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Monday, 7 October 2013

Halloween Hanger - Monday 7th October

Hello Friends!

First of all a big welcome to my latest follower, Carole ... So good to connect with another Carole with an 'e'....there aren't too many of us about! 

I am sorry not to have gotten around your blogs between Wednesday and yesterday, but last week after getting back from the USA and being very pleased about having no jetlag, something even worse 'hit' me..the realisation about how much I have committed myself to, both at work and in craft land, between now and the end of November. My 'to do' list is crazy and doesn't even include the time to make Christmas cards, which I have barely begun. I am one of those people (fortunately), who has an inner realisation that all will come good in the end, but it doesn't stop me stressing in the meantime!

Anyway, back to crafts...those of you who 'followed' me across California over the past few weeks will remember that I decorated a couple of tee shirts for my cousin's two year old son...well I Skyped with Elisa on Friday and Wesley was wearing one of them..apparently he doesn't want to take them off...cute!

Now, I really do count myself SO lucky, that I have a lot of American family in California and then I have to pinch myself again, that most of Tom's family are in the Venice area of Italy...could I really ask for two more beautiful places on this earth to have  a reason to visit? Anyway, one of my dear friends in Italy is Paola and we still send a little Halloween treat to each other as we love this Holiday. This year Tom's parents will be over there visiting, so they can take it for me and I decided to make a couple of  little wreaths and give one to Paola.

This one actually an embroidery hoop, which I covered with black sparkly netting and then using black and orange net cut into strips, I tied little strips all around. To finish I added a pumpkin bauble (which I bought in the US and has a bell inside) in the centre.

I've had the spidery ribbon in my ribbon stash for a few years, the spider webs are flocked, it's very touchy-feely!

It was something I made in front of the TV one mojo is still not fully active and maybe because my craft room is such a mess, I'm finding it hard to work in there at the moment...never mind, it'll come back soon...I hope!

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely crafty day,
Love and hugs,
Carole Z X


  1. Brilliant Carole with and "e" I really do not think I have been using that " e" sorry.
    I love your wreath, might have go at one for my front door.
    Thank you for the inspiration
    Don't do too much you can only stretch yourself so far!!!

    Patricia xxx

  2. Carole this is fab, I just love it. Hazel xxx

  3. Fabulous Halloween creation Carole....


  4. Thank you for the welcome Carole...and the kind comments.My maiden name was Ziegler so I was a Carole Z...and then to discover I blogs are similarly named...we were bound to be buddies. This wreath is adorable...all touchy feely cute, with the jingle bell pumpkin to finish it off. Relax about all that you committed to doing...visualize it completed on time and well done. Be well Carole

  5. Hi Carole, I LOVE this wreath, you always do wreaths so well but this one is very special - loving the Halloween theme (a love we share). That is such a sweet story about Wesley and the T-shirt... If anyone can meet the deadlines, it is you, just take time to breathe..... and all will be well. Hugs, Anne x

  6. Hi Carole,
    Not into Halloween myself but I do admire your wreath, very clever.

  7. Hi Carole,
    fabulous wreath. great embellishments and super ribbon used on this gem of a creation.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Lots of love. Jenny L.

  8. Fabulous Carole, awesome design for halloween.xx

  9. I'm a bit behind blog hopping and look what I've missed! This is glorious Carole, just simply glorious! X