enjoyed reading about your family as well. My dad and his father were in the same regiment and I have a pic of them both together - what a worrying time that must have been for Grandma! I can remember my other Grandpa enlisting although he wasn't old enough (he told a fib about his age) and I was always fascinated as a little girl to see the bullet he had in his knee moving about. Apparently they couldn't remove it at the time but as he grew older it moved to the surface - that is the only thing I ever found out about his experience.

    I think you have set us all off thinking.

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  9. Oh Carole! what a lovely post. I'm sorry I am just getting to commenting now. I love reading about your family. My father was unable to be in the service and it always always bothered him! We appreciate all the lives that were surrendered to preserve peace on every shore! We will not forget. I know you miss your Dad.

    Your card is so beautiful I love the easel design and the colors wow!!

    Beautiful post! thank you for sharing.