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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Workshop Photos - Wednesday 6th March

Good Morning Friends,

First of all a big welcome to my new followers and thank you for choosing to join me! I will be checking in on your blogs (if you have them) as soon as possible - but I also need to say to all my lovely and talented friends...sorry if I haven't managed to drop in and visit you these last few days, but as you know I have hit a very busy crafting period! 

The good news is that my crafting has been quite 'prolific' so I will have quite a few projects to share over the next few's been one of those crazy times where everything happens in the space of a week! My friend Amy and I have another of our regular workshops on Thursday, followed by another next week and I have a craft fair on Saturday!

Yesterday I took the day off work, not only because I had a lot of prepping still to do for the Fair, but also because Amy and I put on a one off workshop at the request of  a local craft group...and what a lovely group of ladies they were! The workshop had been planned for ages and had to be postponed from February when it it had to be this week to fit in with everyone...trouble was for me, it all came at once!!!

We took along a project from one of the workshops we put on for our own classes last year, there were 12 in the group and here are some photos...

That's all for the moment, I will pop back later with a quick WOYWW post!

Carole X


  1. Lovely card your ladies produced Carole...nothing better than crafting together


  2. Jules, the workshop had been planned for ages! We had to cancel from being snowed off in February, so it all came at the wrong time! X

  3. Sounds as if your ladies had a great time Carole and produced some lovely cards. Hope you are managing to take a breather now. Christine xx

  4. They all look like they enjoyed themselves and the cards look lovely.

  5. Hi Carole, the cards your ladies made are so beautiful. Hope your day off was productive. Hugs, Anne x