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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spring time door wreath - 1st March

Hello and here I am with a second post today!

Last month I explained that mainly due to having American relatives and spending quite a bit of time visiting over the years, one or two of their traditions have rubbed off on me...I love Halloween for example. The other tradition I really like is having welcome wreaths adorn a front door. You usually change them with a Season and/or Holiday. I decorate my own wreaths and this year have decided to change all or most of them, starting with the heart wreath I had up all through February and shared here on my blog.

As it is now Spring, the time has come to share my Spring/Summer creation with you! It's simple a plain circular wreath to which I have added a flower garland, floristry roses and's that easy! I hope you like it, Carole X
Materials used:
Plain Willow wreath (I already had this but they are widely available from hobby stores, some florists, basketry makers etc
Floristry roses: Hobbycraft
Floral Garland: 


  1. You are so creative! I love this!!

  2. Beautiful wreath! I love that 'tradition'. As an American living in the UK, I for one would love to see more of these popping up on people's doors! That floral garland is adorable btw...will have to get some for myself. xx Denise

  3. Yes Denise you must...I think they are a lovely tradition and yes I agree, I wish some of our neighbours would copy me! I have been putting them up for years and get such lovely comments from callers, but alas, only at Christmas do people follow suit!! Thanks for your comments xx