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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Remembering Lacey - Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Hello Friends,

On Monday, I wrote that our speckled hen, Lacey was very fact I spent most of Monday in the garden and a lot of that time giving her very long cuddles, she just slept in my lap. I really thought she would not make it through the day, but the funny thing with hens is that they can be very ill and then 'rally' for a few hours. Unless it's something they really can't hide, you rarely know a hen is really ill until it's too late. This is their survival mechanism; if they are part of a flock, the others will be likely to attack a poorly hen so their sense of self preservation encourages them to mask illness.

Yesterday, I knew she wasn't going to be with us much longer, so I phoned the Chair of my Trustees, Sue and asked her if I could swap my days at work. Sue keeps pet chickens herself, in fact it was she who got me really interested seven years ago, so she understands. I made the right decision, because sadly we lost Lacey yesterday afternoon.  I'd taken her into the kitchen and made her comfy in a box, so she slept peacefully. 

She was only two and she had arrived in August 2012 with our Buff Orpington, Penny who we also lost earlier this year. We have never lost two of our girls in one year before, let alone within a few months of each other...and our youngest, but at least she is at peace now and playing with her best friend Penny at Rainbow Bridge. It's been a strange year, seeing our four girls reduced to three and now looking out this morning to just two.

Lacey was definitely Tom's favourite girl (he is as dotty over animals as I am), but I can see why..she was 'sweet' - she looked sweet, even her 'voice' was a gentle and endearing 'squeak', but above all she had the sweetest fact she and Penny had the gentlest demeanours of any of our girls, past and she is resting right alongside her bestie, Penny in the garden. Orpington's are timid by nature and Lacey definitely took the 'pecks' for her larger but less brave pal when they first arrived. She would get chased or a peck from our 'head girl' Cara, but then go back for more.

Most people think that hens don't form any type of bond, but they do and that has been proven...over the last few weeks, our Bluebelle, Bella has been acting very oddly - she was also close to Lacey and they were the two who loved to jump up in trees and explore. ..both of them quite fearless. Bella seemed to have lost some confidence and energy, headed off to bed really fact it was she we were a bit worried about. Last night she actually watched us bury Lacey and this morning she went straight over and stood on the spot. Last night she also stayed up until almost dark and today is full of energy. She has to have sensed something was wrong with Lacey, there is no other explanation. Cara is Cara, for a hen who is heading towards four, I have no idea where she gets her energy from and she shows no signs of even realising Lacey is gone, but maybe that's what comes with being leader of the pack.

Here are a few memories of our lovely Speckled Hen...

Some of you will remember when Lacey and Penny came to us in August 2012, aged 12 weeks:

'baby' Lacey soon after she arrived with us

Here she is on their first day of free range exploring the garden with Penny

She loved playing with her ball and is the only one of our hens who could toss it in the air!

Here she is with Bella and Penny: Lacey loved swinging on our old garden swing

she loved hanging out with the girls

She loved climbing and grabbing grapes from the vine last year, but this photo was only taken a few 
weeks ago - no grapes, just leaves :(

..having Spa days with the girls...

..being a lady who does lunch

...just chilling

and she loved to peck the back of my legs when I was prepping their breakfast

RIP  Lacey, our brave girl, thanks for all the pleasure you gave us, even though your 
time was so short :( X

Love and Hugs,
Carole X


  1. Such a sad post today Carole, so sorry to hear your sad news of losing Lacey especially so close to losing Penny too.
    You obviously have very fond memories & also these lovely photos to cherish of her, she does look very sweet in these you have shared with us today.
    Sending big hugs to you & Tom,
    Amy x

  2. Awww sorry to hear this I know hens do bond as I grew up with them and dad had heaps....loved them all and especially the gorgeous healthy eggs they produced...sweet that you have photos of her....lots a hugs, and pets are pets, special....aNNie xxx

  3. Oh Carole, how sad! You have had such a bad year losing two such friends. You have some lovely memories and some fabulous photos of them which will help, I'm sure. Thinking of you! Hugs Christine xx

  4. Carole I am so sorry to hear that Lacey didn't pull through. It's bad enough losing one but two in such a short space of time is not good. Hens are full of character and only people who keep them fine that out, Olive one of daughters has a character that just makes you laugh and smile. So I know what you mean. As you say she at rest and with her best friend Penny now. You have lovely memories and photos to keep. ((((((Hugs)))))). Hazel xx

  5. Morning Carole,
    How sad, so sorry.

  6. I am so sorry to hear your sad news Carole, you obviously have some lovely memories to help you through the difficult pain of this loss, i am thinking of you. She passed knowing she was loved and cared for. Big hugs, barb xx

  7. Oh Carole, my heart goes out to you, I am so very sorry to hear that Lacey has gone and I feel sad that Bella has lost her friend. Like other say, you have lots of wonderful memories, your photos are wonderful. Lacey had a wonderful life with you, better than most I would imagine, you could not have done more for her and I am sure she appreciated that. Big hugs, Anne xxx

  8. Aww!! Carole ((((((hugs)))))) so sorry Lacy did not make it.
    Yes you have lots of memories and pictures but I know you will still miss her so much.
    Thinking of you

    Patricia xx

  9. Oh Carole, so sorry about Lacey. My thoughts are with you. How hard it must be for you, losing 2 of your precious girls in one year. Your photos are wonderful, so you have lots of amazing memories to look back won't change things, but will help you cope I'm sure. Big sloppy kisses and hugs to you. Cx

  10. I'm sorry Carole : ( I am glad that you are so loving of your pets and provide them such a wonderful home! You can be proud that you give them a wonderful life.


  11. I am so sorry for your loss and although I don't have pets I can fully understand their importance and how you could bond to your hens just the same as any other pet. People should understand, I am sure she gave you much joy in her short time with you. Take care my friend. ~Diane

  12. Carole, I am so sorry to read this. It is so devastating that you've lost two of your beautiful girls in such a short space of time. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos with us. Lacey was beautiful and looked so full of personality and I hope that she is playing happily with Penny now! My thoughts are with you.

  13. I'm sorry you lost Lacey but thank you for letting me know about all their personalities, I had no idea they were so personable. A pet is hard to lose and I wish I could give you a big hug! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  14. So sorry to hear about Lacey. Lovely photos and many happy memories to cherish.x