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Friday, 5 April 2013

Workshop Photos - Friday 5th April

Good Morning Friends,

A quick post today - my last day of holiday and full crafting bliss, so lots to do! We had another super paper crafting workshop last night - as you saw from yesterday's post, my group of ladies created a stepper card using the Michael Powell 'Shore thing" beach hut stamp and here are some photos.  Sorry about the quality, I took my little camera last night and the quality? Well I may have well just used my phone!

My group coloured the image with distress inks and all came up with different versions - all of them fabulous! 

I made the card using my Hougie board and I noticed a few of you said yesterday that you have one and hardly use it. I confess to being a bit the same, but when I do use it it really comes into its own and I do find it quite easy to use..much better than the crafters companion one I bought several years ago and is now somewhere at the back of a cupboard! But it's just taste I guess, I'm not trying to be controversial here :) !

As for my hens, I never did find out what spooked them - we have quite a large garden and they all stayed on the other side all day! It was a little windy in the morning and I think it might have been something as simple as a watering can blowing over..but the sun is shining today and they seem to have forgotten all about it!

Carole X


  1. I love to see the different creations made from the same materials! Fabulous. I used to love my Hougie but found it very limiting with measurements only in ½ inch and ½ cms increments. I bought a Martha Stewart board which is fantastic. Only in inches, not centimetres, but goes up in one eighth increments. I use it all the time!! Cheaper than the Hougie too. And I also have the Crafters Companion one which rarely sees the light of day. We crafters are all the same! love from Christine xx

  2. Hi Carole, I don't think you are being controversial, I think we all have our likes and dislikes. I have the very first CC board and I love it for making boxes. I also have, like Christine above, the Martha S board which I use for all my scoring as I love working in inches (as an old timer!) and I like the one eighth increments too. I don't have a Hougie simply because I don't need another board. The cards the ladies made look wonderful, nice to see the same design in so many different colours. Thanks for the update on the 'girls'. Enjoy your last day of holiday! Hugs, Anne x

  3. All look fab to me and looks like a fun day was had by all.xx

  4. They all look fabulous so different glad your chickens O.K hope you have a great crafty day .Melanie