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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Garden Angel - 13th March

Good Morning!

No card today - I am still busy trying to keep up with commissions, none of which I can post as yet! Today I am sharing with you a sewing project I made last year and which now hangs on our lounge door...

A friend who lives in Australia first got me into making these decorative angel dolls, although I had always seen them pretty widely in the USA. Wanda (my friend) gave me a beautiful one that she had made and I don't profess to be at her standard, but I was pretty pleased with this one when I had finished her.

I got the pattern from an American website and because I have bought from a few sites, I will need to check and amend this blog when I have found which one. The clothes are all are from scraps in my material box and I actually tea-dyed the dress the old fashioned way - with tea! I embroidered the floral detail on the front and loved every stitch. The doll and seams were all sewn with my sewing machine, but everything else is hand stitched. I bought the basket, hat and wings from some time ago.

The tag on her basket reads: 'Where Angels fly, a garden grows'

Hope you like her...I will share another tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by,
Carole X


  1. What a lovely project Carole! Beautiful embroidery, and I love the little basket and tag.X

  2. Thank you Oksana! My friend in Australia 'visited' here today and sent me a message..she hadn't made any for a few years but I think she may be tempted again! X

  3. Great angels .....Fab projects carole well done hugs Elaine