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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Sunday Stampers wk 277 - Saturday 12th October

Hello Friends!

I promised myself that no matter how busy I was this week, that I would make one crafty item that has become a regular part of the week for me..taking part in Hels Sheridan's Sunday Stampers (click for deets). We've been back from the US two weeks now and I just have to get back Mr Mojo from somewhere, because I reckon his suitcase is still going around that carousel at Heathrow!

It was a close call, but last night I made this  really simple card as my contribution! The theme this week is to use the word 'wish'...

It was a good excuse to try out this new Indigo Blu ' Dinkie' stamp, which I bought from Amy's shop, Out of the Blue in Chipping Sodbury, on Thursday....along with a gorgeous butterfly.

I do love the Aloysius stamp, this one is 'Sleeping George' - he is so cute with so many uses, from baby to birthday.

A quick post  today as we have things to do, but if I didn't get to your blogs yesterday I will later today - I did my blog hop a bit early, before a lot of you had posted!

Happy Saturday all!

Love and Hugs,
Carole X


  1. aw isn't he cute, just ready for a schnuggle! Loving your card hun! Thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper x

  2. Sweet card Carole. The sleepy bear is adorable. Christine xx

  3. He is a real cutie Carole, love the pink also, I didn't know there was a craft shop in Chipping Sodbury, must have a peek next time I am up that way although I don't go up as often as I used to. xx Flora

  4. SUch a cute card Carole and I just love that image...lovely colours too..


  5. Great card, loving that "bear" it will be a great one to have.
    Have a great week ahead

    Patricia xxx

  6. What a cute bear and a lovely card.

    Hazel xx

  7. lovely card... that stamp is gorgeous! thanks for popping over to say hi, jenx

  8. Hi Carole, sleeping George is just so cute, even cuter than Alysious, I think! I have not seen him before...... I think your Mr M and my Mr M have gone off on their holidays together because mine has not come back yet either. Yours looks fine to me though, your card is beautiful. Hugs, Anne x