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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Workshop Photos - Saturday 12th July 2014

Good Evening Friends..from a very tired gal, so excuse me any spelling errors! Have you all had a fine weather Saturday? It's been really hot here!

First of all, I want to welcome two new followers - Annie, who's known on here as Aussie Annie and has a blog with gorgeous designs here to take a look! Also June Macfarlane...welcome June, I hope you like what you see and will visit often. I can't see that you have a blog, but of you do please let me know so that I can come visit!

I've had a hectic and tiring week, with some crafting achieved, but mostly to meet deadlines such as our workshop, a few birthdays and a few commissions and I still have a lot to do..thankfully I have Monday at home this week, work days back to normal!

Today was actually a lovely, productive day...we began with a visit to the bird farm to get some food for our ladies. I was chatting to James, the owner about losing Lacey, so now we were down to two.He was surprised that we had lost her so young too and we both agreed that it could have been bacteria picked up whilst free ranging or a tumour. 

We always wander around the coops after making our purchase, I didn't really want to today, but we did...the first little group of hens we saw, free ranging on the grass included a Lacey, then they had some more Orpington Chicks (by now I was welling up!) and then the run that always gets me going, the ex-battery hens, lacking in feathers but so happy to be in the fresh air...honest if we had the room I'd have them all!

I don't know if we are going to stay with just Bella and Cara now, or get two more. I would love two Orpingtons, but I'm not going to push for it. Our two girls seem very happy and relaxed, so maybe it's best to leave as it is. We need to decide before September though, as a don't want to be introducing new hens when the weather starts to change and the days are shorter.

This afternoon, we decided to take advantage of the weather and clear out the craft barn (okay...Summerhouse) to get my newly shabby chiqued (is that even a word!) desk into it's proper place. I should have photographed the lawn with all the furniture and bits of craft stuff and paint tins on'd think we were having a 'lawn sale'. I am happy to say that Tom made two trips to the local Recycling Centre (tip) and we got rid of quite a lot - there weren't too many spiders and no big ones.

 Just some rearranging and tidying left to do now and I'm good to use it for my mixed media/altered art work - how exciting! I am really pleased with the way the desk looks and there are a few other  small pieces of furniture in there I need to paint - I'll take photos when it's all complete!

Workshop Photos
This week's card for my group was posted here on are some of the cards made by the ladies on my group. They all seemed to enjoy it and as always there were different 'takes' on the original card. There were some new techniques and materials to use, such as the paints, which they were all very taken with. We have a repeat of the workshop this coming Thursday.

Leeann made the last card- she always comes up with a really different and effective design...she was also the only one who managed to finish the butterflies inside...fabulous!

Sorry I've been a bit wordy today, I'll be back Monday with another card...the rest of my craft time this weekend, I'll be playing    working, with new stamps from Sam, can't wait to share my first post using them on Tuesday!

Love and Hugs for a great Sunday..hope the sun shines!

Carole X


  1. It was delightful reading about the chickens. I grew up on a farm and the chickens were my best mates.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. It really is a tough decision to make regarding the hens, but I am sure you will make the right one!

    The cards your ladies have made are beautiful Carole and it is lovely to see them putting their own interpretation on the design too. Have a good Sunday. Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Looking forward to having my go next Thursday. Glad you and the hens are feeling better. Sue😈

  4. Carole it sounds like you have had a busy time and emotional walking around the hens, my dad whom I spoke to about your loss said you should get two more, that's the words from an old man who loved his chicks....had around a dozen of them....
    Your cards look gorgeous and you sure have had a productive day. I don't go to classes here anymore as the girls talk rot and just want to get me to go to night clubs with them, really, get a life I say, I am happily married, so are they apparently. So love my crafting at home...but it does look fun and I sure miss enjoy the rest of your weekend and go get two more chickies.xxxx♥aNNie

    The Journey is the Start

  5. What beautiful cards your ladies have made Carole looks like they had a great day crafting


  6. Morning Carole,
    All of the cards are beautiful, looks like they had a great time,

  7. Hey Carole..looks like everyone had a great time, I like the slight variances in the cards. Sorry that you got upset visiting the chickens..its going to be hard for a while. I LOL at the vision of you and Tom clearing out the craft barn..I would love an outdoor space..but bugs and spiders are not my friends, if I see either, I squeal like a 4 year old and run indoors :) Cx

  8. I hope you'll get two more! surely there are some hens that need love! : )

    Wonderful post. It is always fun to see what your students create at your classes! : )


  9. Hi Carole. A busy time you've been having & a bit emotional too :-( time will help you decide when or whether to get more hens & if you do they will have a very caring & happy home.
    A fab workshop we had on Thursday! Love your card & all those made by your half of the group. They all added their own personal touches which is lovely to see. Completely forgot to take any of my group's until they'd packed up & gone home!
    See you soon
    Amy x