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Sunday, 4 January 2015

New Year Craft Room Project - Sunday 4th January 2015

Hello again Friends!

Thank you for all your comments yesterday...I got into the craft room tin the afternoon and made a card (Yay! My first of 2015!!) that I'd been requested to make, it's another card with a bit of an interactive touch and I'll be posting it tomorrow. It was a case of having to get on with it as it was a commission from someone who works with Tom and is needed for tomorrow :)

In the morning however, Tom and I completed the little project for my craft room that we started yesterday....amongst my crafty Christmas presents, a non crafty friend gave me some stamps from a Company called 'Stampscapes*'...and one of the stamps was a wooden one. This got me thinking that I do have a few new-ish wooden stamps, which are on a shelf, but most of them are just sitting in a drawer...forgotten :(

Just a few days ago, whilst drooling over the fabulous craft rooms on Pinterest, I looked at ways crafters store their wooden stamps and some of them were using shelving with a very narrow width that can fit behind a door. I have a very narrow space opposite the door in my craft room, no room for anything much and wasted space.....I showed Tom the pictures and he said "we can do that"....and this is the result:

We just got some wood  to make the shelves and backed it with hardboard.  I will paint it (probably) but I have some other items to paint and plan it all for the spring when the weather gets a bit better and I can take them outside.

I've got to say I am really pleased with our effort, plus I have visible storage for my wooden stamps and no more wasted space. I should have got the larger stamps out before, I didn't realise some of them were so tall. Tom said we can remove a shelf, but I'm happy with them on their sides for now...and look there's room for more:)!

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Love and Hugs,
Carole x

* Stampscapes:  I had not heard of them but by coincidence (and luck) they are featured in a tutorial in a recent 'Craft Stamper' magazine. I had a look at their website and YouTube channel, which features some incredible tutorials for the stunning scenes they have created with their stamps...also on Pinterest. I think the stamps will also mix well with some Lavinia stamps that I can't wait to try!


  1. Hi Carole,
    my this is superb and what a great idea to store your wooden stamps.
    Pity my DH is not good at carpentry otherwise I would be stealing your idea, as this is a fab way to store those wooden stamps.
    Mind you I don't think I have a free wall for this in my craft room.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

    1. Thanks Jenny, but believe me, Tom is the last man on earth to tackle DIY! However, he is quite creative, so if it's anything like this he'll have a go and to be honest, it was so easy that I enjoyed doing it too! X

  2. Carole, I have the same shelving my Hubby made me about 4 years ago. Mine is square and hangs above a short, wide wooden file cabinet. I think it is a great way to store stamps. When they are out there for you to see they don't get forgotten. Can't wait to see your first card of the year tomorrow.

  3. Brilliant idea. love your stamps Carole, now yu make use of

  4. Hi Carole, this is a great way to store stamps especially the ones you use regularly, so easy to see and find when you need them. Also a great way to involve the other-half with our crafting, we don't want them to feel left out Lol!
    Happy New Year to you and yours, Angela x

  5. Wow! Carole that is brilliant.
    I sold lots of my wood mounted stamps simply because I had nowhere to store them other than in boxes.
    I am sure I could have stolen a corner of John office to do similar ..... to late now!!
    Enjoy the rest of your day

    Patricia xx

  6. Great idea & a great use of the space. The stamps look great on there & I'm sure they'll get used a lot more now they are easier to hand.
    Amy x

  7. Carole what a fantastic storage idea, just goes to show that a narrow space can house so many stamps. Hazel xx

  8. You and Tom did a brilliant job with your new storage shelves, such an amazing idea too - well done to both of you! Hugs, Anne xx

  9. Eeep! I SO love this, Carole!! Great job, you guys! I think it's always the best to have stamps where you can see them easily. You must feel like you have a stamp store of your very own now!! Come join in my NBUS Challenge when you use your new stamps!! Happy New Year!! Hugs, Darnell

  10. OMG LOVE this Carole - you and hubby are so DIY fabulous..great way to start the new year. Cx

  11. Morning Carole,
    What a great idea.

  12. Holy cow, you have a lot of wood stamps! Great way to organize them! Can I hire you and yours to do mine??? lol hugs :)

  13. Awesome organization and wtg using a wall like that!! Very clever you are my dear!!!

  14. Such a great way to store your wooden stamps Carole and you are more likely to use them when they are out on show....


  15. Hi Carole this is brilliant I love how effectively you have used that small space. Storage is definitely one of the issues that I have. Hugs Jackie

  16. Ooh I have craft room envy over your stamp storage! :) You both did a fantastic job of this and it must be so inspiring to have your stamps so beautifully displayed.

  17. Great idea Carole and what a good job you have both done. The stamos look beautifully displayed.xx