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Monday, 21 January 2013

What's the time Mr Rabbit? - Monday 21st January

Good Morning Friends!

As promised yesterday, here is my first clock!

It is a very simple be honest I wanted to see how I got on with it, if I enjoyed it..and the answer is that although I'd primed it during the week the entire clock, using the simplest of designs took me a morning and I loved it!

The  MDF clock and mechanism comes ready for you to decorate as you wish - when I first got it I gesso'd it with Claudine Helmuth gesso and once that had dried I gave it a thin layer of white acrylic paint. My final touch after that was to take some blue acrylic, put some on a  dry brush, but then get most of it off straightaway, then swipe it in small strokes randomly over the clock. This barely shows but gives in more of a vintage, worn look.

The numeral stamp set, also with cogs and a rose stamp is made to accompany the clock, but whilst I used the numerals, I chose different stamps for my design.

I stamped the numerals and the little decorative strokes with flitterglu (from Indigo Blu) and then covered with gilding flakes.When I opened my gilding supplies box, I had a very tiny amount of Yorkshire Dales left and some Autumn Blaze, so I mixed the two together. It was a good job I watched Kay from Indigo Blu demoing this from CHA last week, because I had never noticed that on clocks with Roman numerals, the VI is always upside down - I even checked it with a clock we have! So I didn't stamp upside down by mistake, in case you were wondering!

For my design I wanted a quote and I  also just had to use this Crafty Individuals Bunny Stamp that was on my desk for another project. The quote I chose is from a stamp Indigo Blu and I thought it was pretty fitting for a clock, as it refers to not wasting a moment of our time. I used Stazon ink for my stamping.

I am definitely going to make some more of these - this one is going to my craft room wall, but I have ideas for a Steampunk one, an Alice in Wonderland design.....can't wait! What do you think?

Thanks for visiting!
Carole X


  1. What a terrific project Carole! This is great. I can see where you are coming from.The ideas are endless! Christine x

  2. Good morning Carole


    Your beautiful clock was well worth waiting for.

    Loving the sentiment and rabbit stamp you have added and the gilding flake mixture .. .. great finished look.

    That was an interesting fact about the Roman numerals. I have never noticed that before. In my craft pod I have an old wooden wall mounted clock that used to belong to my late MIL. I had to go and have a look and yes .. .. all the lower placed numbers are what we would consider to be "upside down". Fancy that! Sounds like something we might need to know in a quiz one day!! LOL!!

    Have a good day Carole and thanks for your wonderful inspiration.

    Love Jules xx

  3. Morning Carole..what a fabulous job you have done decorating your clock face a fabulous work..


  4. Good Morning Carole,
    Yes, it was worth waiting for, I think you have made a wonderful project, love the rabbit and the sentiment. I too had to go and check out the clock for the numerals, I would have done them the wrong way, lol.
    I can see you having so much fun with the next one, looking forward to that in the future.
    Have a lovely day.

  5. Hi Carole,
    yes this clock was worth waiting for. I love it, and the saying on it. Mt hubby likes to mend clocks as a hobby.
    I have never counted how many we have that he has mended. He loves to mend the old fashioned clocks that you wind up.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  6. Morning Carole, Fab project! I've been looking at these Indigo blu clocks wondering if we could do one for a future workshop. Before you even mentioned it I immediately thought of an Alice in Wonderland theme, maybe it was because of the Alice Palace stamp you used & the white rabbit? We see all the Alice Palace greetings cards on their stand at trade fairs. Steam punk a great idea too. Keep them coming, think you've def got your mojo back!
    See you soon
    Amy x

    1. I think it would make a super fun workshop!

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  8. Hi Carole, what a wonderful project. Love the clock and projects like this as it it so nice to put work on display that we have spent lots of time creating!x

  9. Hi Carole, I think it is absolutely brilliant! I admit I did go and look at our clock to see if the number 6 was upside down and it was, how strange I never noticed it before. That bunny stamp is on my wish list (along with the two ducks) and it looks so right on the clock and the words are perfect. You have made me wish I had bought it now....... must not give in though as I want Tim's new paints. Fabulous work and it would make an ideal workshop. Hugs, Anne x

  10. Good Snowy afternoon Carol,
    What a fantastic project, I love it.
    The fact that is an actual clock makes it so worth while, great to look at and say "I made that"
    Would make a terrific Workshop.
    Take care

    Patricia xx

  11. What a fun post and a fun project, Carole! I love your result with the bunny stamp and the wonderful sentiment!!

  12. That is great! I will have to pop a photo of the clock I made with the Year Six transition students a while ago on my blog for you to have a laugh at... it is barbie pink with gold glitter and purple butterflies - oh and it is plastic! That is so much more classy! I agree - great workshop project. jenx

  13. Hi Carole - I love your clock and the image is brilliant. I have never made a clock myself and was watching the Indigo Blu show the other morning and had a sudden mad idea that I would love to make one. I have ordered the clock mechanism and some stamps - although they haven't yet arrived from C&C!! I have found some Turkish Delight boxes that I've saved and will be practising on them first of all!!!

    Lovely project

    Big hugs Sue Pxxx