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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

WOYWW 269 - Wednesday 30th July 2014

Hi Friends,

That teaser yesterday....

Before I begin my WOYWW post today, a big thank you to those of you fabulous regular friends who popped over to Sam's blog yesterday to have a look at my DT card...sorry for 'teasing' you with the sneak peak....looking at your comments on my blog, I think I managed to confuse some of you into thinking I would be revealing the card here, but as with every Tuesday, it was 'over there' all the time! I'd love it if you'd pop over and have a look and here is the link:


This is the chance we get to share our desks with the rest of our lovely craft world, courtesy of Julia over at Stamping Ground...just click for all the deets and why not join in this week?

As some of you know, I am lucky to have two little craft spaces...a spare room in our house, where I do all my paper craft and a little summer house, kitted out for my art parts, paints and all the other 'arty' stuff. I call it the craft barn :). This year we totally 'gutted' it and began to remodel the inside as it had become so 'sad' that I just wasn't using it...I have painted one of the shelf units so far and updated a really tired old desk that I picked up for very little money and quite honestly, especially with the good weather, I have been spending a lot of spare time out there these last few months...

..these are the projects I have been working on....

 The box above was a plain MDF pen holder, but it never worked for me using it that way, so I painted it to match my desk and am using it to store my little wooden shapes.

 This was an MDF shelf kit I got recently (very easy to put together): I gave it a base coat of the same paint used for the box unit and then decorated it with these Tilda  Spring papers - they are from a pad that I loved so much that I didn't want to use (you know what I mean!), so this was a good way of holding on to some of them! 

 I used the left over scraps to cover my brush pots

...and finally, I know my regular blog friends like to see our 'girls', so this was a view I had from the 'craft barn' last week...Cara, our Black Rock and Bella our Bluebelle...Cara (lying down) is not flaked out, quite the opposite - she was actually enjoying a rather vigorous dust bath! Bella was waiting her turn: they have a large, shady garden to enjoy and they both chose to bathe in the same and rather warm place...must have wanted a spa experience. 

After losing two of our girls this year, I still find it very strange to only have two little hens (or in the case of these, rather large ones!) gracing our garden but goodness are they spoilt!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I so much appreciate it!

Love and Hugs,
Carole X


  1. Morning Carole.
    Lovely tidy craft barn, love what you have done with the shelves etc. You hens look very content.

  2. Oh the touches of Tilda and you really make the Craft Barn a lovely place. Am fascinated that you have more wooden blanks than ink pads!

    1. Lol Julia, all my ink pads are in the indoors craft room...I'm gradually sorting out duplicates for outside, otherwise I have a little basket and take out what I need :) X

  3. All looks cool Carole, contented loving chookies here too...xxThe Journey is the Start

  4. Now those chickens just look so relaxed & chilled out. Your done a lovely job decorating the mdf shelves Happy woyww Jill #46

  5. Hi Carole,
    I am very envious of your fab garden crafting sun house.
    It looks very fab, and your lovely decorations skills are very beautiful.
    My dear hubby has just had a new shed and decorated it out as he loves to mend old clocks, and loves to listen to aircraft on his scanner radios.
    He used to build airplanes and fly them years ago.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

    1. Loving the sound of your husband's new shed Jenny, I bet you won't be seeing much of him now then! Thanks for popping over to Sam's blog earlier, X

  6. The projects for your Summer house studio are all very beautiful and feminine too. I love your hens, which would make excellent subjects for drawing or painting. Happy WOYWW and Blessings!

  7. Such a lovely place to work and I love everything you're doing to it.
    The girls are gorgeous. There are a couple of people keep chickens down our road and one of them has a lovely big cockerel, we call him Lenin after the cock on the Goodlife (not sure that you will know the TV program) but his real name is Oedipus and I will leave you to work that one out for yourself LOL! Happy crafting, Angela x

    1. Lol Angela, I do remember the Good Life but had forgotten about Lenin until you mentioned it!! X

  8. Loving all you altered furniture and that "storage unit" is almost an art installation, with the shapes inside. Still life with wood LOL!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (5)

  9. Morning Carole - thanks for the early visit. I laughed at your comments..we are basically twins!! I love the fact that there is someone else like me, who likes to try things, but is a bit clumsy and generally ends up injured!! The craft barn continues to be a source of envy for me, but I'm not going to let it ruin our friendship :) I want that little mini shelf kit too - where is it from? Love seeing the girls, how pretty are they, love the spa reference. Cx #66

    1. Lol well you definitely summed me up in a sentence, I will have to show Tom - he will say clumsy is an understatement! The kits are from (Ali Reeve)...I have a little cabinet to make up too, and the lanterns from last week came from there too. I would have said on the blog but don't like to advertise too much on my WOYWW post:) X

  10. Hi Carole, I love how you have decorated the little shelves (at first I thought they were full size and wondered how you found so much of the same paper - lol!!), your Craft Barn is looking wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pictures of Cara and Bella, they are as lovely as ever. Hugs, Anne xx

  11. The Craft Barn is a sensation!! I really love the brightly lit space and all the soft colors you've used. Puch a sweet place - no wonder you create such wonderful work there.

    Love seeing the girls : ) they deserve to be spoilt!


  12. Beautifully neat and tidy out there. Love the way you have painted and decorated all your little storage bits. Great hens!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  13. How lovely - a craft barn. The shelves are gorgeous. Your 'girls' are cute. Anne x #25

  14. I have never seen a chicken or hen lay down like that! What precious girls! Love all your shelves and cubby holes. I am always picking up shelves and things up at garage sales and re-purposing them for my craft room. TFS #28

  15. Love the photos of the girls - they look beautiful and so relaxed having their spa day! It's so sad that you lost two of your girls in such a short space of time. I wonder if there will be any new additions to the family at some point... Your craft barn is a lovely place to work and your MDF projects are beautiful!