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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Shaker Card Teaser - Tuesday 29th July 2014

Good Morning Friends,

I can't believe I've been awol from here since Friday! It was such a lovely weekend that my little craft room in the garden beckoned. I don't think I touched the computer between Saturday morning (very early) and yesterday... and not the iPad either. It was lovely being out in the 'craft barn' doing some painting on MDF shapes...I'll show you what I got up to tomorrow. 

It was a great way of being outside without being 'outside' because this 'prickly heat' is certainly taking a time to go away...and I tried everything!..then one of my very 'out doorsy'  American friends suggested I try baking powder mixed to a paste with white vinegar or water, as they use it for Poison Ivy rashes...I tried it with water and am pleased to report the calming was instantaneous!  As I type the rash seems to be on the retreat!

Well I may be a bit of an old romantic, but do you remember the Peacock butterfly that got stuck in the craft barn last week? When I was working in there at the weekend, one came fluttering in and landed on my stayed there ages, so beautiful...of course I told myself it was the same one come back - mindless of the fact that these last few weeks our garden has been a pure kaleidoscope of butterflies, I've never seen so many!

Apart from painting, I did have a play with some pop up box cards, as our group is going to be making them at our next workshop.

Today is Tuesday, so that means it's my post for Sam Poole's Creative Studios...thank you so much for all your comments last week, I certainly seem to have sparked a debate both here and there about CAS cards!

I do hope you will spare  a few minutes to pop over there today and have a look at this week's's a Shaker and that's all I'm are a few sneak peeks:

Ha! Not giving away much I'm afraid!

Here is the link:

Many thanks and I'll be back tomorrow for WOYWW,

Love and Hugs,
Carole X


  1. Morning Carole,
    Sorry to hear you have been suffering with prickly heat, not pleasant. Love your sneak peek.

  2. Wow Carole, just been over there and love your shaker card, it's

    The Journey is the Start

  3. Hi Carole,
    you are not giving much away there, but I bet it's awesome.
    Now to your prickly heat. I too suffer with this and I use Banana Boat Aloe Vera, and it works wonders on it. It's a green gel like after sun lotion which you can buy in most chemists. A little bit better than smelling of vinegar.
    I do hope this helps because it does for me, I have all white blotches where I have had it in the past and scratched it.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

    1. HI Jenny, mmm I get little patches of eczema too and do use this, but for some reason it just wasn't working at all this's okay I used water not vinegar (after my friend said I remembered as a teenager getting a rash when in California and my auntie mixing it with water, so I researched the web) and have to say it worked a treat. Now that it is going down, I have gone back to the aloe, as the bicarb really dries the skin. X

  4. Your card is beautiful in those lovely blues, I really love the scene you created. Good to hear that prickly heat is retreating, it must be such a relief! Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Carole I can't wait to see all what you have been up to? Glad your prickly heat is on the retreat, funnily enough when we lived in Hong Kong we use to use something similar to what your friend has told you to do. Also in those days -40 years ago some people used starch powder and it worked. Your butterflies must be wonderful to watch. Hazel xx

    1. Yes I remembered after, when I was a teen and over in California with my auntie, that she had used it on my when I had a rash from probably something like poison ivy or oak. last year when we were there my cousins were pointing it out everywhere and even their 3 year old knew exactly what it looked like and not to touch! Great how these old remedies work better than those we pay £££'s for isn't it! X

  6. Good to have you back Carole. I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of your weekend labour. I am so happy I found the die too :) I am popping over to Sam's to see the full shaker..Cx

  7. Oh you tease!! LOL you must have felt like a queen with that butterfly sitting on your hand.

    Sooo! glad the rash is on the mend : (

    Now off I go to see your shaker!!