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Monday, 30 June 2014

More Choc Wrappers! - Monday 30th June 2014

Hello Friends,

Hope you all had a good weekend...I think I finally got around all your blogs this morning; we had a bit of a 'hectic' time and I didn't get on the computer or even iPad..except we did watch Dolly at Glasto in the garden yesterday, wasn't she amazing? I think it's the one time I wish I'd been there!!'

We finally ordered our new kitchen last week: we now have to think about the little extras we need and choose floor tiles, before finalising everything (it should be fitted in September) so that is what we were doing most of Saturday. 

Aside from that I have spent a lot of time providing TLC in the hen coop :(....Our lovely speckledy Lacey, is very poorly. She's on antibiotics, but to be honest they never really do much good..she's eating and drinking and scratching about, but losing weight to it's probably a tumor, which is quite common in poultry. All I can do is give her lots of cuddles really. Our Bluebelle, Bella gave us a bit of a cause for concern Friday, but she is fine now. In fact, Tom was gardening yesterday and I was trying to craft (all behind at the moment with deadlines!) and all I could hear was him telling her off....

I went down to have a look and she had been put back in the pen (the naughty corner, lol). Apparently he was trying to clear up our tiny little pond and the girls were trying to help (!), as they do, but frogs kept popping their heads out and Bella kept grabbing them. He managed to rescue one, but she ate two!!

Our oldest hen, Cara has been acting like she has taken some performance enhancing drug for 2 weeks now..totally manic, very odd!

Anyway, that's it for 'tales from the hen coop' today...

I have two of my chocolate bar wrappers to share (I love making these!)...

 For both of these cards  I used Indigo Blue stamps. The above card is made using papers from stash with some ribbon that matched it very well. I stamped the  greeting using archival ink  and then heat embossed it with clear embossing powder.

 For the second wrapper, I used script paper from stash and inked the edges of the paper with Brushed Corduroy distress ink. I also made a little card to match. The stamped sentiment on the card is by Creative Expressions.

I need to go an craft whilst keeping an eye on Lacey  now (no work today)...I'll be back tomorrow with this week's DT creation for Sam Poole...this week it's something I love to make for every season..some of you will guess what it is, I'm sure!

Have a good day all,

Love and Hugs
Carole X


  1. Morning Carole,
    Sounds like you have fun with your hens, sorry to hear one is poorly. Love your projects today.

  2. Thanks for entertaining us with "Tales From The Hen Coop" Carole! Who needs the Archers or any other soap? (Not that I watch any of them but I do tune in to the Archers on the odd occasion.) Love your chocolate bar wrappers and the accompanying card is great too. Hope Lacey gets well soon. Hugs Christine. xx

  3. Poor little Hens....great tale as well thanks for your wrappers and the sentiments are super..keep smiling.xx

    The Journey is the Start

  4. I normally love hearing about the antics of the 'girls' but I feel sad that Lacey is poorly... and as a great lover of frogs, I am glad that Tom stopped Bella from eating more of them. I had no idea that chickens would eat them! I love Christine's 'Tales from the Hen Coop' - that made me smile.

    Your wrappers are always beautiful and these are no exception - I can guess what tomorrow might bring and I bet it will grace any door beautifully.....Hope you get lots done today. Hugs, Anne xx

    1. Hi Anne, yes chooks will eat almost anything small not fast enough to get away,, frogs, toads, snakes, mice, lizards. I love frogs and toads too and have rescued quite a few frogs, but we have a lot in the garden so I have no idea how many haven't been so lucky. There is a toad living right by the coop, but he's rather large so I doubt he's in danger. I have also rescued a young wood pigeon at one's always the Bluebelles too! X

  5. Aww!. Carole I am so sorry to hear about poor Lacey, I know how special they are to you.
    Your Chocolate Bar Wrappers are really great, love the sentiments, the card and your pretty flowers.
    Have as good a day as you can

    Patricia xx

  6. Beautiful wrappers and card Carole Love the hen updates and tales today.xx

  7. Carole, sorry Lacey isn't to well, I know how feel about your ladies, daughter is the same about her hens. Will keep our fingers crossed that she is just poorly and nothing else. Naughty Bella. No wonder she was put in the pen. Love your chocolate wrappers, Hazel xx

  8. Hi Carole, thanks for dropping by earlier and for your lovely comments. The wedding was fab..Hubby and I had a great time. Sorry to hear about Lacey being unwell..the other 2 are hilariously naughty, sound like my female cat! Love the chocolate wrappers..I always forget to do this.Cx

  9. Hi Carole, sorry to hear Lacey is poorly, I am sure she is being well looked after. Hope she improves.
    Great choc wrappers & love the mini card to match.
    See you soon
    Amy x

  10. Hi Carole

    Love coming here as you remind me that I am not the only one with lots to do on the crafty list (and other lists too).

    Loving your makes. Especially that cute little card.

    I love small cards.

    Sorry to hear Lacey is so unwell .. .. hope the antibiotics make her feel more comfortable.

    I didn't know chickens eat frogs!!!!! But then I am guessing there is a lot I don't know about chickens LOL!!.

    Love Jules xx

  11. Just have to say that I would love the choccy in your choccy bar wrappers - especially because the wrappers are so pretty! Sorry that Lacey is so poorly, it really upsets me when I hear of poorly pets. As for Bella - I would never have thought that she would be carnivorous (just had an image of a chook with teeth - ooooer). Meanwhile methinks Cara has been eating weed(s)!!! You can't say life is dull! Off to the vet's later (with Blossom I might add) need to get her rash sorted - she's been de-flea'd so I don't know what this is).

    Sorry it's such a waffly comment.

    Hugs Sue Pxxx

    1. Hope Blossom's rash gets sorted soon, give her a hug from me X Yes Chooks will eat almost anything that isn't fast enough to get away! Frogs, toads, mice, lizards,snakes..

  12. Such creativity under fire! you amaze me. I'm sad to hear Lacey is feeling poorly and hoping the meds do the trick!


  13. I love your chocolate wrappers, I really want to have a go at some myself. A great idea for presents.