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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Summer Stepper - Thursday 4th April

Good Morning Friends!

Well my week off work is moving faster than the speed of light, so much so that time totally surpassed me yesterday and I didn't even get time to share my desk at WOYWW yesterday!

Most of what crafting time I had on Monday was spent designing my card for our next workshop (tonight), Tuesday was spent putting all the packs together and making some more examples of using the stamp (which I'll post on later days). Yesterday I should have been working on commissions, but my mojo seemed to have decided that it was time for a brief holiday too, because I spent two hours staring at my design for a wedding card before putting it aside in lieu of playing with my melt pot again and starting an altered art project I have been yearning to begin!

Today it looks like the hens are going to be keeping me on my toes as something in the garden has spooked the two younger ones (Penny and Lacey) and they won't shut up! Penny actually sounds like a puppy barking, so neighbours probably think we now have a dog! They never make a noise and I can't see what is bothering them, despite having poked and prodded the bushes they are clucking at and Bella and Cara aren't bothered, so it could have been a cat, which I don't think the younger ones have seen, but the older ones will chase off..or maybe a toad if it's not too cold. They hate frogs and toads and we have plenty of them in the summer!

Anyway, I digress....this is the card I came up with for my ladies to make tonight. It's a stepper  card, which I made very easily with my very under-used Hougie board. I've used a Michael Powell beach hut stamp and coloured with distress inks. The emphasis tonight is on the colouring and creating the background,which was made using Cosmic Shimmer Vintage Mist in Egyptian Blue, so everything else is in the packs.

 was amazed that some of you recognised it was me who won the Hels Sheridan original on C&C on Monday! I was thrilled; Hels has been one of my biggest crafting inspirations for a long time. I think I'm quite eclectic in my crafting. I love to try different techniques, using various 'tools', but I'm like Hels (as she said herself), whilst I really admire pretty, feminine cards and I do make them sometimes for commissions, I don't feel they are my best work and not the ones I enjoy making so much..I like 'pretty' meaning vintage, shabby chic, 'arty' and grunge, so I think that's why I admire Hels' work so much. The prize arrived yesterday, which was amazing and it is beautiful, really gorgeous. It was actually on Hel's blog yesterday and here it is for you to see!

Before I go.....thanks to Christine for letting me know that I have also won a goodie bag from's my lucky week by the look of it!

Happy Crafting!
Carole X


  1. Hi Carole,
    I love this card it is such a wonderful colour blue.
    The stamps are fab as well. I keep wanting a Hougie board, but never get round to buying it. I keep wondering if I would use it a lot or would it be stuck in a corner of the craft room gathering dust.
    I already have the Craftercompanion Ultimate Pro and don't ues that enough. lol.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Stunning colour of blue that looks fantastic what you won from Hels >melanie

  3. Hi Carole, what a lovely post today - the card for your ladies tonight is beautiful, I adore that Michael Powell stamp (and the other beachy ones). Love your win from Hels, it is really beautiful. Sorry to hear that the little chickens have been spooked, hopefully the big girls will scare off any intruders. Hugs, Anne x

  4. Love the beach huts image and the stepper card. Hope all goes well tonight. Love from Christine xx
    (Didn't want you to miss out on your second win!!!)

  5. I have this stamp and am so excited as you have given me some more ideas how to use it! What a fabulous workshop, wish I lived nearby! Oh for summer and the beach, lovely post Carole. X

  6. Wow ! lucky you I was watching:) you must have been so excited when it arrived.
    I love your stepper card, I have lots of these type of stamps, but I tend to shy away from making scene cards... not sure why, yours is gorgeous and I also made lots of stepper cards in the beginning, but haven't made one for ages so you have certainly given me some inspiration :)
    Nikki x