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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Retirement card - Saturday 10th January 2015

Hello Friends!

I would first of all like to say "Wow" ...thank you for all your lovely comments about my Stampscapes card! I was really thrilled, so much so,  that one evening with my iPad on my lap I went through and gave all of you a thank you! The card took ages to make, but I was pleased with it and I have some more of their stamps, so as soon as I have the time I will be having another go!

I would also  like to welcome a new blog friend...Becca Cruger...I discovered Becca and her fab blog through Darnell, you really should check her out...

I am up to 88 followers, hopefully some time this year I may reach 100 (I can hope!) and if so, there will be candy!!!

I hadn't meant to leave it so long between posts, but...well those of you who go out to work know what it's like the first week back, especially after a long break like Christmas when the office has been completely closed! We are still 'battling' with the new national volunteering website and the people who own it and have not designed(in many peoples' opinions) it with Volunteer Centres in mind at all! It's not just us, it's all of us (about 300 offices) and I won't even try to explain because unless you work in a Volunteer Centre it will mean nothing to you!

Te site all goes totally live on Monday, so I am in the office more next week as I have to make sure our office volunteers are okay using it..hey-ho!

Thus...not much crafting got done last week and I spent all of Friday making cards and crafts using  little calendars. We are going to be using them in our  first workshop of the year next week and I've been trying to decide which design to give my ladies to make...I  started out with using some stamps, the original intention and disliked them so much, they went in the bin...the one I like best uses just dies and embossing, with the merest hint of stamping and I'm thinking maybe they'd like a little change from stamping anyway?? I 

will be showing you the ones I've made over the course of next week, so by the end of the week you will be fed up with calendars! I'll also be sharing with you a very special one that was made for me by one of my dear blog friends..I received it last September and should have shown you before, it really is very special.

So, for today's card...I made this one a few months ago and it was for our lovely mobile library driver Sylvia, who retired. I did actually make her 'colleague' card as well, but forgot to photograph it. This was my own for her. Sylvia has a lovely sense of humour and I was going to try a cartoony one with the library bus on it, but for about 2 weeks before she left, when we had a little chat in the staff room, me filling my kettle and she her flask, we would do a count down to 'no more alarm clocks' for her, so I made this instead and I'm pleased to report she loved it (and the other one!)

Sylvia is a bit like me, not particularly 'girly' so I didn't want to make the card too fussy.  I used polka dot backing paper, slightly distressed at the edges, the Tim Holz Sizzix alarm clock die and flower & butterfly dies by Spellbinders. I didn't photograph the inside (no idea why!), but I followed through with the papers and the greeting read "No more alarm clock!"

I just liked the idea, as with the assemblage clocks (one of which I still have on my shelf to alter), of just reusing the redundant clock as a piece of art!

That's all for now, I am typing this with very cold hands...Tom seems to have the 'create something' bug (I should not have let him near Pinterest). Ever since we had the new kitchen we have wanted somewhere else to store our wellies and garden shoes (don't want to mess up the new floor, lol); I wear my wellies every day to see to the hens, so they can get muddy. He has wanted a boot shelf combined with a coat rack for the downstairs cloakroom, saw an idea on Pinterest and today we began making it (this is the problem, I have to help). As he made such a good design with the stamp rack, I could hardly not look enthusiastic and to be fair, it's looking goodness I am going to have a mega Annie Sloan day when the weather gets warmer!

We only came in from the garage a short while ago and my hands haven't yet thawed out!  I am really tired too...fortunately it's the weekend so Tom does the cooking!

After we finish that tomorrow, we have to re-felt the roof on my craft barn. I've been saying all summer it needs doing and guess what?  Yes it came off with the gales last that's one job I'm not looking forward too!

Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate your visits and comments and please enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Love and Hugs,
Carole X


  1. Good evening Carole,
    What a fantastic card, the clock idea is brilliant.
    I know it's not girly but the addition of the flowers just softens it.
    Our sheds are OK so far. Hope you mange to get the felt back on your Craft Barn roof A.S.A.P.
    Happy Crafting

    Patricia xx

  2. I hope all goes well when the Volunteer Center website goes live, that can be such a pain! Hoping your hands have thawed out and that Tom's boat rack is coming along, can't wait to see a picture of it, he did do such a great job on the stamp storage!!

  3. Like Sandy above, I hope it all goes well when the website goes live, keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Your card for Sylvia is brilliant and so appropriate after your conversation! I would not be looking forward to the roofing job either, hope the weather is kind to you. Hugs, Anne xx

  4. Hi Carole this is a gorgeous card. I love the idea of the clock for a retirement card. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hugs Jackie

  5. Carole what a fantastic idea using the clock design on the retirement card. Oh dear not good ref, the felt coming off the craft barn. Hazel x

  6. A lovely card Carole, such a nice idea and I think that butterfly is a perfect touch too :) xx

    1. Thanks Christine and thanks for stopping by X

  7. Gorgeous card for your colleagues retirement. I might just use this as inspiration as a colleague of mine is retiring next month after over 30 years in the NHS.


    1. Thank you! And thank you for your visit today, X

  8. Morning Carole,
    A smashing card, love it, such a great idea for a retirement.

  9. I bet she was so relieved not to need that alarm clock anymore!!! Great card Carole. I usually end up helping John on some of his projects! Mind you , I wasn't too happy last year when I was on top of the scaffolding when he was replacing the house roof. At least you won't be that high when replacing the craft room roof! Hugs Christine xxx

    1. lol, I have suc a fear of heights that would never happen! X

  10. Don't you just hate it when someone else starts a project and you end up working on it! lol. Of course she liked her card, it's fabulous Carole! The clock was a great idea for a retirement theme...need to add that die to my already-too-long wish list! ha! Have a great Sunday, hugs and smiles :)

  11. This is the perfect card for a retiree. She had to love it because it was so great. Love the sentiment: Sylvia At Last. I'm going to have to keep that idea in mind as I have a friend retiring in April. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. LOVE this gorgeous creation and spectacular image and goodies added...
    {The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  13. Thanks for the visit Carole. I love the way you've used this die, makes it so pretty.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  14. I am sure Sylvia just loved her fun card and could relate perfectly with it.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  15. I love this card Carole, so thoughtful and personal. I love the way you have used the die, it's one I have looked at and rejected, but now I have my itchy purchase fingers on :) I LOL when I saw that you let Tom near Pinterest..FAIL know what it's like for us :) Cx

  16. Love your fun card Carole love the die


  17. This is such a beautiful card - your design with those lovely dies is gorgeous. So lovely to hear the story behind it too :)

  18. What a clever card for someone who is to retire! : ) What a blessing you are to people in your life Carole! : )