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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Baby's First...... - Saturday 3rd January 2015

Hello Friends,

OK so I chickened out and omitted the word 'Christmas' from my blog title...I noticed there are still a few seasonal cards being posted and I didn't get the chance to show this one before. It was for a neighbour's baby, who was born in July. They loved the card, I'm pleased to report.

It is one of the tent fold cards, ever since I designed one for a DT post for Sam Poole and we used it in a workshop, I have made quite a few using this fold and will continue to do so as they go down well with the recipients. The Christmas card I made for Tom, with the little light inside was a big hit, not only with him (men do love cards that they can fiddle with!), but with all our guests: note for any craft fairs I do!

 This isn't a quick card, but it's fairly easy. I didn't want to add lots of inking, more and more I like the 'clean' look and I think on this card distressing even the edges would have taken away the pure and simple idea of a Christmas card to celebrate the first Christmas for a baby.

I embossed the background wit 'Merry Christmas' and the teddy is cut out for the Tilda Sweet Christmas paper pad, then I just added ribbons and a typed greeting.

I learned some valuable lessons this Christmas season...previous years I had struggled to make cards for everyone and I send and give about 150 cards. This year, I let the sewing take over and I had no choice but to buy about 60 of them and they were sent to people I rarely have contact with through the year or who probably don't really notice I make them! Close relatives, friends and fellow crafters(Of course) all received hand-made and that's the way it has to stay I think..AND....taking the inspiration from some of you who carry on making seasonal cards and enter them in challenges through the year, all my Christmas stash and stamps have remained close at hand so that I can do the same!

Tom and I are finishing our little project for the craft room I hope to post a photo tomorrow. 

Tomorrow we will be dismantling the Lemax village for another year (sobs!), the rest of the decorations will stay for Epiphany, it's sad that Christmas is over so quickly, so it's nice to have an Italian side to the family, which extends it those last few days.

That's all for now, enjoy your Saturdays! If you find any 'h's missing during this post it's because the key on my keyboard seems to have developed a sticky 'H' :)

Love and Hugs
Carole X


  1. Hi lovely Carole, Hope you had a lovely Christmas and looking forward to a happy and healthy new year.
    Brilliant card with a cute image and colours.xx
    {The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  2. Carole, this is so soft and sweet and I love the tent fold. Wishing you a very happy New Year. We are going to take down our Christmas decorations tomorrow, but will leave up anything with a snowman till maybe March. I wish I could leave the Christmas decorations all year. Have a good day. Can't wait to see pictures of your craft room.

    1. I'm the same, really don't like taking them down! I made an ice skating Tilda angel and polar bears...they can stay a while longer for the winter touch! X

  3. It really is a very beautiful baby card Carole, I hope his family will keep it so that he can appreciate it when he is older. I am so glad to hear that you bought some cards too! I was way too late making them this year and decided to send bought ones to people I rarely see, or those who really do not appreciate 'handmade' too. I think we have both been very sensible!! Happy New Year! Hugs, Anne xx

    1. Well we were really on the same age this Christmas, weren't we! X

  4. Absolutely beautiful, I am sure it will be treasured.
    Totally agree re:- the bought cards. I did not buy, just "batch made" really simple ones for those people!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend

    Patricia x

    1. Lol that's what I usually do, but didn't even have time for that this year:) X

  5. I just love all your interactive cards, you are so darn clever!!!

  6. Sweet and soft!! I love the delicate colors in your card : ) And I think your design is delightful!!

    Trying to get a few minutes in my craft room today. So many things calling my name these days I have barely had time to play!

    Enjoy your day ; )


  7. Hi Carole this is a gorgeous card for a baby's first Christmas. Christmas is definitely over in our house. Back to work on Monday. Tomorrow we are off to try and get our daughter's rabbit bonded to another rabbit. Have a great week. Hugs Jackie

  8. Beautiful baby's 1st Christmas card. I do like the clean look too, its worked really well on your card Carole. I actually managed to hand make more cards this year but it did cause me a bit of stress as we were busy in the shop & I had left it a bit too late. I'm hoping to do like you this time & make some through the year, maybe that should be my resolution!?.
    Amy x

  9. A beautiful First Christmas card - I love the card style and gorgeous embossing! Some of my relatives couldn't believe how early I started making Christmas cards last year but it was the first year that I haven't felt stressed over Christmas crafting so I'd definitely recommend it :)