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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Christmas Bunny - Sunday 12th August

Hi Blog Friends,

Well it was certainly a scorcher yesterday, which meant that once we had settled in our two new hens, it was an afternoon in the summer house with my Promarkers, carrying on colouring those Christmas cards!

For my 'batch' cards, I'd chosen the little House Mouse stamp (which I shared last week) and this little bunny from LOTV (yes a Christmas bunny, not an Easter bunny). I never usually make a card more than once, there will be variations on the theme, but Christmas is the only time when I have to make a lot and for some of them that means making  a lot of simple cards, more or less the same.

My little desk in the Summer House

The finished image
The card above isn't the batch card, this one took a bit longer, but it's the same image and colouring, this time die cut using a Spellbinders die (labels 1 small), shaded at the edges with Spun Sugar distress ink. The sentiment is also an LOTV stamp.

So to the hens, we already have two, Cara a Black Rock who is 18 months old and Bella, a Bluebelle, who is  just  8 months old. Those of you who have been following me for a while, will know that we lost our oldest hen, Buffy, a few months ago and as we'd always had just two, we decided to increase our little brood to four. However, I wanted a pure breed Buff Orpington, I love them and have always wanted one, but we had to wait as there was a waiting list, where we get our girls from locally.

Today we collected our Buff Orpington and also a Speckledy hen (both 16 weeks old), so far they are in what we call our 'nursery' run; they will be allowed some free ranging with our other gals in a few days, but they won't be in the big coop and run all together for at least a week. We were always going to call the Orpington, Penny - I'm a fan of Big Bang Theory on TV and just hit on the character's name. The Speckledy was more difficult, but we have decided on 'Lacey' because her feathering just looks like an intricate lacey weave! 

Cara, our Black Rock

Bella, our Bluebelle

new girl, Lacey, our Speckledy

Camera shy, Penny our Buff Orpington

It's  such shame that every time you add to your hens you/they have to go through the whole 'pecking order' trauma. We've only ever brought in 'one on one' before and have been lucky at how smoothly it's all gone,but bringing in two is a whole other story. I wanted to get 2 Orpingtons, but they are very large birds and I'd had trouble convincing Tom that we couldn't bring in just one hen when we already had two, plus it's nice to have a mix of colour, so we went for the Speckledy and Lacey has already asserted her dominance over Penny, despite Penny being larger, but she is such a sweet natured hen..well I'll let you know how we get on. Tom is much more 'sensitive' than me around the girls(and I'm usually the emotional one), but it's their way of doing things and you generally just have to let them sort it out.

Before I go today and still on the subject of animals, I want to pass on this message from my blog friend Linda...
Thanks for stopping by!
Carole X

The longstanding campaign aims to raise awareness of the consequences of treating dogs as gifts or toys. Every year hundreds of thousands of children plead for the latest fad or top toy on the market, only to discard them a few weeks after Christmas when the novelty wears off. Unfortunately, the same perception is also apparent with dogs. We are continually seeking to change this.
"A dog is for life, not just for Christmas".
If you agree...copy and paste this into your blog....thank you

Linda xx


  1. Morning Carole, love the simplicity of your Christmas card which is what I need as I send out around eighty cards. You are really inspiring me with stamping which I am currently having a go at as well as colouring, very therapeutic. What wonderful ladies you have chosen they are all fantastic. Have a good Sunday,Christine H x

  2. a lovey introduction to your hens....fab card too x

  3. Hi Carole - I love your Christmas card - especially because you haven't used typical Christmas colours. I need to take the bull by the horns and make some using different colours.

    Must admit your girls are lovely, they do seem as if they like posing - apart from Penny! She might just be a diva and is waiting for her first run outside before she poses!

    Hugs Sue P xx

  4. Hi Carole, just love your Christmas card, that image is so cute! And speaking of cute, I love all your hens but Lacey is just too gorgeous for words, great name for her. Hope the settling in period is not too stressful for the hens or you and your hubby. Hugs, Anne x

  5. Hi Carole , love your Batch Christmas card how fabulous .
    Your hens are star of the show today, they are gorgeous , like Anne ,I like Lacey she is fab.
    Have fun Hugs Elaine