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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hen House Update - Sunday 19th August

Good Morning Bloggers!

Welcome to my new follower, thank you and my other blog friends for stopping by and commenting, it really does mean a lot to me X

First of all apologies for no card this morning, the card I have scheduled is my DT post for Emergency Crafters, but until they launch the challenge I can't post I may be back later today. Instead, as promised a few more photos of our hens.

Last week I introduced our two new chickies, Penny a Buff Orpington and Lacey, a Speckledy. At the moment they are being kept in the 'nursery' pen so that our other girls Cara and Bella can visit them and they have been free ranging separately. Normally by now we would have snuck them in the main coop at night and hopefully all would be hunky dory, but Penny is only 15 weeks old and still young and placid. As we are planning to build a new coop and run soon (hopefully next weekend - please sun, shine!) we want to wait and put them in together - a new 'house' will be confusing to the older girls as well then and there should be less trouble, hens are such peculiar creatures!

Yesterday was the first day that we let them free range together - I got a tiny bit of crafting, mostly designs done in our summer house/craft barn(!) but that's all. Penny and Lacey wanted lots of extended that was our day sorted, oh well at least  a lovely hot, sunny day was a good time to spend in the garden!

So here are some photos and if I don't see you on here later, I'll be back tomorrow. Have a great day all and hope the sun is shining where you are!

In between more hen watching today, we are off to Bristol to meet some friends who now live in South Africa and are back visiting,so doesn't look like much craft time again!

Carole X

Our 7 month old, Bella, the naughtiest hen in the world, is decided whether  to join Cara in a plant pot

Having lost our two older hens this year and last, Cara at 18 months is Queen of the roost now, she decided to take  a bath in a plant pot yesterday. Lacey was intrigued and tried to copy her - on concrete!

Penny, aged 15 weeks

Lacey is really inquisitive! She is 18 weeks

Our newbies take a stroll


  1. Hi Carole,
    wonderful pictures of your hens. MY hubbies sister lives in New Zealand and keeps hens and sells the eggs. I remember her telling us about one time with a violent storm they all huddled together and some got suffocated poor little mights. Enjoy your visit to Bristol. Just noticed my blog on your side bar. Thank you. Have a great crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Hi Carole, keeping my fingers crossed that next weekend will keep fine for you but it's bank holiday weekend and we all know what that means lol! Your ladies are looking great. Christine H xx

  3. Oh what great pictures Carole. It's funny how they all seem to have personalities. Good luck next weekend - but as Christine says, you know what a Bank Holiday is like!!!! love from Christine x

  4. Hi Carole, what lovely pictures of your gorgeous hens, I still adore Lacey best I think, she is so beautiful. Hope the sun shines next weekend for you to get the new run done. Crafty hugs, Anne xx

    1. Lacey is the sweetest natured hen we ever owned & she is only 18 weeks old... If I sit down, she jumps on my lap & she is so protective over Penny who is a month
      younger & still pretty timid, bless xx

  5. Hi Carole,
    They are so cute, I do hope you have good weather to get your run done.
    Hugs Linda x